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“I'm going to make a voodoo doll of myself and give it a backrub.”

– Sebastian Du Jour


xxxxx Sebastian is only a recent arrival in Fallcoast but has already established a Voudon Church and the number of parishioners is growing. With so much spiritual activity in the area, he expects to be educating a growing number of residents in the arts of Voudon.

  • To educate about the difference between ghosts and spirits.
  • To establish a Voudon church free of government interference.
  • To assist new Voudon devotees in spreading the word.
Type of Assistance (if any)
  • Place of worship
  • Ritual assistance (including access to sacrificial animals)
  • Guidance with the worlds of spirits and ghosts
Known Special Talents
  • He is a highly skilled Voudon priest.
Sebastian Du Jour
Run By: Darwin
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Occupation: Priest

Tradition: Voudon
Location: Local and available

Voodoo Child

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