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If a Latina falls in love with someone who is insecure, it can be a nightmare.

xxxxx Yanet is a rebel from northern Mexico. A wolfblood who ran away from home at the age of sixteen and ended up in a werewolf biker gang that roamed the US South-West. And now she's in Fallcoast to help the gang to establish smuggling operations.

RP Hooks
  • Wolfblood - The blood of the wolf runs through her. And on full moons, she even gets to feel what its like with fur.
  • Gang - Motorcycle gang member - The Lords of Sabbath. A werewolf motorcycle gang.
  • Latina - Ever met a calm Latina? She seems to be quite the stereotype - easy to anger and with a large vocabulary of swear words.



Asger Bjornhammer - The new man. This one is faithful. And rich.

The Witch - Stole my man...but I guess she's okay. There's something about her...

Mason - Followed him here. Thought we were gonna make something but it was not to be.

Rode off into the sunset



Yanet Francisco
In game as: Yanet
Date of Birth: 19 February 1999
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Height: 5'1"
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Envy
Blooded Tell: Shape-Shifted
Striking Looks: * Curvy
Played By: Claudia Tihan

Twisted Sister - Leader of the Pack

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