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"You will soon hear of me and my funny little games."

xxxxx― Jack the Ripper

Is Life So Dear, Or Peace So Sweet:

As to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

xxxxxxxxxx- Patrick Henry

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Yours Truly: "This is a really messy situation, and I believe it will get messier now."
Stop Hitting Yourself: "I'd give you a hug, but I'm afeart you might bite me. Scarier yet, I might like it."
On A Leash: "There's something terribly appealing about a man that can make -me- feel normal. Let's see what I can make him feel in return, ey?"
Cool Customer: "White Knight, consumed by cold, cold, cold, drag them deep, deep into the dark places. Off with their heads!"
Action Jackson: "Let's see that aim, old son, let's see it then. We'll see too what legend is yours, myself, yourself, we all."
Ethan Hunt: "Fuckin'... boo. What's your game, ey, noodle? What, indeed."

Silence Is A Fragile Thing:

One loud noise, and it's gone -- but the people are so cowed and disorganised. A few might take the opportunity to protest, but it'll just be a voice crying in the wilderness. Noise is relative to the silence preceding it. The more absolute the hush, the more shocking the thunderclap. Our masters have not heard the people's voice for generations, and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.

xxxxxxxxxx- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

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[[Vampire]]: A beast, certainly; one monster amid the shadows, waiting for her next prey. Mind, she's a rather picky sort -- could be a good thing, could be very bad. Depends on if she takes a liking, no? Still, she seems rather at ease with some sort of sociality when faced with other Kindred.
[[Ventrue]]: We are all Lords of something -- what that may be is more obvious for some than for others.
[[Malkovian]]: She's starkers, mate. Feel like taking a ride on the crazy train? All aboard!
[[Carthian]]: Four O'Clock and all's well. Been too long since the world was set aflame, and it just so happens she's holding the match. Seems to me it's time for a bit of a revolution, eh, chaps? You want in?
[[Prefect]]: Recently re-appointed, Whitechapel now claims the title of Prefect of the Carthians of Fallcoast. If you are a Carthian, or are looking to become one, chances are she's a good place to start.
[[Primogen]]: She is also the current voice of the Movement within the Praxis. She can be seen attending Court, and is a good point of contact for those wishing a connection, for better or worse, with the Carthians of Fallcoast.
[[Card Carrier]]: Not JUST a Carthian, but a static member of just about every group, collective or workshop the Movement has in their purview. Are you a fellow work-shopper? Up for a debate? Have a bad case of the 'need to knows'? Need to put on a show that'll leave the city talking? Muttering? Screaming? Why, the sky's the limit, really, and Broadway's got nothin' on us.
[[Dreamer]]: Spring-Heeled Jack, Jack the Ripper, simply two among the many that lurk within the one. She is a cog in the relentless machine known as The Madman's Reverie; a unified and ideal-driven cotorie of colourful damned that would see this world either change... or burn.
[[British?]]: She claims to be from London -- the bad part. She certainly has the accent down. It's hard to say if this is where she originated, but she's definitely been there. Maybe you've met her before; down a dark alley, in industrial fogs.
[[Criminal]]: Utterly convinced of her past as Jack the Ripper, Whitechapel seems quite at home in the criminal world and all the elements that compose it. She has taken credit for many of the world's most unsettling and unsolved crimes, and nobody can really be sure which of her ranting is reality and which is fanciful whimsy.
[[Surgeon]]: Whether or not she is the gruesome murderer she claims to be, she certainly has the skills required to pull off the more curious of their signature horrors. Of course, she COULD use this power for good, should she be so inclined.
[[Scientist]]: She has such avid curiosities, and sometimes the answers simply can't be found in books. The images are so drab, the explanation so clinical -- surely there's more to it than is said on flimsy page or in dour droning tone. She's rather set on learning for herself. Very hands on, she is.
[[Railway]]: The crazy train's not the only one she's riding. Where she's going, however, is anyone's guess. She keeps talking about laying rails, but it's never all that clear what exactly that means.
[[Entertainer]]: If you're old and well-travelled, you may know her from travelling circuses and other such shows across Europe, though much has changed since those good old days. Mostly that she no longer has a partner. Or a family. ... or, you know, a pulse.
[[Agent]]: Rumour has it, she runs a bareknuckle boxing ring out of the old abandoned Asylum up in Hanging Hills; if you're good in a fight, or would like to learn, or have something to prove, chances are she'll have something for you to carve your name out on. She's also all too keen to place bets on her behalf, yours, or really anyone's if it looks like might earn her some cash... or better yet, earn somebody else some debt.

Remember This:

We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

xxxxxxxxxx- Arundhati Roy, War Talk

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Something Wicked (That Way Went) - Vernian Process

Come and join our wild ride,

The sideshow is in town!

With dancing bears and elephants,

And certainly some clowns.

The greatest wonder of them all,

A marvel to behold:

An Illustrated Man so dark,

Will own your very soul!

Something Wicked This Way Comes,

Something in the night!

Something Wicked That Way Went,

What an awful fright!

Something Wicked This Way Comes,

Something isn't right...

Something Wicked That Way Went,

Tempting you with...

Health and vigor, youth and strength,

We can make it so!

Join us on our carousel -

"Round and round you go!"

Anything your heart desires:

Make your riches grow,

Power, glory, love or lust,

It's all part of the show!

As autumn leaves turn brown,

And tumble to the ground,

You'll surely know the Shadow Show's in town!

In town!

In town!

The Shadow Show's in town!

Gather round!

Gather round!

We're coming to your town!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

Have we got a special treat for you tonight:

Step right up and marvel

At the Oldest Gypsy Witch.

Her eyes sewn shut, but she's not blind!

She sees your every wish!

You there, what's your name?


I see! Step right in, for,

Something Wicked This Way Comes,

Something in the night!

Something Wicked That Way Went,

What an awful sight!

Something Wicked This Way Comes,

Something isn't right...

Something Wicked That Way Went,

Terror through the night!

Our ways are dark for some,

Our mysteries known to none!

But pay no mind,

The secrets we will

Secrets we will...

Secrets we will...

Secrets we will...


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Immortalized - Disturbed

This is wartime,

This is our time,

We won't be denied.

Feed the fire that is raging inside

This is go time,

This is showtime,

We will fight ‘til their wills are broken

This is game time,

An insane time,

Let the madness fly.

Show them strength

That just can’t be defied

Find the power to devour,

Let the beast inside now be woken

In this world only the strong will survive

Hear the roar

And you will know you’re alive

Feel the energy build in your soul,

‘Cause it’s time

Oh, in the calm before the storm

Another legend will be born

Another battle will be won

We will rise

Oh, so heed the call of confrontation

Today we feed on domination

Secure a legacy that will never die,

Be immortalized

Raw emotion,

Pure devotion,

They will testify

And our memory will endure for all time

Never hiding,

No dividing,

Let them witness us move as one now

Show no mercy,

Let the world see we're invincible

Show them nothing is beyond our control

Take it higher,

Our desire will determine

What we’ve become now

Are you ready for the test of your life?

See the fear bleeding

Right through their eyes

Feel the energy build in your soul

‘Cause it’s time

Oh, in the calm before the storm

Another legend will be born

Another battle will be won

We will rise

Oh, so heed the call of confrontation

Today we feed on domination

Secure a legacy that will never die

Be immortalized

Feel it, take no prisoners now

Take it, there it is standing in front of us

Hear it, our deliverance now

Own it, give them all an image of us

That will last for all time

From Hell
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Name: Jaqueline Ava Paige
Relatives: Are Relative
Apparent Age: Adult
Height: 5'0"
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black

Sire: Unknown
Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Malkovian
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Position: Nemesis of Neglect
Role: White Rabbit
Coterie: The Madman's Reverie

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Catch Me When You Can...