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The museum is a two story structure, with granite floors and several wings and exhibits. The lobby has high ceilings and a small fountain in the center. To the left side is the help desk, and beyond that, the hallway that leads to several staff only rooms. To the right is a small gift shop that sells pictures and small souvenirs. A hallway leads back to the museum proper, while stairs curve outward and up on either side of it, ending in a hallway on the second floor.

Each hallway splits off, left, right and forward, each leading to a different wing of the museum. Each wing is dedicated to a different continent, though while some exhibits in each wing are permanent, others change on occasion. The first floor has North America straight ahead, South America to the left and Africa to the right. The second floor has Europe straight ahead, Asia to the left, and Australia to the right.

Each wing displays art from various periods of time for its location, going from crude statues to more modern paintings. Dioramas exist in several of the exhibits, giving details of battles and other important events in that region's history. Wax figurines of heroes and villains throughout history are displayed as well.

Business Information

Location: B01
Owner: Jonah Livingston (NPC)


  • (2018.01.31)
Blessings of Bathory - Gala Event
  • (2020.12.03)
Hailing the Councilor
  • (2020.12.03)
The First Letter
  • (2020.12.06)
The Second and Third Letters