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Praxis Positions

To see the current title holders, please refer to +faction vampire. Don't add yourself to this list, just make sure you are listed correctly at all times on the +factions and your wiki page uses the template at the right, thanks!

Prince (Status: 5)

A Prince is the undisputed Master of a given domain's Vampires. The Masters of some domains prefer different titles; if they are a member of the Lancea Sanctum they often prefer to be called Archbishop, for example. Some female Princes have chosen the title of Queen rather than Prince. The title serves to reinforce the neo-feudal nature of most Kindred society. A Prince is served by a number of Officials who keep order in his Domain.

Primogen (Status: 4)

As this praxis is run by a Primogen council, the Primogen of Fallcoast are the arbiters of the praxis's will. They act as Prince in name and deed.

A Primogen is mainly an elder in good standing within the community. Though, Primogen may represent their individual Clan or Covenant, not every clan or covenant has a place on the council. If there are too few individuals of a clan or covenant in a given domain or a certain clan or covenant is out of favor with the Prince, he may deny them a place in his councils. Or he may not. In a few domains, the only extant member of a given clan may sit on the council. This rarely happen unless that individual is extremely powerful or considered exceptionally wise or politically astute. It is even rarer that a solitary member of a covenant will be awarded such respect -- at least not as a representative of her covenant.

Vice Primogen (Status: 4)

Occasionally, a player will idle out and we lose a Primogen. My solution to this is Vice Primogen. This isn't an actual rank, but rather a designation to let you know that if there is no player listed under Primogen, your current Primogen is the NPC listed under Vice Primogen. This way there is always a point of contact no matter what. When a player is listed under Primogen, all concerns should go to the player. The Vice-Primogen isn't a rank, so they go about doing whatever they normally do. (For example, Odalis would still be Primus and Gyula would still be bishoping it up)

Seneschal (Status: 4)

The Seneschal is considered the Prince's right hand by looking after the day-to-day operations of the domain, keeping track of the Prince's interests, schedule and appointments. In some cities the Seneschal is the most trusted confidante of the Prince.

In Prince 's Court, the Seneschal acts as the Prince in Proxy when he cannot (or will not) make a personal appearance. The actual title of Herald, by contrast, is appointed by the Seneschal and includes the more mundane activites such as posting decrees, making unimportant announcements, and alerting others for newly scheduled Court appearances. The Herald answers to the Seneschal in all things unless ordered otherwise by the Prince, and likewise may speak in Proxy for her, although this is generally only when the Seneschal is predisposed or the matter is of little consequence.

Herald (Status: 4)

  • Vacant

The title of Herald is appointed by the Prince and includes the more mundane activities such as posting decrees, making unimportant announcements, and alerting others for newly scheduled Court appearances. The Herald answers to the Seneschal in all things unless ordered otherwise by the Prince, and likewise may speak in Proxy for them both.

Envoy for the Praxis (Status: 4) & Diplomats (Status: 2)

  • Envoy: Plate
  • Diplomat: Vacant

The Envoy for the Praxis is in charge or establishing and maintaining relations with the other denizens in the City in order to avoid inter-species conflict. They forge and maintain alliances and prevent disputes from spilling over and breaching the Masquerade. The Envoy trains and maintains Diplomats - each of these Diplomats is focused on a specific type of Supernatural creature.

Prisci (Status: 3)

  • Daeva: Vacant
  • Gangrel: Mercy Cavanaugh
  • Mekhet: Vacant
  • Nosferatu: Vacant
  • Ventrue: Vacant

A Priscus (or Prisci in plural) is the informal leader of a clan within a Domain. This position is generally not an official one in the Prince's governmental structure: a Priscus is not appointed by the Prince. Rather the position arises organically within the political power structure of a given clan. A certain elder gains power and prestige, gathers and bestows favors and has the power to enforce her edicts upon others of her clan. Other clan members give her respect and fear her enough such that she becomes clan leader both de facto and, for all intents, at least within the clan, de jure.

Sheriff (Status: 3) & Deputies (Status: 2)

The Sheriff enforces the laws of the Prince over a given domain. This includes but is not limited to investigating, interrogating, and concluding the laws which have been broken and deciding whether or not to bring the criminal before the Prince. The Sheriff cares out all sentencing handed down by the Prince, and is the first person that should be notified when the Masquerade is breached. The Sheriff assigns Deputies in order to help him or her in keeping the peace.

Whips (Status: 2)

  • Daeva: Vacant
  • Gangrel: Vacant
  • Mekhet: Vacant
  • Nosferatu: Vacant
  • Ventrue: Vacant

A Whip is a largely informal position. They are responsible for pushing their clanmates to present a unified front on major issues and for all members of their clan to have a voice in local issues. The Whip tends to be a leadership figure, but in a different way than the Priscus. Whereas a Priscus leads via status and presentation, the Whip is usually seen as a bully and taskmaster, pushing their clan to attend Court, vote on issues if need be, and other similar functions. They are something of an assistant to the standing Priscus, and will usually only exist when there are large numbers of a given clan. Clans with smaller populations are less likely to have or need Whips, as their Prisci can typically perform the functions a Whip would without disrupting her nightly routine.

Hound (Status: 2)

Where as the Sheriff's job is to investigate and bring before the Prince any wrong doers, the Hound's job is to punish those who have done wrong in the eyes of the Prince, and an Enforcer of their will. He is the torturer, secret police, elite guardian, and Racketeer. There may be one Hound, or many, depending on the Prince.

Harpy (Status: 3)

Unusual in that it is both an official and unofficial position, the Harpy is, at its simplest level, a member of the "Kindred elite". Harpies represent a who’s who of Kindred affairs, the celebrities and fad-starters. Other Kindred look to Harpies to see who’s in and who’s out, and what positions and opinions are popular this season. A well-known Harpy can sway public opinion faster with a biting comment than some Princes can with a solid decree.

Usually, one becomes a Harpy by just playing the part and socializing with other Kindred. (Also, they are usually Praxis Status 2, but due to the rarity of this type of interaction and political intrigue in the recent months, they have been given a bonus/raise.

Master of Elysium (Status: 4)

The Master of Elysium is in charge of the upkeep and inspection of all Elysium within the City. S/he is given authority, by edict of the Prince, to travel to all Elysium locations within the city and is given unprecedented access to all clan and covenant haunts. He is also the only person within the city to have the right to strip Status (even the last level) from anyone who breaks the rules of nonviolence. In Fallcoast, this authority extends to aggressive use of Disciplines. However, when aggressive powers are used to diffuse tense situations and avoid violence, they should be considered acceptable exceptions to this law. In smaller populations the job of the Master of Elysium may be Seneschal or Herald, while in larger cities their might be multiple Elysiums with multiple Masters. The Master of Elysium is also sometimes known as the Keeper.

Keeper (Status: 3)

Fallcost uses a slightly modified system for Keepers and Masters of Elysium. There is a Master of Elysium, in charge of the Prince's own elysium and a point of contact for the other elysiums in the city. However, we encourage players to make their own elysiums. When players make an elysium, they are Keepers. Keepers can be considered to have the authority to strip the Status of those who violate the rules of Elysium, however the Master of Elysium and the Prince will strictly rebuff anyone who abuses this. Only the Master of Elysium can request entry to a clan or covenant haunt. Should a player want their place dedicated as an Elysium, they need to ask the permission of the Prince and have the support of the Master of Elysium.


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Covenant & Clan Positions

To see the current who's who and position/title holders, please refer to +faction <covenant>. Don't add yourself to this list, just make sure you are listed correctly at all times on the +factions and your wiki uses the template above. Thanks!


Inner Circle:

Titles of Function:

Lancea Sanctum

Ordo Dracul

  • Academy Positions:
  • Castellan:
  • Kogaion:
  • Grand Wyrm: Demidicus
  • Guardian(s):
  • Confessor:
  • Fossarian:
  • Stations of the Mysteries:
  • Navigator:
  • Seer:
  • Stations of the Dying Light:
  • Journeymen:
  • Apprentices:
  • Candidates:
  • Stations of the Axe:
  • Rampant Dragon:
  • Rising Dragon:
  • Knights: Reiner Metzger
  • Companions:
  • Candidates:
  • Unsworn:
  • Slaves:

Circle of the Crone

Organizational roles

  • Hierophant:
  • Vala:
  • Valkyria/Berserker: Hadley
  • Haruspex:
  • Adhvaryu:
  • Skald:
  • The Chorus:

Philosophical Roles Female Roles

  • Crone:
  • Mother: Fernanda
  • Scarlet Woman/Whore:
  • Maiden:

Male Roles

Carthian Movement

  • Prefect: Neferet
  • Myrmidon: Mercy
  • Witch Doctor:
  • Man at Arms/Majordomo:
  • Members:


To be listed here, please use the template at the top of the page on your own wikipage. And please keep your stats updated! EVERYONE should have this on their wiki even if your statuses are all 1.

Name Vampire the requiem2.png Clan daeva.png Clan gangrel icon.png Clan mekhet.png Clan nosferatu.png Clan ventrue.png Covenant carthian movement.png Covenant circle of the crone.png Covenant invictus.png Covenant lancea sanctum.png Covenant ordo dracul.png Titles
Alessa Ombretta 4 1 4 Advisor to Fallcoast (Primogen); Secundus of the Inner Circle; Interpreter of Aramaic, Hindi, Italian and Spanish; Soldier of the Invictus
Charlize 1 1 1
Cillian 3 1 1 Harpy
Dakota 1 1 1 None
Demidicus 3 2 3 Grand Wyrm
Destiny 1 1 1
Elena 1 1 1
Fabian 3 1 1
Fernanda 3 1 1 Keeper, Mother
Floyd 1 1
Freja 1 1
Hadley 2 1 1 Berserker
Kemuel Gray 5 Prince
Leetah 1 1 1
Markus 1 1 1
Mercy 3 1 1 Keeper, Myrmidon, Sheriff, Gangrel Priscus
Mika 1 1 1
Neferet 2 1 3
Quincy 1 1
Salazar 1 1
Tre 1 1
Whitechapel 4 1 3 Primogen, Prefect