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The Pure of Fallcoast

The Pure have had control over Fallcoast and Hanging Hills for as long as many of the Tribes can remember. The burning of witches during Bradford's time can be heard in the oral histories spread by the Pure themselves. The spirits whisper of this region in tones of reverence - it is a sanctuary, free of the oppression of the Forsaken.

While there have been some few Forsaken in the region, they have been tolerated by the Pure only so long as they keep a low profile. It is for this reason that there are few high Renown wolves in the region - and those that do have high Renown are transplants. And targets for the Pure. Wolf-blooded families loyal to the Forsaken (and those fearing the Pure) often send their children away to keep them safe from the Pure. Pure-loyal Wolf-blooded families often find themselves drawn into lives where everything is controlled for them.

An old pack of Fire-touched, The Keepers of the Watch, have claimed the majority of Hanging Hills for themselves. They claim responsibility for Bradford's witch-burnings, owning the Minister as one of their own (though the truth of this is questionable). These are the de facto leaders of the Pure of the area, though they leave the official (and political) leadership to the Ivory Claw pack, Blood Right, that claims Hyacinth Ridge and the greater Fallcoast area as its own. On the outskirts, hidden in the dark and feral forests of Maine, the Predator Kings pack, The Hungry Dark, have taken dominion, twisting the woods into a place where the night is truly something to fear.

Fire Touched

The Fire-Touched are the spiritual leaders of the Pure Tribes. They claim the Forsaken are damned by default, they label the Forsaken as heretics who should honor Father Wolf instead of venerating Luna. The Izidakh claim that as long as the descendants of Father Wolf's murderers remain alive the werewolf race will still remain stained. Only by fire can the taint be destroyed. The brands on some Fire-Touched hint at cruel rituals of penance. They follow Rabid Wolf and his Gifts draw on the powers of disease and religious conviction. Fire-Touched accept converts from the Uratha. When a wolf turns his back on the Tribes of the Moon, he usually shows up branded among the ranks of the Fire-Touched. Rabid Wolf's ban is that he cannot let a false statement lie. A Fire-touched MUST challenge a lie the moment it appears. Their primary renown comes from Wisdom

Fire Touched Packs

The Keepers of the Watch
The Keepers of the Watch are a very active pack (though cult may be more appropriate), though often seen as Zealots and often dismissed by normal mortals. Members of this pack, as well as those under the pack’s “protection” can frequently be found in any of a number of the local churches and trying to “recruit” from among them. They also have their own “church” and the cult-like setting can be very unsettling to outsiders who come in. This pack echoes Minister Bradford's belief that women are to blame for Original Sin (and would be more than happy to pin the idea of the Betrayal of Father Wolf on one of the female Firstborn). Thus, women of this pack (and cult), even the Uratha, are seen as lesser members and are often given harsher penance to perform.
These wolves will attack mortals who are an outright danger to the human population and take their role as the “shepherd’s of His Flock” very seriously - sexual predators and murderers are at the top of their lists (despite their own propensity toward the same activities).
With regards to the Shadow, these wolves tend to leave it neglected, instead focusing on tending to the mortal herds and keeping them in check.
Territory: Pack's Territory
Known/Important Members:
  • Ezekiel Bradford: Kikib Isib (First Tongue: Seek to be Pure), Alpha of The Keepers of the Watch

Ivory Claws

The Tzuumfin follow Silver Wolf and their Gifts draw on the powers of purity and domination. Ivory Claws do not accept converts from the Uratha and, in fact, rarely accept anyone that does not have a strong bloodline. Silver Wolf's ban is that he cannot interact with the impure. Their primary renown comes from Honor.

Ivory Claws Packs

Blood Right
This pack is primarily constituted of the Durant family, an old-money family with very old-money ideals. Their sons and daughters are frequently either taught by private tutors or sent to boarding schools, many of them have Ivy League degrees and open businesses appropriate to their education. This pack can be seen intermingling in politics (though usually through Wolf-blooded agents) and in high society events. They are sophisticated and, truthfully, quite prejudice – they hate humans, though they understand the necessity for them, and will often come across as bigoted because of it. Non-Durant members of the family are typically from similarly wealthy backgrounds and, most likely, have a relative married into the Family. Very few of the Ivory Claws in the city are not a part of this pack. Primary goals involve keeping control of the local political sphere, manipulating the herd for their ends, and maintaining supremacy in the face of the encroaching Forsaken. While The Keepers of the Watch may be the defacto leaders of the local Pure, Blood Right are the ones who claim the actual position.
Territory: Hyacinth Ridge, C01
Known/Important Members:

The Predator Kings

The Predator Kings are the feared warriors of the Pure Tribes. The Ninna Farakh do not hate the Forsaken for their supposed slaying of Father Wolf; they despise the Forsaken because of the loss of Pangaea. The Forsaken fight to preserve the world as it is. The Predator Kings want a world where they are free to hunt, a world where humans are reduced to the state of cattle. The Predator Kings follow Dire Wolf, oldest of the firstborn. Dire Wolf's ban is that he cannot choose to touch anything made by the hands of a human except to destroy it. He cannot follow roads, brush up against people, etc. His children however have a less harsh ban but still prefer to wear clothes they have made themselves. Their primary renown is Glory.

Predator Kings Packs

The Hungry Dark
This pack is exclusively Predator King and holds very few ties with the industrialized world. They live in a commune-like setting of hand hewn cabins and even tents in the woods, tucked away from society while they work on perfecting their hunt. Their hunts are frequently animals, but every once in a while they need to hunt other prey - this is when they’re more likely to respond to a call for help from the city. These Predator Kings are the monsters who live beyond the reach of the city - unashamed of binding spirits to terrify Outsiders from their hunting ground and destroy those that they cannot scare away.
Territory: Pack's Territory
Known/Important Members:


There are no other Tribes among the Pure and even Ghost Wolves are not tolerated for long. Most Pure prefer to work in packs according to the Tribe, but some few work in mixed packs.

It is also not uncommon for Pure packs to be nomadic.

Mixed Packs

Odd Lot
This mixed pack of Pure are often viewed as rejects, ostracized for various reasons, and are given bitch-work to do. This is the pack most likely to intermingle with the Forsaken on somewhat civilized terms, though they're not guaranteed to be friendly. They also do a lot of the necessary work with the denizens of the Shadow to keep things from getting out of hand - handling the Hosts when they begin to overstep their bounds, tending to particularly nasty spirits, etc.
Territory: No explicit territory, though each member holds his/her own small piece.
Known/Important Members:
  • Nathan Price: Brother's Keeper, Ivory Claw, Alpha
  • Matilda Gerard: The Prodigal Daughter, Fire-touched, Beta, Forsaken convert
  • Charity Dunnin: The Traitor, Predator King, Lodge of Vermin. She left the Pure 4 years ago, converting to the Forsaken.