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What it means to be a Dragon
Player inspired quotes on being a member of the Ordo Dracul. Feel free to add your own.

So You Just Got Approved.. Now What?
First, welcome to the the Ordo Dracul! Here are some post approval tips:

Step 1: Join the Ordo channel. addcom <alias>=OrdoDracul (e.g. addcom od=OrdoDracul).

Step 2: Update this page! Find what area on the right hand of the screen your character belongs under, and add them. If you're not sure or need help, feel free to ask on the Ordo channel.

Step 3: Update the positions page under the heading 'Ordo Dracul'.

Step 4: Go roleplay!

Step 5: Profit!

Entering the Order with Status (OOC Note)

Something will be here eventually.

So you want to app a Dragon

xxxxxThe Ordo Dracul is a covenant that commands rituals and mystical knowledge that allows the Kindred to transcend the vampiric states through mastery of the Coils of the Dragon. The Ordo Dracul claims the legendary kindred Vlad Tepes Dracula as it's progenitor.

Core Tenets

xxxxxNothing is permanent.

xxxxxChange must have a purpose.

Principia Draconis

xxxxxFirst, that the student has no loyalty above his studies. His sole and ultimate duty is to seek the perfection of himself through the Coils, regardless of what his perfected nature is revealed to be.

xxxxxSecond, the student must recognize the mutability of all things. If he does not trust change, he can never use the Coils to overcome the curse of stagnation. The power of change, fortune and even base fickle randomness in this fallen world must be understood, acknowledged and embraced, even as we stand against it by our immobile inclining.

xxxxxThird, the student must take responsibility for the path he walks, the changes he makes, the self he makes anew. We who are beyond Death cannot blame fear for our failings. We who are exempt from Age have no excuse for rash acts or foolish passions. We who possess unbounded Time have the chance to understand more fully, deeply and broadly than any mortal can. To ignore that opportunity is worse than murdering ten thousand souls, for it means murdering your own fullest future.

The Oaths

xxxxxThe Ordo Dracul is an intricate web of allegiances, factions, and secret societies, but of primary importance are the three Oaths, also known as the Dragon's Tongue. Each serve a particular role in the administration and function of the local Ordo Dracul. There are also two apocryphal Oaths that are considered heterodox and heresy in the eyes of the Ordo Dracul (Sworn of the Ladder and Sworn of the Locust).

  • The Sworn of the Mysteries - The Sworn of the Mysteries are the covenants' Philosopher-Kings. The Sworn of the Mysteries have no authority over the actions and fate of individuals, but in matters that affect the overall Ordo Dracul (or, more specifically, the local Academy), their decisions are law. They, more than other Dragons, look at the big picture and consequently involve themselves in the machinations of Prince, Primogen and other covenants.
  • The Sworn of the Dying Light - Dragons who have taken the Oath of the Dying Light dedicate themselves to unlocking the secrets of transcendence. They are also the covenant's judiciary, passing judgment whenever called for, but also offering their learned voices when only counsel is necessary. It is the Blue Dragons' prerogative to direct the research of other Dragons, declaring some efforts wasteful and assigning them to more productive work instead.
  • The Sworn of the Axe - The Sworn of the Axe are expected to place their unlives on the line for the Academy. To them go the first spoils of battle, first choice of victims and first claim to property seizures. In times of violent conflict, the word of these martial vampires is supreme. The Axe is oath-bound to intercede and defend their fellow Dragons, no matter the cost to themselves.
Ordo Dracul FAQ

Q: Does the Ordo Dracul allow for Dual Covenanting?
A: The Ordo Dracul don't generally go for 'half memberships', they expect if you are going to be a Dragon, that you are devoted to being a Dragon. It is unlikely that they will allow someone to join the Order if they are a member of another covenant.

Q: What if I'm a Dragon and I want to Dual Covenant?
A: A Dragon's oaths to the Order are expected to be paramount at all times. A trusted member of the Order can seek permission from the highest ranked Sworn of the branches to go Questing, or if from the time the Order was a secret society may have a 'cover' covenant. Dragons expect the loyalty of their members to be with the Order first. Always. If they suspect this is not the case, it will become the subject of a Juris Draconis.

Q: Can a Juris Draconis order death?
A: Yes. Under certain circumstances. The following list is not considered exhaustive but is examples of situations where death has been ordered previously:

  • Eschewing the Great Oath for temporal power
(e.g. spirit possession, demon pacts, things of that nature).
  • Treason (trying to leave the OD with Coils, teaching non-Dragon's Coils, etc.).
Joining the Ordo
The Ordo Dracul has a rather elaborate process for all incoming applications into their Covenant. As they take their pursuits of the Great Work seriously, they carefully scrutinize all candidates under the following procedures:

Step 1 - All potential applicants must first find an official Mentor/Sponsor within the Ordo. This should be a Dragon in good standing who has reached rank 2+.

Step 2 - Once sponsored, the applicant must submit themselves to the administered question/answering period. This consists of a series of questions or scenarios by which the pending Dragon must elicit a response. The exam is administered by any member of the Sworn, with all answers recorded (ie. logged) and spread amongst the Sworn for review. The revision period will take 1 week and at the end, all Sworn will be asked to submit their vote via secret ballot. If the sponsor/mentor of the applicant is a member of the Sworn, that mentor must be excused from the voting process. Votes are then tallied (via +request to staff) and the result is passed on to the administrator of the test. All applicants require a majority vote to pass on to the 3rd step, any failure to achieve a majority vote will render the application denied.

Step 3 - The third and final step in the application process requires a test of one's humanity. At this stage, an impartial Sworn is chosen to administer the trial in which the potential applicant will be forced to choose a path which could potentially be at risk for their humanity (depending upon their level). While 'potential murder' has previously been a more favored choice, it can be any act that might be considered a risk: theft, rank, violence, arson. The administrator comes up with a task the applicant must complete and follows along to ensure that it is done to satisfactory levels. It also falls upon the administrator to ensure there are no grave Masquerade breaches as a result of this test. Once concluded, the Administrator will report the results back to the Sworn council and write up a report for their perusal. A final vote is collected based on the composite answers from Step 2 and the testing results from Step 3 - with an open majority vote required for full acceptance into the Ordo.

Ordo Dracul Logs

None yet.

Important Information
  • History - A Brief History of the Fallcoast Academy.
  • Status - Status, Titles, what they mean and how to get them!
  • Positions - A full list of positions and their meaning.
Claimed Territory

B03 - University City

The Rite of Fallcoast
* History Soon

Bullet Points

  • History Soon
  • History Soon
  • History Soon
Current Roster

Representatives To The Praxis

Primogen: Vacant
Vice Primogen (NPC): Dragon Knight Reiner Metzger

Stations of the Chapter House

Castellan: Vacant
Kogaion: Vacant
Grand Wyrm: Demidicus
Convener: Vacant
Fossarian: Vacant
Guardians: Vacant

Stations of The Axe

Rampant Dragon: Vacant
Rising Dragon: Vacant
Vigilant Dragon: Vacant
Warden: Vacant

Sworn of the Axe

Dragon Knights:


  • none


  • none

Stations of the Dying Light

Twilight Judge: Vacant
Provost: Vacant
Gaillard: Vacant

Sworn of the Dying Light

Masters of the Dying Light:


  • none


  • none


  • none

Stations of the Mysteries

Parliamentarian: Vacant
Navigator: Vacant

Sworn of the Mysteries


  • none


  • none



  • None


  • None


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