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Werewolf Template Information

Please add the following to the job made after you complete CharGen. Preferably, add this information first. This makes it easier for us to set up your +sheet.

  • Auspice
  • Tribe
  • Lodge: If applicable. Please list Book and page of the Lodge, make sure you meet the requirements, and have details about it in your background. Click HERE to see the approved Lodge List.
  • Auspice Aspect: If applicable. Please list Book and page of the Auspice Aspect, make sure you meet the requirements, and have details about it in your background.
  • Starting Renown: Assign one dot to each primary Renown type for your character’s auspice and tribe, and a third dot to a Renown of your choice. Ghost Wolves do not get a choice to replace Tribe Renown.
    • Note: that a Ghost Wolf receives Renown for auspice, but not for tribe.
  • Starting Gifts:
    • 1 from Auspice affinity
    • 1 from Tribal affinity OR Common lists for Ghost Wolves
    • 1 from any affinity OR rituals 1 with an associated level 1 rite.
    • Note: We need the gift list and name, ie: Insight 1 - Sense Malice. You cannot skip Gift levels with your CG dots as you can with XP. The only lists from which you cannot choose Gifts are those that are synonymous with auspices or tribes other than your own.
  • Free Auspice Skill Specialty: A free Specialty in one of three Skills based on your character's auspice. You must have at least one dot in one of the three Skills to gain an auspice Specialty. There's no award otherwise.
    • Rahu: Brawl, Intimidation, Survival
    • Cahalith: Crafts, Expression, Persuasion
    • Elodoth: Empathy, Investigation, Politics
    • Ithaeur: Animal Ken, Medicine, Occult
    • Irraka: Larceny, Stealth, Subterfuge
  • Any unspent Starting Merits dots. This includes Primal-Urge raises. Please note: CG Only merits must be purchased with Starting Merit Dots, not XP.

Pasting Template

sheet/set <name>/Auspice=<auspice>
sheet/set <name>/Tribe=<tribe>
sheet/set <name>/Lodge=<lodge> (<Lodge Book & Pg: <book & page>)
sheet/set <name>/merit=Auspice Aspect:1/<Aspect> (Aspect Book & Pg: <book & page>)
sheet/set <name>/renown=<renown>:<dots>
sheet/set <name>/gift=<gift>:<rank> (Auspice related Gift)
sheet/set <name>/gift=<gift>:<rank> (Tribe related Gift, or Common List Gift for Ghost Wolves)
sheet/set <name>/gift=<gift>:<rank> (Free choice Gift OR Ritual & Rite)
+rituals <name>=1
sheet/set <name>/rite=<rite>
sheet/set <name>/specialty=<skill>:<specialty>
sheet/set <name>/Primal-Urge=<rank>
sheet/set <name>/Essence=10
sheet/set <name>/merit=<merit>:<rank>/<note>
  • Please include the following if you are Wolfblooded ••••+
sheet/set <name>/merit=Unseen Sense:3/Spirits
sheet/set <name>/merit=Unseen Sense:3/Werewolves
  • Please include the following if you have dots in Animal Ken:
sheet/set <name>/specialty=Animal Ken:Canines
  • Please include the your free Blooded Tell:
sheet/set <name>/merit=Blooded Tell:3/<Free Blooded Tell>
sheet/set <name>/merit=Family Status:1/<family name>: <roll benefit>
sheet/set <name>/Family=<family name>
  • This is one or the other only.
sheet/set <name>/merit=<Defining Power>:4/<Psychic> OR <Thaum Path> Defining Merit
+faction/add <Psychic/Thaumaturge>=<name>
Other Factions

Character +Notes

The following must be put on a +note attached to your character. Your application will not be approved unless you have these . Please see +help note for more information on how to set notes.

  • Your starting Renown and any Renown you have purchased with XP
  • Any Fetish (Please see Fetishes for the +note format)
  • Any statted Companion (Retainers, Animal Companions, Ghost Ally, etc)

Harmony/Morality Drops

If you lower your Harmony/Morality at all, you need to make a derangement check for EVERY drop you take.

  • +roll 6=job ### - For Harmony 7 to 6.
  • +roll 5=job ### - For Harmony 6 to 5.

If any roll is a failure, make sure you add which derangement you are taking. You choose, we don't. :)

Starting Experience Spends

  • All players start with 550XP to spend on their characters.
  • Alternatively Players can opt to forego this initial 550XP in favor of taking transfer XP from one of their PERMANENTLY retired (Permafrozen) Fallcoast Character. This gives:
    • 50% of the Total XP of the Permafrozen Character plus any appropriate Incentives. Previous tier boosts are subtracted from the total XP for transferring purposes.
    • Note that at this time, no players are better off XP wise taking this 50%.

Before you list your spends, please list your TOTAL starting experience, and a breakdown of how you came to it. For example:

  • Starting XP: 63 = 50 Base, 10 Harmony 7 > 5
  • Please use our +xpreq system for ALL XP spends (See: +help xp spends)

If you are transferring XP from an alt:

  • Please make sure to +myjob/cc your frozen or to be frozen alt in. If the Alt isn't frozen yet, they need to submit their own +request to be permafrozen.

Application Backgrounds

  • Character backgrounds can be as short or long as players wish, but should at least consist of a few paragraphs. We do not expect a novel for those that wish to write a narrative, but players may choose to use the bullet point/timeline format. However the following questions must be addressed in enough detail to properly convey a clear picture of the application.


  1. How old are you? When were you born? Where were you born?
  2. What was your childhood like? Who was your family? What kind of background do you come from? What, if anything, was unique about your history?
  3. What kind of person are you? What's your personality like? Strong/Weak character traits?
  4. What was your first brush with the Supernatural like? How did it change you? (For Wolfbloods, this can be covered by 6a.)
  5. Werewolves:
    1. First Change: Were you "in the know" before your First Change? If so, how/why? When you Changed, were there any deaths among the herd, attacks from spirits, or other major events? If so, please explain them in brief detail. Were other werewolves present? If so, how did they help? If no werewolves were present, how did you handle it? Who taught you the basics of the Uratha's existence, duties, and the Oath of the Moon?
    2. Spirits: What interactions have you had with spirits since your first change and how have they gone? How do you now view spirits and their place in the world?
    3. Pack Life: Were you once the member of a pack before coming to Fallcoast? If so, how was your former pack's relationship? Were thinks contentious at all times or did the pack work in harmony? If not, please explain the situation behind that.
    4. Non-Ghost Wolf: Tribe: What was your tribal initiation like? What did you do, how did it shape your thoughts on your tribe? This is your chance to explain why your character belongs in this tribe.
    5. Lodge: If you have chosen to join a lodge, which one did you join and why. Explain your trials and initiation and how you managed to come to the end of it - this doesn't have to be a small novel, but it should reflect the spirit of the Lodge itself.
    6. Renown: How have you gained your various brands of Renown since your First Change? You can refer us to your +note if you do not have a larger story.
  6. Wolfbloods:
    1. Knowledge: How long have you been in the know? Were you the child of a Werewolf or were others the first to tell you of your heritage? How much were you taught of the Uratha?
    2. Blooded Tells: How has your Wolfblood nature manifested? How has it effected your life?
  7. What motivates you? What sort of goals do you have? Passions? Hatreds? Do you have any enemies? If so, who are they and why are they enemies?
  8. What brings you to Fallcoast? What do you hope to accomplish while here?