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So you want to app one of the Invictus
Invictus Players Start with Status 1 (Invictus)
New Players joining the Invictus may not start the game with titles, titles of esteem or positions, these must be earned in game and will be granted by the Inner Circle'
Joining the Invictus On-Grid
xxxxxThe procedures for joining the Invictus locally are adapted from the Invictus supplement, page 96, with only minor variations and clarifications. For an established vampire, becoming a member of the Invictus is a four-step process: Sponsorship, Interview, Oath and Mentorship.

xxxxxFirst, a Kindred who wishes to join the First Estate must find a member of the First Estate to act as his or her sponsor. For unaligned Kindred, typically any member in good standing (that is, anyone with at least one dot of Status) can stand as sponsor. For a Kindred who presently holds Status in another covenant, or who has held Covenant Status at any point in the last six months, the sponsor must have more dots of Status (Invictus) than the applicant holds or held in his current or previous covenant. The Inner Circle is the final judge of whether an Invictus can stand as sponsor. It is considered proper for a prospect to offer payment in the form of favors to a potential sponsor, as the latter is putting his or her reputation on the line for the sake of the former.

xxxxxOnce an Unconquered agrees to sponsor a prospective member, the sponsor must submit a petition in writing to the members of the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle can, of course, reject a petition for any (IC) reason. Should the Inner Circle agree to hear the petition, a panel of three current Unconquered will be selected to interview the prospect, by means of Auspex as well as questioning. It is NOT considered proper to offer favors or payment to the members of this panel, as their purpose is to reach an objective judgment on the prospect's candidacy. The panelists will then submit their recommendations to the Inner Circle; they do not have the authority to either induct or reject a prospect themselves. At this stage, the Inner Circle may also assign, by way of the panelists, a test of the prospect's loyalty and/or competence.

xxxxxIf the Inner Circle determines, based on the recommendations of the interview panel, that the prospect should be permitted to join the Invictus, the prospect will be called to stand before the Inner Circle directly. All prospects will be required to swear a Blood Oath to serve the will of the Inner Circle; this Oath is normally not supernaturally enforced unless the prospect is a defector from another covenant, but special circumstances may apply.

xxxxxFinally, the Invictus will host a formal gathering, bringing the First Estate together to mark the acceptance of a new paige, as described on page 96 of the Invictus supplement. It is at this time that the Inner Circle will announce the assignment of a mentor to instruct and take responsibility for the paige prior to his manumission; this mentor may or may not be the paige's sponsor. It is important to note that prospects have no IC say in the assignment of their mentors; that decision is entirely up to the Inner Circle. Of course, the Inner Circle players will take OOC considerations into account and communicate with the prospect and potential mentor to make sure that the mentor/paige relationship is compatible.

xxxxxA newly inducted paige will be awarded one dot of Status (Invictus), but may not obtain more before manumission.

Invictus Resources
Some tools for the Unconquered.

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b02 - Historical District
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