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State of the Sphere

Nov 6, 2016

Tier PRPs

  • On a trial level, Tier characters can run PRPs without permission with a few exceptions: non-Wolf Supernaturals, local Werewolf NPCs (first-time that NPC appears), and Rank 5 Spirits will require pre-approval. Pure will remain off limits for the time being.
    • PrPs resulting in rewards represented by stats (Fetishes, Resources increase, permanent Contacts, etc.) will need to be pre-approved UNLESS the reward has already been approved with the understanding of a PRP being run for it.
    • NPC Werewolfs will generally require a Wiki page to be put up.
    • ALL Tier PRPs that have previously required pre-approval (Rank 4 spirits, Host, etc.) must be submitted no later than after the first scene is run. Cover the basics of "who, what, where, when, why" and give some indication of impacts/complications that might arise from the plot.

Premade PRP

  • PRPs linked from the main page of the wiki may be run without preapproval; players are required to submit a job for details and to claim the PRP.
    • Players may submit full writeups of the PRPs they wish to be run; anyone can pick it up to run it after it has been approved by staff.

Oct 14, 2016

Player Concerns

  • Red-tape perception - how to streamline allowing players to do more stuff
    • Potential Response: Tier allowed to run things without pre-approval, a set of spirits/plots pre-created that can be run without approval once posted
  • Fetish PRP Requirements
    • Will remain the same, per game-wide restriction that magic items require prps -- HOWEVER, maybe we can work up a list of pre-approved Fetishes and the plots ot obtain them?
    • Clarification: Talens - 3dot Fetishes require only throwing dice OR a PRP but not both; 4+ requires PRP to obtain the spirit because of Rank 4 spirit being necessary to bind it into the fetish
  • Renown Requirements
    • Compose a Fallcoast specfic guideline.
  • Sphere seems dead, more RP?
    • IDK! Sphere plots?! Help me out here!
  • Packs?!
    • POTENTIAL! NPC/Staff run Alpha for a generic pack; adjusted incentives not related to XP
    • Protectorate!?

Staff Thoughts

  • Look at Fetish standards vs. 2.0 standards, make adjustments based on our game's dynamic
  • Specific examples for Fetishes that have failed "gutcheck" and the reasons why. GUT CHECK WILL REMAIN!
  • Limit number of restrictions on Fetishes just to try to balance power levels on a single fetish.
  • Protectorate!? Rite of Oath and Fetter adjustments
  • Pure Return