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Pack Territories

Name Grid North South East West
Moosetown (I) A01 Macallaí Cróga

Travel: Unrestricted
Rites: Blood Ogham/Fair Warning/Etc.
Locus Rating: 1
Resonance: Hisil Resonance

Pigeon Hill (Res) A02
Historical Waterfront and Boardwalk (E) B01
Historical District (C) B02 The Sons of Tanis

Travel: Unrestricted
Hunting: Restricted
Rites: None
Locus Rating: 0
Resonance: Urban

University City (Res) B03
Hyacinth Ridge (Res) C01
Commercial District (C) C02 The Crosscut - Tur

Travel: Unrestricted
Hunting: Restricted Check with Ishmael first.
Rites: none
Locus Rating: 0
Resonance: Urban

Zero Day

Travel: Unrestricted/Restricted
Hunting: Unrestricted/Restricted
Rites: Blood Ogham/Fair Warning/Etc.
Locus Rating: 0
Resonance: Hisil Resonance

Marina (C) D01
The Division (Res) D02 The Murder

Travel: Unrestricted
Hunting: Restricted
Rites: Blood Ogham, Exceptional; Fair Warning, Exceptional, 7/24/2016
Locus Rating: 1 (Grand Oak)
Resonance: Death

East End (C) E01
Oakfield (Res) E02
Fisherman's Row (Res) F01
The Square (E) F02
Star Lake FC01
Plainsfield Farms FC02
Alderstone Mountain FC03
Eagle Springs FC04
Country Road 213 FC05
Alderstone Highlands FC06
Blackridge Forest FC07
Crow Hollow (R) G01
West Crow Hollow Woods (R) G02
North Crow Hollow Woods (R) H01 Sentinels of the Dawn

Travel: Unrestricted/Restricted
Hunting: Restricted
Rites: Blood Ogham/Fair Warning/Etc.
Locus Rating: 0
Resonance: Hisil Resonance

Northwest Crow Hollow Woods (R) H02


  • C - Commercial
  • E - Entertainment
  • I - Industrial
  • R - Rural
  • Res - Residential

As per unspoken rules of Uratha society, packs set their own 'laws' on their Territory.


  • Banned - No one may enter the Territory except other members of the pack. The pack will have to figure out some way of preventing this via Rite or constant vigil (as such, this is uncommon).
  • Restricted - Only those invited by a member of the pack following the pack's chain of command (if any) may come to this Territory.
    • Note: Restricting travel through a Territory is usually done by performing the Rites of Fair Warning, Blood Ogham, Boundary Rite, or through some other Rite that would indicate a restriction (outside of declaring it at Tur).
  • Restricted To Tribe - Only members of a certain Tribe have unrestricted access to this territory.
  • Restricted To Uratha/Uragarum - Depending on the pack's (or your) declarations, only Uratha or Uragarum may enter the Territory unimpeded.
  • Unrestricted - Anyone regardless of Tribe, pack, social status, etc. may travel through this Territory.


  • Banned - No one is allowed to hunt spirits, Shartha, or enemies of Luna in this Territory save for the pack that holds it.
  • Restricted - The pack may allow other packs or members of the Protectorate to hunt enemies of Luna in this Territory if it is requested first.
  • Unrestricted - Anyone is allowed to hunt in this Territory without any sort of restriction.


  • Rite Information - Information on Rites performed in this Territory must have the following information:
    • Rite Name - List the Rite that has been performed.
    • Strength - Whether the Exceptional success adjustment applies or not.
    • Duration - How long a Rite will last.
  • Here's a list of Rites based on Territory to be updated if other Rites are found:
    • Rite of Fair Warning (Tribes of the Moon p. 106) One Lunar Month, Hunter In Darkness Rite; +2 to track interlopers in territory by any type of perception (usually scent). 25+ successes on roll imposes -2 penalty on any interloper's Wits+Composure roll to avoid ambush or danger.
    • Boundary Rite (Signs of the Moon p. 105) One Lunar Month, Elodoth Rite; Creates a boundary in the Hisil felt in both the Shadow and real world that makes Uratha know immediately when they've crossed the boundary of the territory. Uratha who don't control the territory receive -1 on first roll made in territory after crossing. Exceptional gives +1 to socialize rolls for pack members when dealing with one another.
    • Howl of Ownership (Territories p. 50), Instant, only spirits/uratha who hear the howl are aware of it happening. No effects beyond initial howl indicating that Uratha claim the territory.
    • Blood Ogham (Shadows of the UK p. 99), Permanent, no effect save for marking the territory with bleeding runes that are instantly recognizable by any Wolfblooded or Uratha; they will know immediately when they cross into the territory due to seeing these runes.


  • Loci Information - Loci on a Territory should be listed with the following information:
    • Locus Level - What level the Locus in this Territory is (Loci may be felt if someone enters their zone of power.
    • Locus Resonance - All Loci have a type of resonance attached to them.


  • Resonance Information - Resonance of the Hisil in a given territory should be listed with the following information:
    • Resonance Type: A type of resonance common within the Hisil here, such as resilience, death, joy, etc.
    • Common Spirits: Some common spirits that can be seen in this area, outside of those that might pass through (check out Spirits: Fallcoast and Spirits: Greater County Area for more information on these.

Getting Territory

Getting Territory
Holding Territory requires a Pack Alpha to declare it as their territory; in some cases staff may allow for a group or individual to hold Territory without being part of a pack. Claiming more than one grid section will require a larger pack, otherwise your ability to patrol it will be compromised.
You may not start the game holding Territory; it must be gained IC'ly. To get Territory, submit a +request with the following information:
a. What Grid Space and Quarter (N/S/E/W)
b. What your pack's (or your) opinion on other Uratha traveling and hunting there.
c. Whether you intend to do a Locus PRP to put a Locus in that location.
d. What you feel the Hisil's resonance would be, and if you intend to keep it that way or change it.

Fallcoast & Hanging Hills Grid Map

 a01 - Moosetown                                   h02 ----- h01 
 a02 - Pigeon Hill                                  |         |        N
 b01 - Historical Waterfront       <============== g02 ----- g01       |
 b02 - Historic District                County      |         |     W--@--E
 b03 - University City                 Road 213    f02 ----- f01       |
 c01 - Hyacinth Ridge                               |         |        S
 c02 - Commercial District                         e02 ----- e01 
 d01 - Marina                                       |         |
 d02 - The Division                                d02 ----- d01 
 e01 - East End                                     |         |
 e02 - Oakfield                                    c02 ----- c01 
 f01 - Fisherman's Row                              |         |
 f02 - The Square                        b03 ----- b02 ----- b01 
 g01 - Crow Hollow                                  |         |
 g02 - Western Crow Hollow Woods                   a02 ----- a01 
 h01 - Northern Crow Hollow Woods                             |
 h02 - Northwestern Crow Hollow Woods                        o01 
 o01 - Open Ocean                                             |
 o02 - Islands                                               o02 

Greater County Area Map

fc01 - Star Lake                                       fc01 =^=v=^= fc02 
fc02 - Plainsfield Farms                              .//.         .//.
fc03 - Alderstone Mountain                           .//.         .//.
fc04 - Eagle Springs                   fc03         fc04 ======= fc05 =======>
fc05 - County Road 213                  .\\.         .\\.               To
fc06 - Alderstone Highlands              .\\.         .\\.            Hanging
fc07 - Blackridge Forest                  fc06 =v=^=v=fc07           Hills