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Law of Registrations
  • New arrivals to the city should present themselves to their Priscus or Primogen, who in turn will register their arrival to the Council. Unpresented individuals discovered within the Praxis should be handed to the Sheriff. Unaligned individuals must present themselves directly to the Sheriff. (Upon Character Creation, this is what Status 1: Praxis (Recognized) means. It will be assumed you have presented yourself to one of these individuals unless otherwise stated).
Law of Domain
  • Each domain holder has the right to limit passage through their domain, however each is expected to maintain the peace in tending their Domain.
  • Each domain Lord has the right to limit who may hunt in their area.
  • Each domain Lord has the right to limit who may reside/invest in an area.
  • The domain Lord has the right to police internal matters, external matters that cannot be resolved directly with the transgressor should be negotiated with the transgressors clan/covenant, or directly with the Sheriff.
  • Domain is granted or rescinded by the Crown. Domain may be awarded to Covenant, Clan, Coterie or Individual as deemed fit by His Honor through the Council.
  • Domain maybe petitioned by submitting a written request (or by making a public petition before the Council) to make ones case for Lordship.
Law of Jericho
If you are Lord of a Landscape (A Domain Holder) - haven or hovel - it is your responsibility to defend that landscape and make it defendable.
Law of Poaching
  • Poaching is a serious offense. Even if a Domain is marked as having no Lord, it belongs to the Crown.
  • Those found infringing upon this will be fined blood equal to triple what was taken to be awarded to the victim (overseen by Sheriff). The second infringement will be punished by both fine and status loss (overseen by Sheriff). The third infringement will be taken to court before the Prince and peers and tried by Trial by Combat. Those found guilty will be personally punished by the Prince.
Law of Servants
  • The creation of new servants aware of our society, ghoul or thrall, are the responsibility of the servants master. The Master must register the servants creation with the Council. In event of the masters torpor or death, responsibility will fall upon the Sheriff to make arrangements for the servant, lest a breach of the Masquerade occur.
  • Ghouls/Thralls - These must be registered with their Sheriff, Priscus, or Primogen immediately.
Law of Witnesses
  • Knowledge should not be lost. Upon meeting or receiving knowledge of a supernatural being of any type, it must be registered with the Envoy. (If there is no Envoy or Diplomat, it must be presented in court publicly or by letter to the Seneschal) along with all of your knowledge and findings.
Law of the Shadows
While it will not be considered a crime for a supernatural entity to determine that kindred are in fact kindred, it will be considered a crime for all members of the Praxis to reveal any information about our abilities, natures, desires, politics or other information.
Law of Treason
To publicly discuss or argue that the any action, statement, or position of the Praxis is illegal or should be destroyed/replaced is tantamount to Treason. The Prince's Praxis is not for his subjects to judge.


The Masquerade
Owing to the existence of creatures who are capable of identifying even the most carefully concealed Kindred by sight, it shall not be considered a crime to be identified by one of these Other species. However it is the responsibility of the Kindred to report the incident and register the creature to the Praxis authorities and to keep the details of our society, numbers, beliefs or abilities secret. One identified as sharing our secrets to a Creature shall be treated as if they reveled themselves to the Kine.
The Praxis of his Honerable Sir Jonathan Coin overflows with Kindred already. As such all requests to sire must be petitioned to and licensed by the Prince. Failure to do so shall be punished. A sire shall be considered responsible for the actions of their progeny until such time as the childe is proven capable to the Council's satisfaction and released.
The cannibalism of our own shall remain a crime in the eyes of the Praxis and be punished by Final Death.


  • Pre-1630: Only native Kindred inhabit the area. Little is known about the customs and history of these Kindred, though rumors of rare Abenaki-Penobscot texts circulate amongst Kindred scholars.
  • 1630: Along with the fishers and shipwrights, the first European Kindred arrive in Fallcoast, consisting of one Coterie of Invictus and a lone Acolyte of the Circle of the Crone, Brigitte de la Vallée.
  • 1640: The oldest Praxis records from the time of first European colonies mention the native Kindred that initially inhabited the area. The natives spoke of something known as Mahoonebi, roughly translated as Hungry Water.
  • 1645: The first sign of Belial's Brood appear in the New World here in Maine; Kindred scholars of the Brood claim these were a group called the Nameless.
  • 1650: Prince Coin’s coterie, “The Guild” begin to protect and control their domain, due to the small herd to feed from. They push the few native and immigrant Kindred out of the area.
  • 1660: The Guild, now established, declares Praxis of their own, opening Fallcoast to mass immigration of other covenants from Europe. Native Kindred are still ostracized, and many are destroyed for insubordination to the crown--a rare few commingle with Acolytes and adopt each others traditions--the Children of the Waves are born.
  • 1692: Richard Lonton arrives in Fallcoast at the bequest of Prince Coin.
  • 1693-98: The Lancea Sanctum establishes a foothold in Copper Point, and lead a Crusade against the Circle of the Crone presence. Brigitte de Vallée goes into forced torpor and the war ends; the Acolytes retreat west.
  • 1775: The Guild helps finance the Revolutionary war, seeing it as a way to break off from European Kindred influence. Kindred Loyalists are executed or jailed for their crimes against the Praxis.
  • 1800: The Lancea Sanctum declare Sovereignty over the newly named Hanging Hills. Relations between the 1st and 2nd Estates remain distant but cordial.
  • 1812: The Ordo Dracul had grown tired of their small domains, and ambition drives them to seek more temporal power within the Praxis. However, scattered as they were, they had little success.
  • 1822: Florine Chastain, a member of the original coterie that came to Fallcoast, was found guilty of "heinous research" and "violating the trust of the Ordo Dracul". For these transgressions, she suffers Final Death.
  • 1822: The Ordo Dracul signs the treaty of the Silver Coin and is given domain over the recently completed St John's University, which they had a hand in establishing, in exchange for ceding any further domain claims and supporting the Invictus in their rule over Praxis.
  • 1850: Gyula Gábor arrives in Fallcoast at the behest of then-Archbishop Blackwell in order to strengthen the Lance's hold of Hanging Hills.
  • 1863: The Circle of the Crone returns to the area from the Southern and Western States, as well as Canada. They hunt in the woods surrounding Hanging Hills, often targeted by resident Sanctified for poaching and other infractions. Tensions rise.
  • 1865-1867: Several Acolytes captured and killed for poaching. A preacher is scalped in retaliation by the Crone, and left to meet the sun. After a drawn-out war lasting two years, the Prince eventually negotiates peace and the Acolytes are given their first swathe of Domain.
  • 1905: Connor O'Dufaigh arrives in Fallcoast searching for a fallen Elder of the Covenant, and while digging for information, starts the Cult of the Aes Sidhe.
  • 1910: Arch-Bishop Blackwell goes into torpor. Gyula Gabor ascends him as Arch-Bishop.
  • 1960: A war between the Lancea Sanctum and the Throne of Smokeless Fire, a faction of Belial's Brood, begins throughout New England. Members of the Sworn of the Axe offer assistance to the Lancea Sanctum, not wanting the situation to spill over into Fallcoast proper.
  • 1990: The Carthian Movement exposes corruption among the clergy, resulting in the blood hunt of several Sanctified "brainwashed" into aiding Belial's Brood.
  • 2015: Brigitte de la Vallée awakens from torpor after being found by Connor O'Dufaigh.
  • Summer 2016: Prince Coin and his Coterie die at the hands of a VII attack, replaced thereafter by a weak Prince Richard Lonton. After some time, Lonton proves to be going mad, and dies mysteriously.
  • Fall 2016: Representatives of the Praxis elect Lady Oz to become Prince after some deft political maneuvering on her part. She is a distant and laissez-faire Prince, much to the chagrin of local elders.
  • January 2017: Prince Oz is murdered, there are various positions and domains open, causing an intense political shakeup. Doc calls for democratic stability while Anastassia calls for a meeting of the remaining Primogen. An investigation is underway.