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Renown Stories

The stories that earn renown are the stories that define a wolf and her public persona to both her own people, and the spirits around her. This is where they're shared; the brands are public, so are the reasons for them.

Abel Daywood, Baltu Na Mitutu (Live One for the Dead)

  • When a spirit came to Abel's farm in search of essence, he convinced it to move along with the promise of more harmonious essence elsewhere. The dispute was resolved diplomatically.
  • A ghost was troubling a friendly, harmonious spirit in the city by polluting the area and tainting the essence there. Abel discovered the last remaining anchor of this ghost - an occult item under lock and key by a collector - and managed to replace it covertly, allowing him to destroy the anchor without attracting attention.
  • Abel has diligently trained and become martially adept, ready for battle on behalf of the lunes.
  • Abel participated in a pack attack on a Jaggling, distracting it and confounding it long enough for a ritemaster to bind it and force it into a fetish.
  • Abel has taken and, for several years, maintained the Oath of the Moon.
  • From his earliest days as a pup, Abel absorbed information on spirits diligently and hungrily. Learning about them pleased the Ithalunim.
  • Abel showed remarkable knowledge of the occult and death in his initiation rite into the Bone Shadows, impressing the spirit that tested him.
  • Abel successfully identified a ban for a hostile Jaggling, enabling it to be forced into a fetish as a way of dealing with its corrupt, corrupting influence.
  • Abel has learned dozens of rituals, including one of the most difficult, Rending the Gauntlet. He has shown intellectual prowess to learn so many rituals, and is a Uratha of considerable Wisdom.
  • Abel dealt with a powerful, hostile spirit by conversing with it and finding a non-confrontational means of having the spirit move elsewhere after placating the spirit with skillfully performed rites and diplomacy.

Adon Dimitradis, Ur'thakh (Wandering Wolf)

  • Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. 2016. It’s the first stop on the international tour and Adon is able to negotiate performing in the henge, a powerful and lauded loci for the Uratha. He doesn’t usually sing and stand out front, but at the request of the local Cahalith, he composes a song for the band written in ancient Celtic, that gives proper tribute to the long standing center of Uratha power. It is sang and the outpouring from the crowds flood the spirit world with respect for the aged and lauded landmark.
  • Syria. 2016. The local Iron Masters forge a deal with Sons of Tanis to come and assist strengthening a Doctors Without Borders Hospital. In a concert for the patients and the doctors, the Sons sing and dance their hearts out, singing ancient meets modern songs of healing, cleanliness, hope and wisdom to bolster the few starving, sad spirits of the hospital complex that are simply exhausted and near defeated by the local wasteland spirits. The mass outpouring of essence feeds them and gives them the raw power to stand against the other spirit broods that test the borders endlessly.
  • Rome. 2016. In the seat of power of those that brought Carthage low, the Uratha invite the Sons of Tanis to assist them to bribe local spirits to find out lost information. With a tongue that could convince a monsoon to become a gentle shower, Adon convinces the local Elders to provide not only a fetish pistol, but also a small fetish for his wolfblood step-brother, Blue.
  • Bucharest. 2016. The Sons of Tanis are invited by the local packs to assist in binding a particularly potent spirit. The Sons do their job well, using the intrinsic shamanic rituals in their music to bribe and command the hordes of defending spirits during the concert to open a way for the packs to perform the binding task on the spirit that had been harassing them for generations.

Aimee, Wayfinder

  • At 14, not long after his First Change, he earned his first Cunning. He used stealth and athleticism to scout the base of the Pure in Agden, to aid the eventual attack.
  • At sixteen, in Agden, he managed to not only escape a pursuing spirit cult, but also use his guile and subterfuge to deliver them directly to the rest of his pack.
  • At eightteen, in Fallcoast, he managed to track and capture an escaped Uratha war criminal from France.
  • He earned his initial Honor at the age of fifteen, in Agden, France, when he helped oversee a brutal duel of honor between two other Uratha. One had mocked the other too much and the opposition took it to heart, so a duel was called to settle things. He made sure nobody cheated or went too far.
  • At the age of 16 he was captured by cultists to a spirit of murder in Marseilles, and he was tortured for days and days. In the end he did NOT give up a single piece of information before escaping.
  • At seventeen, in Fallcoast, he helped protect a small group of Wolfblooded escape their Pure family. He then transported them from Fallcoast to New York City, to a safehouse.
  • At 18, in Fallcoast, he managed to take an escaped Uratha War Criminal from France alive, and he kept him bound at his home until Armee Savauge members arrived from Montreal to take him away.

Augustine, Ninna'uth(Hunts the Storm)

  • Fought and protected his pack's territory from a spirit that wished to take their loci as its own.
  • Participated in a just challenge to help settle a dispute.
  • Found a peaceful resolution to a dispute that has either come to blows between Uratha, or inevitably would if someone hadn't stepped in between The Howling Flames and The Grinning Shadows in Texas.
  • Assisted an old friend with slaying a spirit that was causing distortions in the shadow to allow mortals to be claimed.
  • Asked by an elder to investigate a young Forsaken that was being converted to the pure by a Fire touched that wished to implant the wolf as as a spy. He instead convinced the wolf the folly of the Pure and to tell the elders of the Fire Touched.
  • Was called to settle a dispute between two packs over territory and a wolf blooded. While speaking with the wolf blooded alone they were attacked by a spider host with claimed minions. He was knocked unconsciousness while protecting the wolf blooded and saving their life. This allowed the packs to find the spider host was the one that set up the dispute so it could be ended.
  • Slew a claimed in single combat.
  • Resisting Death Rage due to betrayal.
  • Participated in the hunt for a nest of hosts that was composed of the three packs,the Far Seers, The Marching Blades and the Burning Aces, the hunt continued for at least three days without rest in California.
  • While fasting until a pack hunt, he was challenged to a duel by a spirit. The spirit knew that he was weakened but he accepted the challenge losing the duel but not showing any weakness and showing respect to his foe.
  • Settled a duel between two wolves at the request of a friend that lead to a hunt of both packs against a pure pack that attacked the duel. He led the hunt chasing the pure pack for a week without rest. At the end of the hunt he resisted death rage after the hunt was ambushed.

Caleb Lincoln, Ghurah Ngeshbara (Howler-in-Darkness)

  • Fought off two Pure during First Change.
  • Took a mate.
  • Negotiated a secret from a spirit for an Elder of the Bone Shadows.
  • Had a Dream Vision from Luna, and used the foresight to lead a foe into a trap and gain victory.
  • Traveled to many different pack's territories, learning histories and secrets from the Uratha and spirits there.
  • Hunted for two mighty spirits, communing with them and bringing them forth to meet his pack as potential totems.

Dominic Walker, Kah-ulke (Burning Skies)

  • Burning Skies earned his name after serving under his father's family in Australia. A community of Uratha who lived peacefully in the bush. His return to them, considered by some a blessing and then cemented when he earn a membership into the Lodge of Firestick.
  • Calling a retreat is a very tough thing for a Rahu. When facing the Pure, Burning Skies called a retreat that surprised everyone. Unknown to everyone at the time, the young wolf had calculated a disturbed forest fire spirit aroused by Burning Skies' gifts that attacked a flank of the Pure as the Uratha retreated, winning them the conflict but not without heavy losses.
  • Doubt in your tactician is like a spore that grows and spread, a Pure spy infiltrating the family had begun to create doubt of Burning Skies in the elders. It did not help that Burning Skies had developed a reputation of a drunk and a loner. Burning Skies disfavor among his family's pack came close to when his grandfather was looking to step down from alpha and Burning Skies was supposed to be the next one to claim it. Deciding to do something about it, Burning Skies defended his name by hunting down the spy, springing the spy's trap and surviving.
  • As his time passed in Australia, Burning Skies had earned back his reputation but the position for alpha was given to a cousin. Still, Burning Skies is said to be an example for the Lodge of the Firestick. Accepting his place, Burning Skies gathered his belongings and moved back home to Maine but it was only after some time, settling in this familiar "strange" place that Burning Skies was able to reclaim his reputation in combating fire and elemental spirits.
  • A trash spirit out in the bush of Australia was terrorizing the local community. A young Burning Skies was able to trick the spirit into thinking that the wolf's only sense was sight and blinding the uratha, challenging him to find his way back home blind the trash spirit swore to vanish if Burning Skies could succeed. The wolf used hearing and smell to get back home, defeating the spirit.
  • Information is everywhere, especially if you know how to read it and Burning Skies is a known tactician able to pluck songlines from territories. As he flies above, he is able to gather information to feed back down to packs he aids.
  • Fire, destructive in appearance until you learn to use it like a tool. By tricking fire spirits, Burning Skies is able to command fire using it to raise forest fires that can be directed in a manner that truly helps the forest.
  • With all that has happened, Dominic decides it is time to make himself more known. He purchases an old airstrip and hanger outside of town, closer to the Pure than before. A sort of I am making my move, move.


  • Defeated a Spirit-Ridden and helped remove the spirit from its host.
  • Bested one of the Forsaken in combat, who thought him a spy for the Pure and challenged him as a result.
  • Carried out a month's sentry duty for Levi’s pack, while he was still learning the ways of the Forsaken.
  • Earned by undergoing his Tribal Initiation into the Stormlords.
  • Helped another Forsaken pack fight off a lesser Jaggling and its following of lesser ranked spirits that had been causing trouble in the area, without accepting any reward for doing so.
  • Settled a rather tense dispute between two Forsaken packs who were about to come to blows over pack territory borderlines.


  • Survived Incapacitation by lethal wounds. When his mother arrived, only a day after his change, he let out 18 years of pent up frustration on her. She responded by quite handily showing him that 'she brought him into this world, and she could take him out of it.' He was left, unconcious, bruised, and beaten, on the back doorstep of his father's house. He healed, of course. Survival.
  • Maintained a human identity for a month. He changed a month ago, and hasn't let slip what he is. Being on campus, he is around people often, so it has been hard, specially with having to sign in and out of the dorms! Human Identity.
  • A fetish had fallen into the hands of a group of college men at a rival school. While visiting for a match, Jack caught word of it. Now, stealing mascots, trinkets, trophies, and all sorts of things is pretty regular for the Greek system on campus's nation wide, so, these guys were pretty on guard, knowing the item they'd found was something unique. But, that doesn't stop someone who's exceedingly motivated, with a certain, particular set of skills. Jack showed up for an open rush party, having stolen some gear from the rival team. He chatted, made small talk, all the while trying to sense out where the item was. When he found it, he could sense the spirit inside. A werewolf fetish. No bueno. It took a bit of trickery, 20 dollars, some smooth talking, and a chicken (don't ask), but, he was able to create enough of a diversion that he could pocket the fetish, and get away, leaving a fake one in it's place, showing that it'd been a forgery all along. They STILL don't know the switch ever happened. Concealment/theft.

John Blake, Holds-The-Line

  • He earned his first Glory by aiding a pack in Brooklyn. They assaulted and took down a dangerous Hate spirit in the city.

  • He gained his initial Purity by simply living strictly by the Oath.
  • He gained his initial Honor by helping resolve a rough dispute over a potential Mate between two very rough wolves.

Logan Wagner, Ala'a Adhuya (Metal Purifier)

  • Logan rarely stops. Missing a leg is no excuse for him and so through his hard work with the community in helping clean and helping around the sept, he has earned glory through sheer will, strength, and hard work.
  • Logan can be expected to pay his respects to the Spirits, the Elders, and those beneath him. If there was a Garou bible, Logan would be seen carrying it. He is very traditional and always present during festivals.
  • Amidst his first change, Logan was able to follow the signs in the Hisil to navigate his way blindly through the physical one. Traveling the physical world while his sight was forced on to the Hisil was a challenge but he got through it.
  • Logan discovers a strange spirit called Weaver, in his junkyard, it helped him organize his junkyard in a more efficient way, allowing him to finally make a profit after all bills are paid.
  • Logan learned patience when it came to spirits and it was this very patience that was rewarded with a clue as to where an ancient rite of binding hid. Meeting the technological spirits challenges, Logan was able to get the location of the rite and download it, learning the rite of binding.
  • Logan had been cleaning his junkyard with the hopes that he could attract technological spirits and maybe find a locus.
  • Hidden within his junkyard and on its Hisil side, there are oasis for different spirits as Logan creates lures for them.

Judah Alvis, Kigiriuz Hikaon (Walks in Shadow)

  • Judah gained his first renown from learning about spirits and quickly learning about his mistakes in how to deal with them properly becoming an Ilthaeur.
  • Judah solved a difficult riddle set forth by his Mentor in his initiation into the Bone Shadows
  • Judah earned this for binding a great spirit out of an area it was plaguing, by occupying it long enough to enable himself to complete the ritual
  • Judah faced a powerful spirit that was impossible for him to defeat head on. Dangerous and cunning, he worked to find its weaknesses and then used them against it, in order to get it to move on without having to battle it, or otherwise force a confrontation.


Kharn Halldis, Ghaz-Ur (Slayer Wolf)

  • Kharn participated in a Hunt with his first pack against an Azlu.
  • Kharn's Alpha, Gunnar of the Fimbulvetr, betrayed him. He resisted Death rage.
  • Kharn fought the horrors pitted against him by the Ralunim. He was brought back from the brink of death and became one of the Fury Choir.
  • Kharn helped drive a summoned Rat Incarna from the Marina and let the Murder hold the area.
  • Kharn was summoned by Jackson Wilkes's father to help a fledgling pack hold an area against something terrible. It ended up being The Explorer, an insane Idigam bent on utter destruction. Kharn, of course, charged it. It ran away and the fledgling pack now holds the area.
  • Kharn survived against a pair of Hate spirits in Fallujah, killing them both.
  • Kharn faced off against a group of Pure who were desecrating the body of a Wolf who wished to become one of the Forsaken. He killed one of them, a wolf who was more powerful than he.
  • Kharn fought off a group of Beshilu spirits, an overwhelming amount of them, alone. And finished the job with a host.
  • Kharn cut down the Rat King. He gave up on honor and killed the foul creature after he had surrendered.


  • Helped with finding a solution to soothe a bear spirit without having to fight it, instead finding a way to bring it peace and calm its rage.
  • Proved to be honorable, not only with her dealings with spirits but with those of the People and others, never seeking to manipulate a situation for her own benefit.
  • Proved herself wise when her first pack had a moment of upheaval. Advised the Alpha on how to work past it and keep their people together, showing her support at the same time.

Kyrie Skinner, Sighu'duksium (Shield of the Weak)

  • In the recent battle against the entity who took Kharn, Kyrie fought well and hard. She even killed a possessed child, though her mission is in protecting the innocent. It was necessary and she did it, but it wasn't easy.
  • Learning to attack from the shadows is a base Irraka trait, one she has mastered, even with the pale fur of her wolf form.
  • Knowing when to strike and when to watch can be a hard judgement. Kyrie waited to watch and listen before striking, saving several children from an abuser in a time where she was able to save the most.
  • Kyrie raised her brothers as a minor after the death of her parents. She worked hard to teach them the way of their family and keep them safe until adulthood.
  • Kyrie works hard to protect all the innocent around her in every way she can. She recently agreed to take Mackenzie under her protection, knowing the girl has a powerful Uratha father and wants to wed the woman to her uncle or something of the sort.
  • Kyrie isn't the smartest tool in the shed, but she can learn from her mistakes and not repeat them. Some lessons become so much a part of you that you can't every disregard them again.

Leroy Skinner

  • Displayed Skills befitting of his Auspice, adapting to the role quickly.
  • Displayed Skills befitting of his tribe, understanding the need to adapt and sometimes circumvent the rules to achieve a goal and thus earning himself a place within the Iron Masters
  • Long term deception concerning his nature, his role, and his skills both within the mundane and supernatural realm, when dealing with both friendly subjects and antagonistic subjects to create persistent tendency to under estimate him.
  • Faced with a threat he couldn't overcome alone, a pack of Pure who wanted to take something that was His, he fabricated evidence for a group of Hunters to uncover that would lead them to the pack to both weaken and distract both groups enough to remove them as concerns of his with both being none the wiser.
  • He's spent his life as an Uratha watching out for the SKinner Blooded, making sure they had what they needed. In particular, Mackenzie who he took in to prevent her from being married off to a pure. I'd like Partial change as my gift.
  • Saw a pack of pups that was weakened from prolonged defense of their territory and stepped in to act as a bulwark against an threat that was seeking to take advantage of their weakness, defending members of the people who weren't his pack to keep them from being culled.
  • Forcefully removed a spirit from the trailer park that was having a negative impact on the area.
  • Took a silver wound from a Hunter and still managed to overcome the duo of foes, on his own, without death raging from the silver wound
  • Uncovering the ban of a spirit and using that knowledge to 'encourage' that spirit to move along out of his way.


  • Hunter in Darkness speak about a moment where a shamed ghost wolf came back to the tribe asking for help. The wolf was real bad cut-up but something had latch on to its mind, devouring it. The others agreed that the ghost wolf deserved the insanity but Logan wasn't having none of that so he took the ghost wolf and nurtured him to health. The ghost wolf was so moved by Logan that he found the motivation and strength to redeem himself.
  • Normally you take what is given to you but there is a story about Logan and he learning the funeral rite. No one wanted to give it up because it afforded you a level of popularity between the People in the area but Logan was relentless and found an old ritemaster who at first was not willing to waste his time with a young Uratha. Logan stalked him for a couple months until the Ritemaster could not take the creepiness and agreed with teaching Logan the rite while he uses it at no charge to anyone who asks for it. Plus Logan promise he would leave the ritemaster alone.

Morana, Zatharzu (Mirror)

  • Learned to communicate with a Spirit of Silence as part of her initiation into the Iron Masters.
  • Protected the presence and identity of another wolf through clever misdirection.
  • Adjudicated a dispute between members of her grandmother's pack.
  • Drew attention to a packmate's wrong-doing though doing so made her enemies among her grandmother's pack.
  • Accepted blame when advice she offered was misinterpreted and lead a packmate into danger; she has been more careful with her words since.
  • Initiated into the Lodge of the Modernist by finding two spirits, mischief and shame, who responded to the same word: shouldn't.

Roman Quinn, Girabis(Ragecow/Moose)

  • Roman refused to take the life of the Pure who dropped his weapons and attempted to stop the other wolf who took his life.
  • Free and Roman fought in proper combat and stopped before it got too heated.
  • Roman was part of a party of wolves to track down the Vermin who was going to collapse the gauntlet.
  • Roman was part of the group that closed the division and ended the Beshilu threat in Fallcoast.
  • Roman again knew that any fight between the Forsaken and the Pure would end in undo bloodshed and not gain information needed so he kept everyone calm.
  • Roman didn't kill his own father when he found out about a betrayal done to him.
  • Roman was able to hold his pack totem close while his own pack was falling apart, holding his oath to the pack and his totem above all else. A vow made.
  • Roman was the calming voice between the Forsaken and the Pure during a negotiation. He made sure no one broke Tur.
  • Roman was there to honor Hush even if he didn't understand the man, honor must be given to sacrifice.


  • Spinning stories of his pack's subtle achievements and earning them the admiration of the wider Tribe.
  • A Rahu Blood Talon began persistently mocking the ideals and actions of Shane's pack, openly calling them cowardly and weak, accusing them of having lost the wolf. Shane challenged him to a duel, knowing he would likely lose, and insisted on going beyond first blood to complete incapacitation. The fight was closer than he expected, lasting for close to an hour: though he did eventually lose, he continued to fight until he was finally knocked unconscious, proving to his opponent and those watching that the Hidden Hunters did not lack for savagery, tenacity or a willingness to put themselves on the line.
  • Leading a Beshilu back to his pack, allowing them to quickly and quietly destroy it.
  • Discreetly killing a Ridden council-woman as part of his initiation into the Lodge of the Hidden Hunt, arousing no suspicion with the death.

Varinderjot Singh, Parasukhattar

  • The poet has heart and dedication, and withstood far more than any thought he was capable of during the challenges leading up to his acceptance into the Iminir.
  • Varinderjot mediated a dispute between rival Alphas that had been festering for some time, guiding the disparate packs to easier coexistance within their neighboring territories.
  • Is renowned for his strict adherance to the both his Sikh cultural mores and the Oath, and has guided other Wolves towards a balance between cultural and religious practices and life as Uratha.
  • Is currently teaching a freshly changed Wolf the entirety of Uratha history, starting with the Oath of the Moon, how it is commonly interpreted, and why it's tenets should not be broken.

Weylan Couthan, And'hianum (Shade-caller)

  • Through sheer intimidation and presence turned a group of hostile spirits against his foes during his First Change, earning the deed name Shade-caller.
  • Confronted his Alpha in combat, besting him to teach a needed lesson to strengthen the pack and prepare for his departure to train under the Kshatriyas.
  • Adjudicated a challenge between members of his pack in Tennessee.
  • Accepted responsibility and paid penance for a pack member that had wronged a neighboring pack.
  • Helped to hunt and put down a spirit that had spread discord through the Hisil, challenging the authority of the Forsaken over the denizens.
  • Summoned a Jaggling that was used in creating a fetish.