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 About Me

Dr. Daeth (pronounced DAY-eth, not Death...although...) has been a medical forensics examiner for the state for many years. Graduating from Boston University near the top of his class, he did his rotations and has moved to Fallcoast out of both a local need as well as his own, personal fascination. He enjoys animal husbandry on the side, both of the ecological sense and in the farming sense, but can wear a suit and tie when the times need it as well. A skilled coroner and pathologist, he can't live on the public paycheck alone, and as a result he also runs a funeral home, bringing his own professional standards to help those grieving and help them along.

Zane is also a werewolf, and a knowledgeable one at that. An Elodoth Bone Shadow, his interest in spiritual matters and his forensic abilities have crossed paths. Before he completed his undergrad, he was doing a teaching rotation at a school when he witnessed a mass shooting. While making a bit of local hero-dom in the process, Zane didn't flinch and he went to face his own death, attacking the gunman, but not before a dozen children died. While he "got lucky" and wasn't visibly hurt in the gunfire, the gunman "fell" down some stairs and suffered a head injury that couldn't be shown on TV. The amount of suffering resulted in Zane taking an interest in medicine and health, wishing he had the know-how and skills to save some of the children who died. Visiting the school became impossible for some time, due to all of the rage and death spirits and their kin that were there after the tragedy, but Zane faced up to it with the help of a member of the Lodge of Death - who eventually became his mentor.

During his last year of medical school, Zane committed himself to the Lodge as well, witnessing his own death and lying in the funeral pyre until the rites were completed. After, he started his rotations, doing forensic medicine for Boston and the state itself for several years, as well as an active participant in the Lodge of Death.

Now, he has seen a void and wants to fill it in Fallcoast.

 RP Hooks

Mortal Stuff
1. Zane has a small farm. It's not over the top, but it's locally sourced foods.
2. He is a doctor. He works in forensics, but he still has an MD.
3. The local funeral home is run by him as well.

Werewolf Stuff
1. He's an Elodoth and a Bone Shadow, so either of those!
2. Death! Lots of Death! He's a Lodge of Death member.

 Zane Daeth
Apparent Age: 30s
Occupation: Coroner & Forensic MD
Titles: N/A

Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Lodge: Death