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General Information

There are 2 'flavors', if you will, of loci within Fallcoast:

  • One dot loci will be fairly common. These are fairly weak loci that won't grow unless protected by a pack. Staff will place them in areas that make the most sense. Generally speaking, PC packs will not have a locus higher than rating 2 in their territory if they settle down in land that is unclaimed by another pack.
  • All loci of rating 3+ are protected by either the Pure or some other supernatural being(s) such as spirits, an NPC Purified Immortal, or a creature that's not in any of the books. In other words, you'll have to find a 3+ loci and deal with its protector before being able to claim it. This will lead to territory disputes, especially with the Pure who have gobbled up most of the stronger ones.

So you're looking at 4 ways to get a loci in your pack's chosen territory:

  • Grow a weak one up in power. Likely the most common method and also more 'realistic'.
  • Take one from another pack, be it Pure or Forsaken, and claim their stronger locus.
  • Create one using the level 5 rite.
  • Create the circumstances which will form a brand new locus, which is a lot more work than the first option above.


  • No portable/mobile loci. If a locus is moved, somehow, from its normal location, it will cease to be a locus. Returning it to its previous location won't make it function again.
  • Staff places the locus where it makes sense. This means you might not get it exactly where you want it.
  • You can request One locus, rated at level 1, be placed inside your pack's territory. This will require a PrP to be run for acquiring the Locus.
  • Additional level 1 loci in your packs territory may be uncovered. This is at staff judgement based on PRP and RP logs showing sufficient evidence that they can not only tend their first locus, but are ready to attempt a second.
  • Loci made with the Level 5 rite Drawing Down the Shadow are mostly exempt from placement and quantity limitations.

Increasing the Rank

  • Claiming and defending a Locus are the dangerous parts of controlling it. Growing it is not dangerous, but it takes time. The following rules are now in use to grow a Locus in power: The time and scenes required are equal to the new level. The time will be started from the first scene.
  • Example: A pack has a level 2 locus and wishes to grow it to level 3. They do an initial tending scene on 5/1. The locus cannot become level 3 until 8/1, and requires two more scenes. These scenes have no time limit, so if they don't do the third scene until 11/1, that is when the Locus grows in power.

Any questions, page or @mail Ulkair.