Verity Fields

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Daddy's Little Princess

"Dough well done with cow to cover. Cup of mud."
Name Verity Fields Occupation Diner Waitress
Date of Birth 16 June 1998 Apparent Age Late Teens
Virtue Dreamer Vice Rebellion
Hometown Fallcoast, Maine Sphere Mortal

"Burn one, drag it through the garden. Frog sticks."

  • The Trailer Park is where she's living currently, though it wasn't always the case. Her parents are rich and she was the queen bee at High School. Whatever happened to Verity Fields?
  • Pulling the late shift at an all-night, roadside Diner pays her bills (mostly) and puts her in contact with some 'interesting' characters. Truckers, bikers, drifters, serial killers, vampires...
  • Handy with a bat and a shotgun, for that matter. The kind of work she does means Verity has to be ready to deal with some pretty tough customers. She's got a hell of a swing.
  • Student of Black Magic courtesy of her Romanian Grandmother. Odd bedtime stories and strange traditions blossomed into a lifelong fascination with Folk Magic, the black kind.

"Stack of Vermont. High, yellow, black and white."

Mustang Brutal in a scuffle. Ride Sally, ride.