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Quick Details
full name
Vanna Mae Strutt
date of birth
August 20th, 1994
place of birth
Linton, Indiana
Hope / Vanity
worth knowing
Eye For The Strange
Striking Looks (Sexpot)

The Model Criminal
Vanna's kind of famous. If you follow celebrity gossip or Hollywood news, you have maybe heard of her. She burst onto the modeling scene at 18 and was an instant success, most notably booking a national ad campaign as the face of pretty vulgar ™ cosmetics. She even had some widely-panned barely-speaking parts in bad movies.

But what she's really known for is getting arrested with over 20 pounds of cocaine in her LA apartment, and her subsequent attempt to snitch on everybody in Hollywood to avoid going to prison. It didn't work, but she did only serve three years of a six-year sentence, and now she's a free woman again. A free woman with no high school diploma and who nobody in the entertainment industry will even consider hiring.

She lived in Hanging Hills briefly when she was growing up, and for whatever reason it's where she's decided to end up now that Hollywood won't touch her and she has no real future ahead of her.

RP Hooks
gig economy: Vanna's not just broke, she's also in debt, and she has almost no money coming in right now. She advertises her modeling portfolio through her socials really hard, and is obviously trying to pick up any kind of freelance work. Want to schedule her for a shoot? Need background dancers in a music video? Want someone to stand there and look pretty at the grand opening of your used car dealership?

a real job: As much as she would hate to call herself anything other than a professional model, her money situation is getting to the point where she's desperate enough to start considering just getting a real job. Not that she's super employable with her notoriety and her record and her whole "not having finished high school" thing.

spooky stuff: An avid believer in ghosts, tarot, astrology, and pretty much any other supernatural phenomena anyone tells her about, Vanna is absolutely convinced Something Else is out there. She's probably not anyone's first choice as a credible paranormal investigator, but she's trying to learn more in the hope that she could get her own Ghost Hunters-type show.

doing time: This is totally a long shot, but if you were incarcerated in or working at a California state women's correctional facility between 2017 and 2020, you might know her! Let's figure it out.

social media: Vanna's active on it. Very active. She runs a total skank show of an IG with open DMs to try and book modeling work, and she shows off her comedy skills in painfully unfunny TikToks. She also has a Snapchat. If you want to stumble across her on any of those platforms, just let me know!


Nobody yet - But maybe you!

Totally Casual Snapshots

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Social Media(NSFW)

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