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Charged Vitae (1 Willpower)

Type: Fontal Ritual

Pool Intelligence + Occult - vessel's Resolve
Target Number: 8 + vessel's Size
Notes: Each roll representing an hour of effort. If the ritual is not completed in a number of hours equal to the Vessel's Willpower, it fails.

The character infuses the Vessel's vitae with power of the Beyond, empowering the Vitae to become powerful enough to be kept fresh for a number of years equal to the Blood Potency of the ritualist, while remaining potent enough to be drank by someone of any Potency, even if the Vessel was an animal. The Blood is substantiated into Vitae itself, and when contained the liquid always seems to want to run towards someone with at least 1 Dot of Blood Potency - it wants to return home. In addition, after imbibing this charged Vitae the user gains a +1 to Occult rolls, and on Storyteller's whims may see flashes of the Beyond. This is not Twilight nor past the Gauntlet, but the scratching on the walls of Reality of the things Beyond.

The Ritualist when chanting must draw occult formulae on their flesh, created from mixing in powdered bone that the Ritualist must grind down and add to the ink manually while within the Wellspring prior to the ritual being completed. Upon completion of the Ritual, the Vessel's blood - turned Vitae - must be drained off and stored in either sealed containers and bottles. This is merely for transport - the Vitae after it has been drained refuses to break down and become useless, held in that state by some power.