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Active PC Packs


The Murder

Let Not The Hisil Fall; Let Not The Dead Go Unmourned.

Members: Levi, Jackson, Roman, Jon, Nadya, Bernadette

Contact: Levi or Jackson

Holdings: East Division - D02

Recruiting Status: Potentials must demonstrate their dedication to the pack.

Sentinels of the Dawn

Members: JermaineAshley

Contact: Kyrie Skinner

Holdings: Old Abandoned Brewery & Surrounding Territory

Recruiting Status: Potentially

Sons of Tanis

A wolfpack/rock band.

Members: Blue Nicks, Axel Andrea, Adon 'Addy' Dimitriadis & Vance Kade

Contact: Any!

Holdings: Eastern end of the Historic District

Recruiting Status: Potentially, though only for concepts that fit.

Links: http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Sons_of_Tanis

Active NPC Packs

See Werewolf/Pure for more information. No active NPC packs found.

Potential Packs

Inactive Packs