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Note: this is a living document and can and will change over time. It's your responsibility to read it to ensure that the items here have not changed.


  • Bloodlines other than those listed in the available bloodlines section.
  • Bruja Elders. (Even Ancillae will be scrutinized.)
  • No Clan/Covenant-only Disciplines or Merits allowed for non-Clan/Covenant PCs.
  • The Septemi bloodline may not be members of the Lancea Sanctum or the Circle of the Crone.
  • Players may not apply as Belial's Brood nor VII.
  • We do not use the Ghoul Family mechanics, nor the ghoul families from the books.
  • The Praestantia discipline is not available to PCs.

Basic Abilities


  • Kindred do not suffer normal vision penalties for being in the dark, and can compensate with hearing. In full NATURAL darkness, they only suffer -2 penalty to rolls that require vision. Supernatural darkness plagues them like anyone else.
  • If they encounter traces of blood, even dried or hidden (in a carpet for example), they immediate see even very small quantities.
  • Vampire hearing becomes similarly enhanced: They can hear heartbeats at three yards per dot of Blood Potency. If Auspex is activated, multiply this range by her Auspex Dots.
  • Upon Embrace a vampire's sense of smell attunes to the scent of blood. A vampire can smell the presence of blood from about ten yards per dot of Blood Potency without rolling. If Auspex is activated, multiply this range by her Auspex Dots.
  • If she has tasted a particular human's (or supernatural's) blood, she can add her Blood Potency to any rolls to track him by scent. If Auspex is activated, add Auspex to the roll. NOTE: Kindred blood does NOT offer this advantage, since it's mostly old, dead and its smell is a blend of all the vampire's recent victims.
  • If any of her Kindred senses apply in a scene, add her Blood Potency to any rolls to detect hidden people (hearing their heartbeats, for example) or details by the traces of blood (wounded prey). This stacks with senses sharped by Auspex (see below).
  • Also:
Auspex 1 still allows the Vampire to see in total darkness, just without the -2 penalty.
Auspex 1 now adds the following:
+Rating to Perception rolls. Meaning if you have Auspex 3, you activate Auspex 1, you are at +3 to your Perception rolls for the scene but also prone to penalties from loud noises, bright flashes, intense smells, etc. It is the ST's decision how this penalizes, but a quick rule of thumb is to make the Auspex Bonus a negative, equal to the character's Auspex rating, in pertinent Perception rolls with that sense.

Sources of Damage:

  • Bashing weapons still deal Bashing.
  • Mundane weapons that dish out Lethal now do Bashing (swords, guns, knives, broken beer bottles, etc.).
This includes getting hit by a car or city bus, falling off a building at terminal velocity, etc.
Bashing Damage still rolls over into Lethal.
  • Protean Claws still do Aggravated damage to another vampire.
  • Magical Weapons do their Damage Type.
"Magical Weapons" includes items like Artifacts, Enhanced Weapons, Relics, Fetish Weapons, Hedgespun, Geist Memento/Keystone Weapons. If the weapon as written dishes out Lethal damage, it does so to Kindred, too.
  • Claws from beasties like Changing Breeds, Werewolves, Spirits, Changelings with claws (e.g. Hunterheart kith or via the Lethal Mien merit), or Possessed, still do Lethal.


  • It doesn't matter if the damage is lethal or bashing
  • Make an attack roll at -3. If you do at least 4 damage, you have staked your target.
This is a compromise that puts us in the middle of 1E's -4 and 4 minimum lethal damage, but 2E's -3 and minimum 5 damage.


  • No discipline levels higher than the Sire/Regnant's.
  • No non-clan disciplines the Sire/Regnant does not have.
  • Potency no higher than Sire/Regnant or >4 which ever is less.

Blood Addiction

Vitae is very, very, very tasty.

  • After 1st taste Addiction (Vitae) is automatic. (VtR p.158)
  • On future opportunities to drink Vitae, PCs can attempt to resist their addiction.
  • Successful resistance offers a bonus to future resistance attempts.
  • Failure to pass the resistance roll OR drinking Vitae even if you do resist leads to a cumulative penalty on future attempts to resist down to a chance die.
  • Dramatic Failure on a resist attempt leads to a derangement appropriate to the circumstances.
  • Exceptional Success on a resist attempt breaks the Addiction... until the next time the PC tastes Vitae.

Blood Bonds

Players may have as many lesser blood bonds as they wish (levels 1 through 2); however, once a player completes a 3rd level blood bond to another, all lesser bonds currently in existence break. A player may only ever have 1 active 3rd step bond at any one time. Once a 3-step bond is initiated, the only ways to break it are through lack of exposure to the domitor/regnant for 1 year, or by killing the regnant. While it is possible for a Vampire (not a ghoul) with a level 3 bond to engage in a lesser bond with another, players seeking to do so should exercise extreme caution as multiple bonds can lead to death when loyalties are called into question.

This is a reflection that any 'slave/thrall' can really only have one true master. Whenever a bond fails to form, the Vampire seeking to initiate the bond as a regnant should remain unaware that the bond has failed to take root.

Blood Bonds and Other Supernaturals

Other supers are subject to Blood Addiction rules, but are not subject to bond bonds. Vampire: The Requiem p.168 sidebar titled The Blood and Other Supernatural Creatures specifically references this in the case of Mage and Werewolf, but it is considered to apply to all super slots for the purposes of Fallcoast.

Blood Potency

We use the Blood Potency rules from the second edition. A guide is provided below for ease of reference.

BP Max Stats Pool/Per Turn Can Feed From
0 5 Stamina/1 Animals
1 5 10/1 Animals
2 5 11/2 Animals
3 5 12/3 Humans
4 5 13/4 Humans
5 5 15/5 Humans
6 6 20/6 Kindred
7 7 25/7 Kindred
8 8 30/8 Kindred
9 9 50/10 Kindred
10 10 75/15 Kindred


  • Blood Potency can be naturally raised at a maximum rate of one dot every four weeks. The normal progression of one dot every fifty years is far too long for a real time game like Fallcoast. Diablerie can bypass this limitation, but runs the risk of Diablerie Addiction in addition to normal drawbacks.
  • Blood Potency cannot be changed during a respec.
  • Blood Potency above 5 means having to work harder to get vitae since one can no longer feed on humans. How you get your vitae must be explained in a +note on your character and supported by merits, other PCs, or Disciplines.
  • For every point of Vitae a Vampire drinks beneath what their Blood Potency allows, a Vampire can spend a point of Willpower for it to apply.
  • Vampires with Blood Potency of 6+ are not subject to Vitae Addiction, but are affected by the Vinculum as normal.
  • Ghouls have Blood Potency 0, but do not trigger the Predator's Taint. Revenants do.
  • Blood Potency cannot be bought above 4 in CharGen, and cannot be raised further until a month has passed IC.
  • Lacrima counts as animal Vitae unless mixed with other kinds of blood to make 'Lacrima Wine', which preserves the blood in question indefinitely.

Blood Sorcery

Go Here.

Custom Disciplines


(• to •••••)

Action: Same as Vigor/Reflexive

Duration: Same as Vigor/Persistent or 1 Turn

Description: There are many legends of vampires that can move with preternatural grace and superhuman fluidity. Most Kindred move in inhuman ways due to their very nature, but only those with Kinesthesia make ballet dancers appear clumsy in comparison. Vampires with several dots of Kinesthesia can run across pencil thin ledges at full speed, slide down metal cables on their feet, and even shoot dimes out of the air with a pistol.

Persistent: Each dot of Kinesthesia increases the character's Dexterity by one. This increase effects derived totals to Speed and Initiative.

Active: By spending Vitae, a vampire can energize her dead muscles, giving her a brief burst of preternatural grace and agility. For each point of Vitae spent choose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae (based on their limits of Blood Potency) to invoke multiple effects simultaneously but no effect of Kinesthesia may be used more than once per turn.

  • Add her dots in Kinesthesia as an equipment bonus to all Athletics, Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry attacks made this turn that require Dexterity (or if the character possesses the Fighting Finesse Merit).
  • Add her dots in Kinesthesia as an equipment bonus to any non-combat related rolls that involve Dexterity, Athletics, Expression, Larceny, Stealth, etc. Moving in such a fashion is jarring for others to watch as the vampire is capable of grace and motions that seem inhuman. Extended use of this could be seen as unnatural to the eyes of Mortals and could cause a Masquerade Breach depending on circumstance. Sneaking into a building is one thing. Being a dancer that utilizes this all night to have an alien grace no human has ever shown before is another.
  • Add dots of Kinesthesia to Dodge pool total (Defense x 2). This is after Dodge is calculated, add the rating/dots of Kinesthesia on top of that pool to determine Dodge. If you have a Defense of 6 and Kinethesia of 3, your total Dodge pool would be 15, not 18 (6x2=12+3=15. Not 6+3=9x2=18).

NOTE: This will be considered a "Lost Discipline" and, thus, Out-Of-Clan for everyone.


This Awful Grip - This Devotion must be activated anew on every turn upon which it is used. It is reflexive, and costs 1 Vitae.



Action: None (for persistent effects) or Reflexive (for active effects)
Duration: Permanent (for persistent effects) or ONE TURN (for active effects)

Persistent: Add the vampire's dots in Vigor to her Strength. This can raise her Strength above the normal limits imposed by her Blood Potency. Additionally, the vampire may make a Strength+Athletics roll to jump. The yards jumped are equal to successes x Vigor Dots+1. So if Jack roll 4 successes to jump and has Vigor 4. He would jump 20 yards (4x4+1 / 4x5=20 / 20x3=60ft).

Active: By spending Vitae, a vampire can energize her dead muscles, giving her a brief but substantial burst of strength. For each point of Vitae spent choose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effects simultaneously but no effect of Vigor may be used more than once per turn.

  • Add her dots in Vigor as a weapon bonus to all Athletics, Brawl or Weaponry attacks made this turn. This puts enormous strain on weapons, especially those not intended for heavy hitting. ALL weapons take a point of damage for every dot of Vigor over the tool's durability whenever they are used in this manner.
  • Lift and hurl objects normally far too unwieldy to use as weapons, such as boulders, cars and other people. Any object she can lift, with Size no greater than her Strength, can be used as an improvised melee or throwing weapon. Improvised weapons have a weapon bonus equal to the lower of their Size or Durability. Objects with Size greater than 5 deal lethal damage to mortals while those with Size 10 or more deal Lethal even to Vampires.


Action: Same as Vigor
Duration: Same as Vigor

Persistent: Add Resilience to Stamina, which also affects Health. Whenever she is dealt aggravated damage, for each dot of Resilience he possesses, downgrade one point of aggravated to lethal. This applies to damage from fire but not from sunlight.

Active: By spending Vitae a vampire can dismiss grievous wounds. For each point of Vitae spent, choose on effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effects simultaneously, but no effect of Resilience may be used more than once per turn.

  • Subtract Resilience dots plus 1 from a source of damage, exluding fire and sunlight. Similar to armor, the vampire is still hit and shows signs of the hit but it is just superficial. It does not inhibit the vampire in any way. All superficial wounds taken in such a manner heal completely for one Vitae whenever he next slumbers. If a injury specifically removes a limb, an eye, or so on, the vampire DOES suffer logical impairments from the injuries but heals them just the same. This makes staking a Vampire with high resilience very challenging.
EXAMPLE: Vic Vamp is hit with 7 Lethal from some magic sword. Vic spends 1 Vitae and uses his Resilience 3 to 'shrug off' 4 of the 7 (Resilience+1). So now Vic only takes 3 Lethal. However, he still looks like he took a nasty gash across the chest and it appears like you can see his bones/muscles/gross stuff but it is superficial (meaning it is cosmetic in nature). The -only- time damage will cause logical impairments is in the case of a Called Shot to that specific part (Hand, eye, arm, foot, etc). The ST has final call to the severity of the impairment suffered. A good rule of thumb is: more damage actually taken, the worse it is.
You do NOT add Resilience Dots as Armor for that turn. This effect is done -after- success/damage is figured out.
  • Subtract Resilience dots from all damage from fire. Sunlight still remains out of bounds. All superficial signs still remain. Dashing through an inferno, you still look like a burnt and charred corpse, as would a mortal if they had survived the same fate.


Action: Same as Vigor
Duration: Same as Vigor

Persistent: Add the Vampire's Celerity to her Defense or to her Dodge when defending actively. If a Firearms attack denies her normal Defense, the attacker still takes a penalty on his attack equal to the vampire's dots in Celerity. A character MUST BE AWARE of incoming attacks to defend against them, however. If restrained, sleeping or otherwise unable to respond? Celerity offers no advantage.

Active: By spending Vitae, Celerity allows for bursts of speed faster than the eye can perceive. For each point of Vitae spent, choose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effect simultaneously, but no effect of Celerity may be used more than once per turn.

  • Immediately move to the head of the Initiative queue. This boost in Initiative lasts only ONE TURN, after which all combatants return to acting in their rolled order. If multiple vampires attempt to jump ahead simultaneously they enter a Clash of Wills, the winner acts first. If a vampire jumps ahead, performs an action and returns to their 'normal' slot in the initiative order they DO NOT get another action.
  • Interrupt the action of another character with a brief action of her own. This could be an attack, making it possible to disable an opponent in mid-action. It may be movement, avoiding harm by shifting out of reach. Or it could be any other Instant action. Like any other Instant action, like activating a discipline or dodging. HOwever the vampire is still imited to one instant action. She cannot use Celerity to make two attacks or an attack followed by another Instant action. Likewise, she cannot move further in a single turn than her Speed would allow. The decision to interrupt is made after another character's action is made declared, but before it actually occurs (before dice are rolled). Once interrupted, the other character MUST continue his declared action (You cannot declare a new action), if it is still possible of course. If the action is no longer possible, he takes no action. Celerity CANNOT interrupt reflexive actions or actions of which the character was unaware of. Finally, using Celerity in this way is exhausting; a vampire may only interrupt as many actions in a scene as she has dots in Celerity.
  • Multiply her speed by her dots in Celerity plus one. Moving in this way is sudden, jarring, the vampire appears to shift from point to point without crossing the space in-between. She may use this to briefly avoid detection or launch surprise attacks. It is also clearly a breach of the Masquerade.


  • Serendipity 4: There is no reduction in XP costs for achieving an exceptional success. The other benefits of an Exceptional Success (Temporary skill dots) are being left intact.


  • While the Thanatology discipline is allowed, this rare discipline is considered out-of-clan for everyone. Anyone who wishes to learn it must do so through an approved PrP.


Why yes, we do use the 2nd Printing Errata! Download link to come.



In most cases mortals do not resist the ecstasy of the bite. Therefore they go into a state of shock feeling bliss. Depending on the level of success for the feeding vampire, a mortal may have no memory of what happened.
SPECIAL: Mortal blood comes in all flavors and tastes and to the vampiric palette this is tainted by Virtue, Vice and Morality level. A Charitable Morality 7 person will have a different flavor than that of a Greedy Morality 4 person. This is merely for story flavor and fluff, to explain perhaps why some vampires prefer specific prey over others. A virtuous person of high Morality could be described as sweet or honeyed while a wrathful rotten scoundrel of low Morality could taste spicy or sour. These are not hard rules of course, just something fun to perhaps keep in mind. Of course it doesn't offer any mechanic bonus or penalty.


There is no discernable difference for a vampire when it comes from feeding from either a Mortal or Mortal+. In this case, Mortal+ means Psychics, Thaumaturges and Hunters. If they possess an ability, merit, Endowment, etc that changes or taints their blood then that applies per normal, of course. For Mortal+ Immortals, see Immortals below.


Changelings are the same as mortals when it comes to experiencing the kiss. However, as a vampire drinks from a Changeling they begin to become affected by the Changeling's particular influence - Seeming, Kith, Wyrd, Glamour, and Clarity all play a roll in the 'hallucinogenic trip' the vampire experiences but the system is the same.
The boons and curses (unless otherwise noted) are considered 'always on' and remains in effect for 1 Night per point of Wyrd unless the Vitae is 'burned' by healing, buffing attributes or using disciplines to 'purge' it from their systems.
SEEMINGS: The following bonuses are granted for the rest of the evening after snacking on Changelings of a specific Seeming.
Beast: +1 to Animal Ken Rolls.
Darkling: +1 to Stealth Rolls.
Elemental: +1 to Survival Rolls.
Fairest: +1 to Persuasion Rolls.
Ogre: +1 to Intimidation Rolls.
Wizened: +1 to Crafts Rolls.
COURTS: The Wyrd protects Changelings in odd ways. The following drawbacks and rare bonuses are cumulative. The higher your nibble's Mantle rating, the more penalties you receive for feeding from them. For example, a Changeling with Autumn Mantle 3 triggers a -1 to resist Rötschreck and the vampire gains the Paranoia Derangement. If a Derangement is already possessed by the vampire, it upgrades to the Severe version instead. Derangements gained in any fashion are considered to be immediately triggered aka on.
Autumn: Uncontrolled Fear.
Mantle 1-2: -1 to resist Rötschreck
Mantle 3-4: Gain Derangement (Paranoia) for the rest of the night.
Mantle 5: Roll immediately for Rötschreck. Mundane Intimidation rolls are exceptional at 3 successes.
Winter: Deep Remorse.
Mantle 1-2: -1 to resist Rötschreck
Mantle 3-4: Gain Derangement (Depression) for the rest of the night.
Mantle 5: Cannot regain Willpower by any means. +2 to resist mundane attempts at emotional manipulation.
Spring: Unrestrained Desire.
Mantle 1-2: -1 to all Resolve+Composure rolls
Mantle 3-4: Do not regain Willpower from fulfilling Virtue
Mantle 5: -1 to roll to resist Degeneration. Gain 2 Willpower for fulfilling Vice.
Summer: Unfocused Wrath.
Mantle 1-2: -1 to rolls to resist anger-based Frenzy
Mantle 3-4: Gain Derangement (Loss of Compassion) for the rest of the night.
Mantle 5: Vice changes to Wrath (If already Wrath, rolls to resist anger-based Frenzy increases to -2). +1 to Strength based rolls.
Dawn: Fool's Hope.
Mantle 1-2: -1 to resist the influence of existing blood ties/bonds
Mantle 3-4: Do not regain Willpower by fulfilling Vice.
Mantle 5: -1 to rolls resisting Predator's Taint. +1 to Discipline rolls.
Dusk: Doom -1 to resist Rötschreck
Mantle 1-2: Gain Derangement (Inferiority Complex) for the rest of the night.
Mantle 3-4: Willpower spent toward rolls or bolster defense traits only gains +1 rather than +3 or +2
Mantle 5: +1 to rolls resisting Predator's Taint. Apathy has its positives.
Courtless: -2 to resist Frenzy of any kind.
NOTE: These perception penalties take the form of hallucinations and being prone to daydreaming. Flavored and tainted by the Changeling's Seeming and Court, with a dash of Kith.

Changing Breeds

Changing Breeds blood does not have the same effect as Werewolf blood does on a Vampire. See below:
Prey: Gain 3 points of Vitae for every 1 point taken. Vampires are Predators themselves. Prey is delicious. Prey does not cause a Predator to be scared of their food by default.
Predator: Gain 2 points of Vitae for every 1 point taken. Further, Predator CBs grant the Vampire 1 point of Willpower, once a night, per feeding.
Gregors: Gain 1 point of Vitae for every 1 point taken per normal human. Resolve+Stamina check must be made after feeding or vomit up Vitae taken for it's foul taste. Nosferatu are immune to this and do not need to roll.
Den Wardens, Heart-Rippers: Imposes a -1 to resist anger-based Frenzy for the remainder of the scene.
Root-Weavers, Sun-Chaser: Imposes a -1 to resist Rötschreck for the remainder of the scene.
Wind-Dancers: Imposes no penalties to any frenzy checks, regardless of provocation.
SPECIAL: CB's with the Hare Heart Aspect increases the penalty to resist Rötschreck by an additional -1 per point of Vitae consumed. CB's with the Tiger Heart Aspect increases the penalty to anger-based Frenzy checks to -1 per point of Vitae consumed. These effects last for the remainder of the scene, per normal, unless the Vampire spends the Vitae taken for healing, physical actions or discipline fueling during that time which 'burns off' the Changing Breed Vitae in their system and resets their counter of penalties. At least until if and/or when they feed upon the CB again.


Sin-Eaters offer no nourishment for your average Vampire. In fact, it tastes awful. It is like trying to get Vitae from a corpse: it isn't happening. Vitae is the life force of something that vampires eat, transmitted through blood. More or less. Sin-Eaters, with their ties to death, offer no such nourishment.
Special: Vampires with the merit Ghost Eater can consume Sin-Eater blood, being so tuned to death that they can only feed from ghosts. However they only gain Vitae per a normal human. They still gain the benefits of seeing ghosts for the scene, if they do not already have a power that allows them to do so.


Purified: Purified blood offers no sustenance to a vampire at all.
A vampire may, with the power of Blood Tenebrous, gift a Purified Essence as they would a normal spirit at the cost of their own Vitae.
Special: Purified with a Chi score of 3 or more can choose to spend 1 Point of Essence (along with 1 point of lethal for the draining of blood) and this Essence is then implanted into the vampire. For the rest of the scene the vampire can see (but not speak) to Spirits in Twilight along with Ghosts. The vampire is then at a -2 at all Perception rolls from being distracted during this time unless the vampire in question has Blood Tenebrous. Vampires who indulge in this practice more than 3 times gain the flaw 'Shadow Addiction'.
Eternals: No change from a normal Mortal but many are rumored to taste 'old'. Which could be confusing for a vampire that is not aware of what they are feasting on. That or believe the 'mortal' is probably sick.
Patchwork: No change but tends to taste like multiple sources of people if a vampire has the palette to discern it. It really boils down to how long ago the Patchwork Person has had an upgrade or visited one of the clinics.
Reborn: Just like a normal mortal.
Wardens: Warden blood offers no sustenance to a vampire. A Warden can choose to enjoy the Kiss and on their territory they can choose to ignore the effects completely.


Mages are just as tasty and filling as any other mortal. They also react the same way to being fed on. Although they are not all that high on the menu since their blood is rumored to be quite hallucinogenic to kindred. Whether they see the reality only known to Mages or if it truly is a hallucination who knows, but most vampires are not that eager to find out.
Mages with higher Gnosis scores do actually impose a severe Derangement upon a Vampire wishing to drink of their blood.
The derangement is considered 'always triggered' and remains in effect for 1 Night per point of Vitae taken unless the Vitae is 'burned' by healing, buffing attributes or using disciplines to 'purge' it from their systems.
Gnosis 1-3: Perception penalty equal to Gnosis score.
Gnosis 4-6: Choose between two Severe Derangements: Divination Obsession or Schizophrenia
Gnosis 7-9: Choose between an uncontrolled Mage Sight: Fate or Time, lasts 1 scene.
Gnosis 1-3: Perception penalty equal to Gnosis score.
Gnosis 4-6: Choose between two Severe Derangements: Depravity or Memory Obsession
Gnosis 7-9: Choose between an uncontrolled Mage Sight: Mind or Space, lasts 1 scene.
Gnosis 1-3: Perception penalty equal to Gnosis score.
Gnosis 4-6: Choose between two Severe Derangements: Manic-Depression or Melancholia
Gnosis 7-9: Choose between an uncontrolled Mage Sight: Death or Matter, lasts 1 scene.
Gnosis 1-3: Perception penalty equal to Gnosis score.
Gnosis 4-6: Choose between two Severe Derangements: Megalomania or Irrational Defiance
Gnosis 7-9: Choose between an uncontrolled Mage Sight: Forces or Prime, lasts 1 scene.
Gnosis 1-3: Perception penalty equal to Gnosis score.
Gnosis 4-6: Choose between two Severe Derangements: Anxiety or Feral Antics
Gnosis 7-9: Choose between an uncontrolled Mage Sight: Life or Spirit, lasts 1 scene.


Drinking the blood of a Possessed is functionally no different than drinking the blood of a Mortal. You are feeding from the Mortal Host not the Demon itself.
Vestments that turn blood to poison or other such nasty things affect the vampire as written.
Special: A Possessed that has 8+ dots of Vices can spend 1 Infernal Willpower during Feeding. This gives the vampire a taste of the demonic entity within. This varies based upon which Vice the Demon in question is. While this has some benefit it usually comes at a greater cost that makes the vampire a much more pliable servant to the Demon itself. See below:


To apply for domain put in a +Request, which represents an IC letter to Seneschal Dufaigh and Lady Herald Oz. Obtaining domain grants you Praxis Status 2.

Fighting Styles and Vampires

Any fighting style maneuver which works via cutting off or disrupting breathing does not function on vampires, as Kindred bodies do not need to breathe to function. At the storyteller's discretion, this may have minor cosmetic effects, such as difficulty speaking or smelling, but no game mechanics.

Freeze Requests

Unless stipulated in the request all Freezes for Vampire PC's will be considered unexpected age Torpor for story reasons. Your PC will still remain off grid and out of play as usual but for IC Story continuity reasons staff will consider the PC in Torpor indefinitely. No rolls will be required to unfreeze or is there time limits. Those logistics will be discussed briefly with staff during the unfreeze process. Instructions left in the Freeze job will supersede this assumption by staff.

  • Those that freeze also immediately relinquish their Praxis titles and the status it gave. If you choose to unfreeze, you may not just assume that you step back into your former position.
  • Those that freeze also immediately relinquish their Domains. If you choose to unfreeze, you may not just assume that you step back into your former domain. You become a tenant under the new domain holder. (If listed as Praxis, this is the Prince himself).


If a Ghoul would like to leave the Sphere, they can. However, they will be mindwiped and will not have or retain any knowledge of Vampires afterward. Their vitae addiction will remain until broken by normal rules.


These must be detailed in a +note with the following information:

Build Name:
Domain Rating:
Domain Holder:
Description: (Short)

Haven (Location)

Capped at the rating of the domain your haven is located in.

Humanity (IC Drops)

In Chargen you are allowed to drop Humanity from 7 down to 5 and gain 5XP per dot of Humanity lost in this way. This is also an option IC. If you lose Humanity that will drop you from 7 to 6 or 6 to 5 you will benefit from gaining 5XP per dot just as in Chargen. In Chargen it is supposed to be part of your PCs backstory. Doing it IC is just playing out that part of their story.

Humanity vs Social Rolls with Mortals

Old Mechanic: Vampires are limited by their Humanity for social dice rolls dealing with humans.
New Mechanic: Humanity does NOT limit social dice rolls. However, as Humanity drops, penalties are in place that impose a negative. Similar to Changeling's with low Clarity in regards to Perception or high Primal Urge Were-things. This reflects the Vampire's growing issue with relating to humans as a whole.
NOTE: These penalties do stack against the Nosferatu revised Clan Weakness. So yes, they can be dropped to a chance die when dealing with Mortals but seriously a Humanity 2 Nosferatu should probably not be trying to sweet talk a Mortal. Naturally these penalties do not count against acts of Intimidation.
Humanity 10: +2
Humanity 9-8: +1
Humanity 7: No Penalty
Humanity 6-5: -1
Humanity 4-3: -2
Humanity 2-1: -3
SPECIAL: Coil of the Soul 1 now grants +2 to your effective Humanity score for the express purpose of social rolls with mortals. So a Humanity 3 Vampire with -2 to his Social rolls with Mortals is effectively Humanity 5 and only suffers -1, alleviating some of his monstrous nature. A Humanity 6 Vampire with -1 will now have an effective Humanity 8 and actually gain +1 to Social rolls with Mortals.

Instantaneous Transformation Devotion

As per the Devotion description it allows Protean transformations in to Animal Form to take place as an Reflexive Action rather than a Instant Action. During combat, the Initiative order still applies and no special consideration is given to using the action out of turn order.


Malkavia is treated as an actual bloodline, not a disease, for all intents and purposes on Fallcoast.

Non-Bloodline / Covenant Learning of Disciplines / Devotions

  • You cannot learn the bloodline discipline unless you are a part of that bloodline. As such a Mekhet cannot possibly learn Sunnikuse, but neither can a Gangrel who is not in that bloodline.

NPC Regnants

Since it has come up a couple of times, this is a clarification on the current rules governing the use of NPC Regnants.
TLDR: Yes, we allow NPC Regnants with conditions.

Expanded Version:

  • Yes, you can have an NPC Regnant
  • You must pay for the regnant using XP
    • You must at least have Regnant at one dot
    • Regnant dots must be allocated to Power, Favor, or Trust
    • Your Regnant can also be the explanation behind your 5 dot Mentor
    • Dots in other merits are not capped at your dots in Regnant as the first dot buys their existence and further dots define the relationship.
      • IE: At Regnant 1, you have a regnant that exists in the world. That regnant can also be a mentor for you at 5 dots. These are not mutually exclusive. Dots of Regnant past 1 are used to define the relationship you have with your regnant.
  • If your regnant has to make a decision, staff makes the decision taking into account your spent XP and notes describing your regnant. (Clan, Covenant, Regnant Favor...)


Mask of Tranquility does not hide the aura stains of Diablerie. There are other powers in the game that do.


Status is generally subject to an ooc +vote to determine support; it is never paid for with XP, as per site rules.

Praxis Status can be gained via +vote, but titles granted hold certain automatic ranks of status as per +faction Vampire

Clan Status can be gained via +vote, and in return for organizing and taking on an ooc role of responsibility, clan Prisci automatically gain Clan Status 3, whereas Whips gain Clan Status 2. They are expected to try to keep their clan active, and it is recommended that they organize monthly clan meetings - or at least delegate the responsibility for doing so.

Covenant Status can be gained primarily via +vote. Covenants have certain positions requiring a minium amount of status, and we encourage Co-operative play on an ooc level to help people attain ic goals; discussing on channels what the covenant needs, running PrPs for each other to let each other shine, and so on.

For +vote jobs, put in a +request to the Vampire Team with your requested status, and your reasoning for why your character deserves it; this generally includes IC deeds, but as with Whip and Priscus noted above, ooc efforts and assistance towards making the sphere a more welcoming and better place to play are also given consideration.


Spend a point of Willpower to make a contested roll (Composure + Power Stat). More success' allows a Defender of equal or lower Power Stat (or mortal) to resist for a scene and a Defender of higher Power Stat to resist for a night.

Sunlight & Vampires

Sunlight. We all hate it right? I know I do.

Listen, it is a popular gimmick in most movies and even older movies, books, comics, whatever that a vampire can lurk in the shadows and wait for the sun to go down and fly out to attack their prey. Even some can withstand it a bit. So, another cue from Blood and Smoke:

  • Damage Type:
Humanity 7-10 - 1 Lethal
Humanity 6 - 2 Lethal
Humanity 5 - 3 Lethal
Humanity 4 - 1 Aggravated
Humanity 3 - 2 Aggravated
Humanity 2 - 3 Aggravated
Humanity 1 - 4 Aggravated
Humanity 0 - 5 Aggravated (And you are an NPC)
  • Damage Frequency:
Blood Potency 1-2 - 10 Minutes
Blood Potency 3-4 - One Minute
Blood Potency 4-5 - One Turn
Blood Potency 6-7 - 2x/Turn
Blood Potency 8-9 - 3x/Turn
Blood Potency 10 - 5x/Turn


So you are Humanity 4 and Blood Potency 5 scary monster? Oooooo! Well, don't get near sunlight. You are looking at 1 Agg every Turn you remain in it.

Lets just say it: you are not going to pull some sparklepire crap and get sunblock and an umbrella and sing song whistle down the street. Alrighty? It still sucks, it burns, it is scary, it doesn't have to be DIRECT so your little flimsy curtains that still shade the sun? You'll still get pegged but the damage will be downgraded to 1 Step lower than what you would normally take (Agg to Lethal, Lethal to Bashing).

You can totally toe the edge and sizzle a bit but you still need to roll for Rots/Fear Frenzy of course. Modified because it is not direct sunlight and you have darkness right there to skulk back to. (See below for +/- to roll)

Think more the smiling vampire from a dark shadow waiting for the sun to go down. Watching the safe shadow from his haven stretching across the ground that he walks out onto. Like it were a red carpet just unfurling before him, that is if he doesn't freak out because the sun is right there.

Fear Frenzy with Sunglight Changes Rules: Pool: Resolve+Composure Mods: -1 Sunlight (Causing lethal damage) -3 Sunlight (Causing aggravated damage) +2 Sunlight (Causing bashing damage/Curtains/drapes/reflected sunlight)

Of course Mekhet still have that pesky +1 Damage of course. Don't forget about that.

Titles & Positions

Those that have a POSITION in the Praxis (not merely a Status) - therefore a job - receive their title's status rating x2 once per month.


  • Vampire Staff does not feel a particular duty in waking a Torpored PC up using NPC's or other mechanisms as being put in to Torpor involuntarily is usually connected to actions made on the PC's part, or as part of the larger story they are involved in. The average Humanity is typically 5, which is an unmodified month in Torpor and at 4 it is a year. So, if you start with low humanity, or let it fall to that level it would be wise to have a backup plan ready.


Thralls are a part of the Vampire Sphere regardless of their template.

Vodoun Rituals

With Blood Sorcery limitations on Theban and Cruac making any spirit based rituals unusable any such rituals (i.e.: Imperious Call) can be used as a Vodoun ritual at the same level and cost.

Social Combat for Vampire

The Social Combat rule set found in Dance Macabre (pgs 127-144) gives Vampire players a 'crunchy' set of rules in which to engage in manipulation of fellow characters with. Thus providing a frame work with a distinct outcome in which to partake in challenges of wit, guile and deceit.


  • The Social Combat rule set are not optional.
  • The GMC Social Manuevering and the alternate social combat rules in the Mirrors source book does not modify these rules in any way.
  • The Social Combat merits Intractable, Savvy and The Shark are in the Stat System and yes the Alternative effects are in use.
  • The 'Disciplines in Social Combat' items have been entered as Devotions in the Stat System.


  • The Kamen **** power "Face The Moment" allows the Vampire to ignore penalties that might be applied to 'Outsiders' as per its description, in Social Combat as well.


We'll attempt to keep an up to date listing of any rulings here.

Can Sakti Pata 4 replace the need to hunt?
I can't find anything that specifically says vampires hunt because they have a supernatural compulsion to hunt things. They hunt to regain vitae. So, it stands to reason that if you have vitae, you don't need to hunt. Therefore, yes, Sakti Pata 4 would replace the need to feed in exchange for spending a willpower and getting lucky with rain. - Teuton
Do passive bonuses apply to disciplines?
Yes. That being said, please don't abuse this. For example, let's say you use a ritual to boost your attributes only to turn around and roll higher for a larger attribute boost. By the rules, that's allowed. For this game, that's frowned upon and we won't allow it. - Teuton
Ok, but if I use the active part of say Vigor does that count towards Disciplines?
No. Only the passive part of Vigor and other such disciplines count. The reason is that the passive parts change your attribute score permanently, however the active parts are temporary boosts.
Ok, but what if I have something that doesn't work that way?
Does it provide the bonus all the time? Then you can add it to any roll that asks for your attribute. Does it only provide it temporarily? Then you can't add it. Keep in mind that blood sorcery that pumps your attributes over the course of month counts as all the time. This is more of a spirit of the law judgment, but in general if the bonus specifically mentions upping your permanent score or lasts longer than a round, it probably applies. When in doubt, ask staff.
What is the XP Cost for Children of the Stone?
I was talking about that on channel and while there's no specific level for the ritual, I said it would take at least Creation 3 to make the homunculi. So we'll stick with it being a rank 3 ritual (Creation 3, Transmutation 2 if I had to theme it out). The XP Cost for the ritual would then be 6XP. There isn't going to be an XP Cost per gargoyle created, however due to the monthly vitae upkeep we're going to limit it to one per 'master.' I realize we don't really push blood scarcity, but at the same time I don't want armies of Stone Children (or armies of skeletons from the Sangiovanni for example). - Teuton
Can you create other Children of Stones subtypes?
Yes. Run it by staff. - Teuton (This question modified after clarification by player)
Does the upkeep paid by an Ally of the Child of Stone count towards the master's upkeep?
It's additional. The master has to pay vitae to keep it running. The ally pays 1 vitae a month to not get suplexed in the middle of the night by a bored gargoyle. These are two separate fees. - Teuton
Sidebar about ST add ons on P210 of Danse Macabre
We aren't going to use that sidebar. You can make your Child of Stone unique to you, but since there's no creation cost, per se, it doesn't make sense as a whole. Also, reminder that not all Children of Stone are, in fact, stone. - Teuton
Can we get around the Child of Stone raging on a master's death?
No. It's part of the deal. - Teuton