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Official Elysia

Owner - Fernanda
Grid Location - Commercial District (C02)
Description - A ballroom dance venue offering dinner and dance lessons.
Club Omen
Owner - Mercy
Grid Location - Commercial District (C02)
Description - A Dance Club with darkness as the decor.

Owner - Melanie
Grid Location - Pigeon Hill (A02)
Description - Private lounge built into a 7/11.


The Embassy
Owner - Praxis (Racks)
Grid Location - Historical Waterfront and Boardwalk (B01)
Description - 70's Themed Bar.
Arabian Nights - VIP Lounge
Owner - Aanisa
Grid Location - The Square (F02)
Description - Hookah Lounge and Chai House.

Clan Haunts


The Ruins
Owner - Lawrence
Grid Location - Historical District (B02)
Description - (Brief)




The Museum of Egyptian History
Owner - Neferet
Grid Location - The Square - Hanging Hills (F02)
Description - An open air museum built to mirror the Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak. A place of learning.


The Necropolis
Owner - Praxis
Grid Location - H02 (Crow Hollow Cemetary). Access through the Mausoleum and then Tunnels (T - Dark Exit)
Description - A small but expanding Nosferatu Necropolis under the Crow Hollow Cemetary.



Covenant Haunts

Carthian Movement

The Slaughterhouse
Owner - Praxis
Grid Location - Moosetown (A01) Eastern Quarter
Description - This popular Carthian destination was donated to the cause by Dazbolg before his disappearance. A private boardroom within a Slaughterhouse ensures a cold but safe place to discuss all Carthian matters as well as a fresh supply of blood. Given the recent shake-ups, it has been made official Carthian HQ due to its secrecy.
The Cynosure of Sin
Owner - Praxis
Grid Location - Moosetown (A01) Eastern Quarter. NDW, C (Dark), OD.
Description - This is an opium den sequestered past a shipping container in a typical warehouse.

Circle of the Crone

Paradise Boarding House
Owner - Lubomir
Grid Location - Fisherman's Row (F01)
Description - A general gathering place for all Circle of the Crone.



Lancea Sanctum


Ordo Dracul

Capella Research Institute
Owner - Praxis
Grid Location - University City (B03)
Description -


Name - (Link Wiki Page)
Owner -
Keeper - (If Elysia)
Grid Location -
Description - (Brief)