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Growing up Thorpe

“I am the police. And I’m here to arrest you. You’ve broken the law. I did not write the law. I may even disagree with the law. But I will enforce it.
xxxxxNo matter how you plead, cajole, beg, or attempt to stir my sympathies, nothing you do will keep me from placing you in a cage with grey bars. If you run away, I will chase you. If you fight me, I will fight back. If you shoot at me, I will shoot back.
By law I am unable to walk away. I am a consequence. I am the unpaid bill. I am fate with a badge and a gun.
xxxxxBehind my badge is a heart like yours. I bleed. I think. I love. And yes I can be killed. And although I am but one man, I have thousands of brothers and sisters who are the same as me. They will lay down their lives for me, and I them. We stand watch together. A thin blue line. Protecting the prey from the predators, the good from the bad.
xxxxxWe are the police. ”

–Brian Taylor (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), End of Watch

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Thinking Thorpe (NEW SECTION)
Vivian Leigh Thorpe
Cops & Robbers
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Approx. Height: 5'5"
Family: Thorpe
Occupation: FPD Receptionist, Taggart's Barmaid
Virtue: Courageous & Allegiant
Vice: Amoral & Prejudiced

Notable Stats for RP
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  • Mr. Sandman

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"Do you like pina coladas..."
  • Thorpe — She's the third child in a group of five, fraternal twin to Brodie Thorpe, of the blue-collar family, well known in the civil circles of the local community. One of her jobs is working as a receptionist at the HQ of the FPD. The extended family is full of military, civil servants, and good guys. Family may be Vivian's religion, dogma, paradigm and priority. At least it seems that way. She also seems to have a knack for knowing who can get you that thing for that friend that you can't find through traditional means. Depends how much she likes you.

  • FPD — HOOK 3 Desc

  • Taggart's Bar — HOOK 4 Desc

  • HOOK5 — HOOK 5 Desc

  • Penny for your Thoughts — HOOK 6 Desc

  • Guns & the Thin Blue Line — HOOK 1 Desc

  • Animal Affinity — HOOK 1 Desc

  • HOOK 1 — HOOK 1 Desc

Because family.

Because family.

  • Anita —  Oldest sister. Better to do what she says. Trust me.
  • Brodie —  Fraternal twin brother. Yes, he was born first; yes, he makes me say that.
  • Evan —  Younger brother who wouldn't survive a minute without me.
  • Sam —  Youngest sister. Family resemblance? No, really? I've NEVER heard that before. Just don't ever underestimate her.
  • Jenny —  Partner in crime.
  • Haywood —  Makes me change my passwords every time I turn around.
  • Owen —  As good as a brother. That's pretty wicked good.
  • Simon —  TBD
  • Tank —  TBD
  • Avery —  She's back and -- hey! Stop looking at her like that!
  • Lydia —  Inter-departmental mail is full of fascinating secrets. Between these two, there aren't many that go unnoticed. Known to tag-team at many family events.

Within the reach of meddling

To be determined

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Songs from the Speakeasy






“The one that you are looking for,
You're not gonna find her here.”
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