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Pack Gift Tree Creation

Pack Gifts

  • Custom Gift trees, taught only by a pack’s totem spirit, are being implemented. This is available for purchase only once per pack, and a character may only retain one iteration of these particular gifts. For example, Jimbob joins the Fluffy Ducklings and learns the gifts taught by their totem. If he quits that pack and joins the Hairless Wombats, he cannot learn the custom gifts taught by theirs. Spirits are fickle beings, this is non-negotiable.


  • Come up with the various levels 1-5. Don’t be stupid, if it’s overpowered, it will be denied. This is separate from the ‘Pack’ gift tree, which focuses on working together as a pack. This gift tree should, ideally, be something that gives bonuses/abilities that are helpful for everyone.
  • For abilities that have rolls (3 out of the 5 are required to have rolls), the roll will consist of: Attribute + Skill + Primary Renown. In an effort to avoid overcomplicating this, it will use the lower of any character’s Auspice or Tribal renown.
  • Attaining this tree will require a PrP. We do not require a PrP to actually get a totem to bond itself to a pack, but doing something with enough significance to the Spirit that it is willing to teach it’s defining gift tree will require a PrP.
  • Creating and subsequently attaining this gift tree costs 15 totem dots. As a bonus, these totem dots can be used to upgrade the attributes of the Spirit, as it would likely have more than the basic 9 if it has a unique tree.

This is a work in progress, please be patient. Were-staff will have to carefully pick apart each level of the tree for balance and such.

  • Note: If your pack is already established and you would like to re-shuffle totem dots, of course you will be given the opportunity to do so.

Any questions, page or @mail Ulkair.