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A witch-wife and an evil is three-halfpence worse than the devil. - Gypsy Proverb

xxxxx A Romani of Greek extraction, she has come to Fallcoast to find the twins she knew back in the kumpani. Little does she know what actually happened to them. And little does she know what darkness is following her.

RP Hooks
  • Traveler - Zenobia is of the Romani and is looking to learn more about her people.
  • Fortunes Told! - Zenobia knows all the mystical arts of Travelers. Tarot cards. Palm readings. All the totally real and true stuff. Cross her palm with silver...or her credit card reader with plastic.
  • Street Entertainment - Dancing. Singing. Magic tricks. All ways a Traveler can make legal money - unless you have to buy a license then it's illegal.
  • Street Thief - Pickpocket and street thief. Not very good at B&E or heists...yet...but if you need a horse stolen!



Mason - Biker with a harem. Offered me a job with his business. No strings attached.

Sebastian - Wants me to do gardening in exchange for room and board. How can I weed in winter? It's better than an alleyway.

Stefan - Met him wandering the pre-dawn woods gathering food. Nice enough even if he is not Romani. Except he ate all the mushrooms!

Trock - Came out of the woods one winter night and trouble followed. Coincidence?

Left the Kumpani

Sandrine - I came looking for an old friend but found so much more. But now she is gone. Wherever you are, I never thought you were a monster.



In game as: Zenobia
Date of Birth: 22 July 1994
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Height: 5'4"
Occupation: Traveler
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed
Striking Looks: ** Cherubic
Professional Training: ***** Entertainer
Braucheri: *****
Hexerei: *****
Played By: Selena Gomez

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy

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Searching for a Friend
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