Viktor Abernathy

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Viktor Abernathy
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Neurology Research
Virtue: Friendly
Vice: Know-it-all
Education: A handful of Doctorates and Masters Degrees
Religion: Abrahamic Home-Mix

xxxxxViktor Abernathy is a man fond of thinking; so fond in fact it is what he works with. Thinking about thinking, figuring out how it works, why we do it the way we do. He is also a fairly formal man, most of the time attired in a suit despite the majority of his colleagues choosing the more casual options.
xxxxxAs a private person he is a great believer in hobbies but not much of one for set activities; each week brings a new fancy and each month at least one involved project, about a third of which end up half-finished on a shelf in his house as new topics catch his interest.

Mundane RP Hooks
  • Abernathy - He left, he came back, he is looking for relatives. Maybe you got a text or an email?
  • Brainy - He works in research, brains and thought. Do you? Looking for someone who does?
  • Charity - Soup kitchens, free clinics, clothes drives, Viktor gets into all sorts of it, for brief periods of time.
  • Culture - Art shows, antique-stores, history clubs. They will all be visited by him sooner or later.
  • Hobbyist - Drones, cooking, painting and carpentry. He jumps into all sorts of hobbies with wild abandon.
  • Mensa - A snooty and intellectual club, or so some say. Viktor frequently attends meets and visits the forums.
  • University - He's a sometime guest-lecturer at the Local university primarily focusing on cognition related topics.
Supernatural RP Hooks
  • Bright One - The effort and magic he has used to refine his mind has turned his mental aura very bright indeed.
  • Consilium - He's part of the Granite Coast Consilium and active participant and supporter of it.
  • Fated to Meet - Who hasn't used Fate to meet some specific sort of person 'at random'?
  • Free Council - He's one of the Libertines, though he's not quite as democratically inclined as some.
  • Mindscape - Hundreds of hours have been spent exploring the Astral and he often takes jaunts as a psychic construct.
  • Third Eye - While he doesn't do it all the time he can perceive all sorts of supernatural phenomena.
  • Twilight - Recently he has taken to turning into a spirit and exploring the safer twilight locations found around Fallcoast.
The Inner Circle
  • Latex? - It's a brand new life of belonging and she seems to like it. Wonderfully enthusiastic woman.
Lost Friends and Passing Acquaintances
  • Inaba - She made the best gift I got in a long time. Where she went after that... no idea.
  • Ashley Firestone - Song, drink and warmth. What else could one have asked for?
  • Desiree Addams - Clever, proud and... down on her luck. I have no idea what happened to her.
  • Hesper Honeywood - A dreamer who went looking for her next big thing.
  • Charlotte Thorpe - Brief friend with some impressive skills.
  • Milo Cavanaugh - Respectful and enthusiastic. He probably went far, wherever he ended up.
  • Harrison Cavanaugh - A good guy in the police; alas he does not seem to like me very much.
  • Phoenix - Done wrong in more ways than one; making it good will take more ways than one.
  • Sora Shimizu - The world is wicked and strange, which makes some of the people wise and patient.
  • Taylor Watts - A bright young one and my student, slight lack of motivation held her back.
  • Trudy Klemm - Artist and free spirit, uni student. She will put things in perspective, no matter the topic.
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