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"All stories are lies. But good stories are lies made from light and fire. And they lift our hearts out of the dust, and out of the grave." -Mike Carey

Full Name: Dr. Jonathan Wolfgang Yossarian
Birthdate: November 13, 1986
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Professor of Physics / Reality Radical?
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Sloth

Shadow Names: Yossarian, Heylel
Path: Obrimos
Order: The Silver Ladder
Legacy: Threnodists
Cabal: Nada


Land of Confusion - Disturbed
Lightbringer - Pentakill
Weird Science - Oingo Boingo
Reignite - Malukah
We Can Make The World Stop - Glitch Mob
Prophecy of the Lazer Witch - Galaktikon
Challengers - The New Pornographers
Quicksilver - Cruxshadows
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
Connected - Stereo MCs
Boombox - Lonely Island

Lies and Slander

Jonathan Yossarian appears to be local. He's lived here before at least, from the sound of it. He's pretty inspecific about his past before his graduate studies at MIT.

Prior to that there was some exposure to the Seers, while some guy by some other name was on an unspecified mission in Beirut. This left a bad impression, but that wouldn't have anything to do with Dr. Yossarian.

He initially became one of the Obrimos heralds locally, which folded over to the Free Council. He liked it better when he could say he was the Voice of the Mighty, it sounded more fun.

He's a little paranoid, and a little messed up, and a lot ADD, and probably doesn't understand you.

He spent a few days as an apostate. Being an apostate is kind of easy, you just do what you want and nobody bothers to question you.

Somehow, he is now a Thearch. Got that robe and wizard hat, and some pointy shoes.

Has acquired a bashful but recovering border collie that he has named Wembley Rutherford Watson IV.

Wembley has been joined by a rescued Jack Russell terrier puppy named Zoey II.

By some strange aligning of fate, he became the Councilor for the Silver Ladder in January 2017, as well as taking up a leadership role within the local caucus.

Earned his robe as a factotum in February 2017 in an effort to grow into his emerging role. Mage Law!

Now the Deacon of the local Silver Ladder caucus as of May 2017 and no longer a Consilium officer.

Also took an apprentice.

That's How They Get You
World's veil torn, to stand alone
Defiant, bright and blood-stained star
The pillars of heaven quake and groan
When a doubting angel goes to war.

Professor - Yossarian teaches science at St. John's, physics, and likes quantum flavoring on that.
Kind of Messed Up - Yossarian has some problems. He has a hard time relating to people, and tends to withdraw. Just because he does, doesn't mean I don't want to RP with you.
Change the World - Yoss is pretty sick of how the Lie controls the world. He would like to alleviate some of that.
Reality Hacking - Yossarian is a hacker, but is a lot more than that. He also scries really darn well. Constantly. A lot of the time he just observes things going on. This can be used for RP hooks.

Path obrimos.png

struct associates


NikkiPurple.jpg Nikki - Someone special. Check any offered drinks for treachery.
WembleyDog.jpg Wembley! - Dopey dog. Best dog friend.
ZoeyDogII.jpg Zoey II! - Met a ghost dog, found puppies in garage. Best puppy friend.
PixelCabal.jpg Pixel - Former cabal mate. Hope you figure shit out.
Monami 35A-Duo.jpg Kilo - The Kool-Aid Assassin.
Ciera 1.jpg Ciera - Rescuer of Wembley and recipe test subject when she bothers to eat anymore.
SCKeepQuiet1.jpg Sand - Look out, ladies, Sweet Daddy Coconut is back.
Pris1.jpg Proserpina - Friend with dog friend, but also my right hand, claviger, and motivator.

Professional Contacts, Mundane and Otherwise

Leslie - Extremely chipper. Teaching Assistant.



Holland - Gone off somewhere, but has good dogs.
Lucia - Former apprentice, vanished.
Sage - An unlikely compatriot, off somewhere.


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