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Rites found in an approved source book are available for character use.

  • IMPORTANT: Auspice, Tribal, and Lodge restrictions DO apply when learning Rites.
  • NPC will not teach restricted Rites
  • Any PC teaching rites with Auspice, Tribal, or Lodge restrictions may face In Character Consequences.
  • A list of Ritemasters can be found on the Ritualists page.

Tribes of the Moon

The following restrictions on rites from this supplement apply:

  • Blood Talons - While they normally do not teach these to outsiders, there is no penalty for their use should an outsider learn one.
  • Bone Shadows - These rites are normally not taught to outsiders, for fear of violating an agreement with the spirits who taught the rite in the first place. There can be repercussions for Bone Shadows teaching these rites to outsiders. In addition, there is a -4 penalty to Harmony for any non-Bone Shadow attempting to use one of these rites.
  • Hunters in Darkness - These rites are the sole province of the Hunters in Darkness, and can't be learned as the free rite when Rituals is increased by outsiders. In addition, any non-HiD or ex-HiD suffers a penalty to perform these rites of -1*ritual level.
  • Iron Masters - The rites found in this section are considered Tribal secrets of the Iron Masters and are never taught to outsiders.
  • Storm Lords - While the rites were discovered by Storm Lord Lodges detailed in the book, they could also be discovered by other Storm Lords or Tribes.