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Workshop & Tools


Workshops are facilities that grant a bonus to certain skills. Usually, a workshop is no larger than a single room and there can often be multiple thematically aligned workshops within a single space. An example of a workshop would be a auto mechanic's garage that offers bonuses to auto mechanics. Thematically, it could also offer bonuses to fabrication or electrical jobs as well. Larger structures, such as a factory or hospital, are composed of multiple workshops.

  • Max bonus equals the purchaser's Resources minus one. So, a Resources 3 player may purchase a +2 bonus workshop.

  • Workshops MUST be set up as either a +view or a +note in a build; they will NOT be set on a person. You must go to the workshop to use it; you cannot use it anywhere. This is a bit of forced IC realism because it is unfeasible to carry around a metal melting foundry and anvil to be whipped out in the middle of a scene.

  • The note/view MUST be detailed to explain what the workshop does for you. The more detailed, the better. Including the type of tools/machines (a Google search would help you research what would be useful) is required.

  • Workshops grant bonuses in a similar way as specialties. A chemistry set might work for Science.Chemistry, but not Science.Physics. A workshop may be described with woodworking tools for Crafts.Woodworking but wouldn't work for Crafts.Blacksmithing and so on. If the specialty is omitted, the workshop is treated as if it had a generic specialty allowing a broad but not deep range of tasks.

  • Multiple workshops may be put in the same room, but each workshop must be for it's own specialty.

Sample Workshops: Academics.Classroom, Crafts.Carpentry Shop, Investigation.Crime Lab, Occult.Alchemy Bench, Subterfuge.Disguise Salon.

Example: Doctor Swineheart operates a back alley clinic from the back room of a tanning salon. As the world's greatest surgeon, he has Resources 5 to spend on the workshop. He elects to turn the workshop into a surgery so he can remove bullets from his clients. Doc has a Resources 5 medical workshop that adds +4 to Medicine.Surgery. If he wanted to care for a particularly critical patient, he could expand his workshop next month to include a room outfitted as an ICU and receive a bonus to Medicine.Intensive Care. This would also allow for the ICU healing bonus, if the ICU was staffed at all times.

Example: Ben Franklin spends his days tinkering in his garage. He has a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. Ben has Resources 3 to spend on the workshop. He elects to turn the workshop into a general work space, with tools, paints, and other assorted supplies. Ben has a Resources 3 crafts workshop that adds +2 to all kinds of crafts rolls. However, if he decides to get deep into optics or electronics or another specialty, the workshop bonus will not help.


Toolkits function like mobile workshops. The key word is mobile. Certain items cannot be packed up into a bag or a rollaway kit, so the overall utility of a toolkit is less than that of a workshop. If not explicitly mentioned below, refer to the workshop section above.

  • Toolkits are only available between Resources 2-4, to represent the limitations inherent in mobility. Max bonus equals the purchaser's Resources minus one. So, a Resources 4 or 5 player may purchase a Resources 4 toolkit with a +3 bonus.

  • Tools are added via a +inv item. These are mundane tools designed to do a certain job.

  • Workshops include tools, therefore the bonuses of the two do NOT stack.

Sample toolkits: Crime Scene Kit (Investigation.Crime Scene), Jeweler's Kit (Crafts.Jewelry), Priest's Bag (Occult.Exorcisms)

Example: Doctor Kreiger is assigned to field duty due to the possibility of sarin nerve gas in the cafeteria. He has access to Resources 5 due to a mix up with the financial records, but try as he might, he can't get his laboratory downstairs to the cafeteria. Kreiger has to take his science toolkit, instead, leaving him with a Resources 4 toolkit that gives a +3 bonus to science rolls.

Example: Clark Griswold needs to put Christmas lights up on the roof to have the best gosh darn display in the neighborhood. Going up and down the ladder is a pain. Clark earns Resources 3, which means the toolbox he brings up to the roof gives him a +2 bonus to crafts(.generic) rolls.