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  • We do in fact use WTF 2nd Printing Errata [1]

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This story is true.

The Pure have held this land as long as the Tribes remember; the burning of witches in the past can easily be linked in oral history to the workings of the Fire-Touched. The spirits speak of this region in whispers of sanctuary and a return to the "natural" way of things. This is a place where they can run free, unmolested by the Forsaken who police the borders.

This has been the way it has been for ages. While some few Forsaken have clawed out an existence here, it is only those who do not present a threat to the Pure that can be said to "thrive". Wolf-blooded families often send their children away to grow up with werewolves in safety; the few Urdaga who make Fallcoast or Hanging Hills their home do so with an incredibly low profile, often sacrificing many opportunities for Renown in order to maintain their anonymity.

But the time for laying low is drawing to a close. The need for insurgency has pushed the Tribes of the Moon of the surrounding areas to send out a call to draw others in. It is time for the history of the Pure to come to an end. Time for the Forsaken to reclaim this land, to make rights to the hisil before something truly monstrous comes from it.

The current theme of Werewolf is focused on insurgency, reclaiming the birthright of the Forsaken, and repairing the damage neglect does to the Shadow.

Brother vs. Brother - Most commonly, werewolves find themselves fighting with each other directly. Urdaga and Anshega both hate one another, almost as a matter of course. The Anshega have not viewed the Forsaken of the region as much of a threat, but as the Urdaga rise in power and actually become a threat, how will the Anshega respond? How will the Forsaken push to regain the territory from the Pure? It is, afterall, a sin to kill another Uratha.

Redemption - Both the Pure and the Forsaken show a desire to bring their lost brothers into the fold. While this mentality is not necessarily common in either faction, it is a sub-theme that runs very strongly in some characters. The Pure will be making an effort to bring the Forsaken into the fold, to teach them the error of their ways. Will the Forsaken work to do the same?

Sins of the Father - Father Wolf hunted the Border Marches and kept the spirit world in check - when he went insane, the balance of the hisil and the flesh world fell out and things were bad. This is what pushed the First Born to rise up against him, for the good of the world. The Forsaken then took on the Father's duties - how will they exhibit this in a region where the hisil has never learned to fear them, where spirits run wild, and where the hisil itself has grown powerful and wild.

Unknown Horrors - What horrors lie in wait in the hisil that has never been tended? What damage has been done with the neglect of the Anshega?

  • Pure: Pure Overview for Fallcoast
  • History: History of Fallcoast Forsaken

Application Guidelines

  • Werewolf is presently Open to new applications.
  • Chargen begins in the Chargen Rooms. Please go all the way through those to set your mortal stats.
    • Important settings are done behind the scenes on your character object, so please don't skip over this!
  • A job will be autocreated once you have finished. Please read +jhelp myjobs for any commands that aren't clear.
    • Please add your additional template information and your Starting xp. More information can be found on our Application Guidelines page.

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  • Renown over 3.
  • More than 6 total points of renown for starting characters.
  • Primal Urge over 5.
  • More than 1 attribute left at level 1 after XP has been spent.
  • Only 6 Merit Points, as per the core book CG rules, will be able to be used to raise power stats to 3 going forward. Using +3 extra from Flaw Points may not be used to raise any Power Stat to 4.
  • Joining a Lodge while a member of a Tribe outside of the Lodge's Patron Tribe, Auspice, or other criteria..
  • Also remember, we do not permit off camera renown purchases/justifications. All renown raises after approval must have occurred ICly during active game play.

Limited Openings:

Please contact WereStaff if these things interest you

  • None Currently


  • Wolf Blooded with no knowledge of their heritage or not in the know.
  • The Lodge of Reaping is banned from play.
  • Any rape related BGs.
  • Pure or Bale Hound applications.
  • Variant Auspices from Signs of the Moon.
  • Cross-over applications of Wolf Blooded and any splat other than psychic or thaum.

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