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The Wagner Family

xxxxxThe Wagners are of Scandinavian stock, having sailed to New England in the mid-1700s and made their way first as whalers and fishermen, then as miners and lumberjacks. The family denies that Louis Wagner, accused murderer of two women on the Isles of Shoals in the late 1800s, is one of their Wagners; whether that's true or not is not public knowledge. They tend to big-framed, fair-haired, and trend toward blue-collar work, particularly outdoors.

xxxxxUntil the early 20th century, many Wagners (particularly the men) were buried at sea. Officially, that practice has ended, although it's rumored that more than one Wagner coffin has been quietly lowered into the ground empty in the years since. Occasional family deep-sea fishing trips immediately following funerals would seem to lend credence to this notion.

xxxxxDuring Prohibition, the Wagners and the Thorpes came into brief conflict when Jack Thorpe, working for the US Department of Revenue, busted Alvar Wagner's rum-running operation, seizing three of the family's fishing boats along with the contents of their cargo hold, and sending several Wagner men to prison. Older Wagners harbor a resentment over the loss of income and the indignity of the very public trial, and are sometimes not quiet about their opinion that Jack Thorpe should have minded his own damned business all those years ago. The grudge is an old one, and occasionally flares up even into present-day, although more recently it tends to manifest as contentious PTA spats and the occasional fistfight for the more temperamental members.

xxxxxThere is no one more superstitious than a Wagner of any stripe, and no more superstitious Wagner than those who work on the ocean. When your life's on the line thanks to weather, caprice, fishing, tides, and more, you learn to take your luck whenever you can get it. The family has what seems like a million proverbs, warnings, and old salt tales to outline behavior and keep luck on their side, and at least one Wagner has been turned black sheep of the family just by scoffing at superstition or, worse, breaking one that resulted in some hit to the family fortunes. Legend has it that one lady Wagner got sent flowers on a family boat sendoff, and the boat with her brothers on it sunk. They blamed her -- and the flowers. It seems crazy to everyone else, but the family swears by all those arcane rules.

xxxxxWagner PCs should incorporate blue-collar origins into their backgrounds, and be mindful of the outdoorsy history and theme in their RP.

Family Holdings

Family Factoids

  • Buries their dead at sea.
  • Ran alcohol during Prohibition.
  • Very Superstitious.

Active Family Members

Family NPCs

Potential Family Members


OOC Family Information

Associated Sphere All
Staff Contact Teuton
Family Contact Sonja
Recruiting Status Open
Family Benefit +1 to Athletics rolls
Family Themesong Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song

IC Family Information

Family Head Sonja Nygaard
Fallcoast Status Rugged Outdoorsmen

Family Moto

"Båtlaus mann er bunden til land." (Norwegian; A man without a boat is bound to the land.) The salt of the earth types who'd rather spend time at sea. They are rugged outdoorsy folk and inheritors of a Scandinavian exploratory heritage, Wagners are a superstitious lot.

Recruiting Status

Anything that could be outdoorsy is welcome. Out of interest to make inspiration here are some possible ideas. There is no expectation to take on one of the ideas. Be what you think would be fun for you,

  • Fishermen
  • Sailors
  • Hunters
  • Forest Industry workers
  • Survivalists
  • Crafters using nature
  • Fishing Industry workers
  • Ship Designers
  • Dockworkers

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