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Coterie Summary
Les Reines du Sang

Les Reines du Sang


Members: Charlize, Leetah, Ariah, Destiny

Contact: Contact Charlize or Destiny for details.

Holdings: The Salty Seaman

Recruiting Status: Yes

Links: -

The Family

The Family

Oberlochs. Both actual members of the Bloodline, along with other vampires, supernaturals or mortals who have been 'Blooded'.

Members: Dakota Oberloch

Contact: Contact Dakota for details.

Holdings: The Old Haunted House, in H01.

Recruiting Status: YES!

Inactive Coteries

Coterie Summary
Lions of Ankara

Lions of Ankara

A group of Invictus that all have a tie to Turkey and specifically to Ankara.

Members: Julieta, Ibrahim, Adalet, Anthony, Arslan

Contact: -

Holdings: -

Recruiting Status: -

Links: -

Deus Vult

Deus Vult

The Sisters are renowned singers who have performed before very select audiences across Europe on behalf of the Lancea Sanctum. Deus Vult facilitates their work, bringing the Voices of God's Will to those needing to hear it.

Members: Allegra, Caprice, Leo Dicario, Micah Cosovei, Father Bradley

Contact: Any

Holdings: None

Recruiting Status: Not Currently

The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew

The outsiders and oddities of the Fallcoast Kindred.

Members: Amadeus, Avata, Angel, Wick, Immacolata

Contact: Contact Amadeus for details.

Holdings: The Marina, and Eastern Pigeon Hill.

Recruiting Status: None.

Links: Noted caretakers, participants, and general presence therein at the The Bone Bowl.

Die Versteckt

Die Versteckt

Coterie based off those sharing the experiment secret from WWII

Members: Ilse, Bianca, Christoph

Contact: Ilse or Bianca

Holdings: Domain: Crow Hollow North G01, The Drowning House in Crow Hollow

Recruiting Status: (Must app in with experiment background - talk to any member!)


Massasi Al-Damma

Massasi Al-Damma

The massasi al-damma or vampires is a coterie that was established in 2015 by Aanisa al-Majeed and her Childe Jewel Abernathy. The sole purpose, as with any Coterie, is survival. Members do this by following a strict code.

Members: Aanisa, Jewel

Contact: Contact any member for details.

Holdings: Arabian Nights

Recruiting Status: Yes (Vampires and Ghouls)

Links: Work in progress