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These are the commands that are specific to the Werewolf sphere on Fallcoast:

  • +essence/draw # - If you are at a locus and are aware of it, this command allows you to draw essence.
  • +step sideways - This allows you to step across into Shadow at a locus.
  • +locus/view - View details about the locus if you're at the proper location and have access to it.


Commands for +shift:

  • +shift <form>
  • +shift <form>
    • Select from Hishu, Dalu, Gauru, Urshul and Urhan.
    • Those with Mother Luna 5 will also have the option for Primal Form in the shift code as "Primal". THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED AS OF YET!

This command will automatically account for all of the following in +roll or on your +sheet:

  • Attributes
  • Speed
  • Size
  • Initiative
  • Health
  • Defense (if applicable)
  • Perception (when using +roll, include perception as an attribute: +roll wits + composure + perception)

Note: Bonuses to damage from claws and teeth must still be manually applied.


To change your desc and short-desc when shifting, set attributes on yourself like this:

  • &desc-<species>-<form> me=This is my long desc.
  • &shortdesc-<species>-<form> me=This is my short-desc.


  • &desc-uratha-hishu me=I'm a human!
  • &shortdesc-uratha-urhan me=Scary wolf!


There are a myriad of ways for a player or staff to check who holds what area as territory.

  • +map/packs <grid alias>
    • This will show you who holds what in game via +maps. Ex: +map/packs ML - This will reveal all of the packs in the Marshlands.
  • +news werewolf territory
    • This lists all packs and Turs, and what territory they claim.
    • If your pack has not been added by staff you may request that they add your pack or add yourselves.