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The Contagion (12 XP)

Unsatisfied with the effects of Asphyx merely on the living, the good Doctor Callum dedicated time and effort to becoming, in his own opinion, better than his Sire. Experimenting on himself and bits of Damned flesh carved from his own body, the good Doctor created a new variant of the toxins and poisons that all Brothers of Ypres are capable of creating, resulting in a noxious gas that now attacks the Undead cells of the Damned.

System: All Asphyx powers are now capable of harming a Vampire in the same way they affect the living. Like any Supernatural splat, the affected Vampire rolls Stamina + Resolve + Blood Potency - Toxicity (BP + Asphyx) to avoid damage.

Pre-Requisites: Asphyx 4, Blood Potency 3

Taste of Yesterday (5 XP)

Amongst the Dilettantes this power is a common devotion, despite - or perhaps because of - the horrifying waste of resources involved in its use. By combining the higher levels of blut alchemie, which enables the Dilettante to create any mundane material they can understand from within blood, and judicious use of Auspex, which draws out the spiritual knowledge of matter, the taste of blood can be altered in order to bring back memories of mortal delicacies.

Few Vampires see this as anything more than a novelty - indeed, the taste is usually considered worse than 'pure' blood. However, there can be some amusement value in drinking blood which tastes like wine, which conjures up the image of succulent lamb or rich, dark chocolate. At the depraved parties of the Dilettantes, inventive cocktails can greatly enhance the alchemist's reputation!

System: The player rolls Science + Blut Alchemie. For each success, 6 blood points of 'normal' human blood can be transformed into one point of 'flavored' blood. The process takes one hour. Unlike other uses of Blut Alchemie, vampiric vitae CANNOT be used or flavored in any way by this power - the taste of vitae is simply too powerful to be 'enhanced' in such a manner. Blood treated in this way will stay fresh and pure for one week for every point of Blood Potency possessed by the creator, so long as it is properly stored (in a cool, dark place - not left out in the sun). Vampires who drink the blood gain one blood point as normal. Mortals and other supernatural beings induced to drink the blood must roll Stamina + Survival (+resistance stat if applicable) or vomit it back up and take a point of lethal damage. They will taste only blood.

Pre-Requisites: Blut Alchemie 4, Auspex 3

Into the Veil (15XP)

The vampire uses his knowledge of the veil and connection to the ephemerals that lie beyond to breach the twilight realm and become invisible.

System: The vampire's player spends 2 Vitae or 1 Ectoplasm and then rolls Presence + Occult + Essentiaphagia. If the vampire is able to pass the veil, they remain in Twilight for 1 scene or until they choose to move back across the veil.

Pool Presence + Occult + Essentiaphagia
Dramatic Failure: Instead of being seen only by ghosts you hide yourself completely from ghosts, and them from you for the rest of the night.
Failure: You can still see ghosts but they cannot see or communicate with you.
Success: You vanish from the material and join the ghosts in twilight. Here you are able to be present and listening without being seen by anyone on the physical plane who is not looking into twilight. Detecting obfuscate alone will not detect this power.
Exceptional Success: Same effect as above only regain 1 ectoplasam from being so well connected to the ghost realm.

Clarifications: You must be able to see into twilight to detect a person using this power. This means you'd need to actively use Auspex 5 to detect a person using this power. Auspex 1 will act as an Unseen Sense for this power, but it doesn't tell you what is happening and you roll against the person's essentiaphagia in a normal contest of wills to determine if your Auspex even pings.

Pre-Requisites: Essentiaphagia 5, Obfuscate 3

Venom the Blade (6 XP - Priced as a Sorcery Ritual)

The Poisoner focus enough of their hatred to make the poison from a liquid more to a thicker saliva that comes from the prepared poison they have made already. The prepared poison can then be coated onto a weapon, and will only stay for a short while, in doing so the Poisoner creates a way to deliver a poison in a way that doesn't require one to bite down to make it happen. This Saliva seems to give the weapon or blade that it coats a odd green color to it while the poison is on it.

System: The Iltani must already have a Poison prepared before they cast this. As with all Merges Sorcery, it takes one willpower to cast this ritual, as well as 1 vitae, which is used to make the thicker version of the poison. Applying this to a weapon that causes Lethal damage takes an Instant action. After which the Poison will stay applied for one scene. This weapon can not be a firearm, but may be a bow or arrows. The gunpowder burns the poison away. The poison follows the normal rules for one of the Venomous Bite Poisons or Venom Mastery. After a successful damaging attack with the weapon, the poison is gone and must be re-applied to use it again.

Pre-Requisites: Merges Sorcery 3

Arms of the Abyss (10 XP)

The character summons otherworldly tentacles made of darkness that are ready to fight at the summoner's side.

System: (As Vampire Translation Guide P. 30)
The character can summon up tentacles from shadows. The player rolls Manipulation + Occult + Obtenebration. Each success calls one six-foot tentacle. The tentacles have Strength ratings equal to the vampire’s Obtenebration rating, and the vampire can set the tentacles to attack or grapple targets. The dice pool for the grapple attack is the tentacle’s Strength + Obtenebration – target’s Defense. The player can spend Vitae to raise the tentacle’s Strength rating by two for a turn, or to increase a tentacle’s length by six feet. The vampire can instruct each tentacle to attack a target, whereupon the tentacle will attempt to grapple and constrict the target (see p. 157 of the World of Darkness Rulebook). If the vampire wishes to have the tentacles perform other actions, she must concentrate on the tentacles. She loses her Defense and can perform no other actions while manipulating the tentacles. If the character wishes to take her Defense or perform other actions, the tentacles can do nothing but attack and constrict. If their target escapes, they lash out and attack any target within range. They attack living targets in preference to unliving ones. The tentacles have no armor, but have a Defense rating of one. They can suffer damage equal to the vampire’s Composure before dissipating. One point of damage from fire or sunlight destroys a tentacle.

Clarifications: Tentacles do Bashing Damage. Tentacles act immediately after they are summoned and on the same turn as the summoner afterwards. They get their own actions separate from the summoner unless the summoner wants them to perform a more complex action per the writeup above.

Pre-Requisites: Obtenebration 3

Vajra (12 XP)

Sometimes, it's not enough to spill forth as a stream. Sometimes, you need a waterfall to prove a point.

Effect: Purchase of this Devotion allows the user to learn the Sakti Pata 2 power 'Gift of Indra' as a reflexive, rather than an instant action. Instead of making a cut and allowing the vitae to spill forth, the Kindred instead causes it to erupt violently from their body in a visually spectacular way.

Pre-Requisites: Celerity 1, Sakti Pata 2, Vigor 1

Yama's Curse (18 XP)

What you have taken, Has been from here. What you gave has been given here. What belongs to you today, belonged to someone yesterday and will be someone else’s tomorrow. Change is the Law of The Universe.

Effects: The vampire is able to inhabit a corpse in their blood form and ambulate it. Any damage taken by the corpse is not done to the vampire inside of it unless it can affect the blood form, such as fire. The user must already have Sakti Pata 5 activated and be in blood form to inhabit the corpse.

Pre-Requisites: Sakti Pata 5, Vigor 1

Solace (Drug) (Special Cost)

Important Note: Characters must research and discover the formula.

Considered an urban myth amongst Vampires, Solace is a supernatural drug that works only on Vampires. It has no effect on any Mortal nor any other type of Supernatural, for reasons beyond the knowledge of those that know of the drug. Solace is taken in the form of a Syrette that is either injected into a vein or pushed under the tongue. Once taken, the user feels mortal, albeit only for a brief time. They are capable of enjoying the sensations and feelings that they once enjoyed as a mortal, or, if their mortal lives were rough, they can enjoy the feelings that they could only imagine of they had a better life. Needless to say, with every high, comes a low. Once the effects of the drug have worn off, it leaves users wanting more. For some, this is a crippling addiction that leaves the Vampire simply hunting for the next fix, for others, a high to be enjoyed like supping on a heroin-filled mortal.

Solace only comes in syrette forms and is taken as a single hit, with multiple hits at once having no effect upon the user. Upon taking Solace, the user regains a number of WP equal to the potency of the drug. The high will be the same no matter the potency, but how refreshed the user is because of their hit depends on the potency of the syrette at the time. Each time the user indulges in their addiction, they gain the Solace Addiction flaw, from -1 to -3, to represent their ability to refuse to indulge their addiction if offered. By spending a Willpower Point or rolling Stamina + Resolve, they can refuse to indulge, but the penalty remains the same for the next time they are offered if they use a WP. Each successful roll reduces the penalty until they can finally break free, but they still remember the feeling and temptation to use the drug in the future.

System: Solace is available for Cost 4. That gets you 1 syrette. Alternatively, you can research the formula and make your own batches as explained below. Solace is considered availability 6.

Creating a Batch of Solace
Target Number: 5 (Base) + 30 (Availability - 5 x 6)
Pool: A Standard Crafting Pool
Result: 10 Syrettes per met TN. Roll 10 dice to determine potency. max 5.

Clarifications: Solace only works on vampires. ONLY. VAMPIRES.

Monster's Maw (8 XP)

The mouth of the vampire becomes rows of sharpened teeth and the mouth becomes strong enough to crush bone. With this deadly new power it allows the vampire to take a bite out of his victim and gain vitae from flesh and blood and deal agg to his victim.

System: Purchase of this Devotion allows the user to turn the 1 lethal damage normally done during a bite as per P.164 of the core book into 1 aggravated damage. You still receive 1 vitae as normal.

Pre-Requisites: Protean 5, Vigor 1

Ephemeral Sight (6 XP)

This devotion allows a Khaibit with Night Sight to extend their ability to sense beings in Twilight. While specific details of said entities cannot be made out, the Kindred using Dim Sight can perceive their presence and location, as if they were ephemeral shapes in the air. Unlike Night Sight, this power expands from pitch-black darkness to all spectrums of illumination as the Khaibit uses Auspex to augment their ability to process additional details at higher illumination levels.

Cost: 1 Willpower Duration: 1 Scene Action: Instant

Pre-Requisites: Auspex 2, Obtenebration 1

Shadow Armory (18 XP)

As the Khaibit bloodline began to spread from ancient Egypt, some of them made it to India and Nepal, coming into contact with several of the Indian subcontinent Kindred bloodlines native to the area. Seeing how one such bloodline harnessed their Vitae to become weapons and armor, those Khaibit delved into the knowledge surrounding the Khaibit bloodline’s own shadowy art of Obtenebration, merging their inner darkness with their Vitae and will to emulate similar effects, ensuring the Khaibit will always be prepared for whatever may come, especially against whatever foes may yet be lurking in the darkness.

Cost: 1 Willpower + 2 Vitae
Dice Pool: Wits + Weaponry + Obtenebration
Action: Instant

Pre-Requisites: Obtenebration 3, Blood Tenebrous 2+, Vigor 1+ (Optional)

System: Declare what you intend to make. Roll Wits + Weaponry + Obtenebration.
Dramatic Failure: The invocation of this Devotion seems to succeed, but deals no damage when attacking an opponent or does not offer any protection from an assailant’s attacks.
Failure: The invocation of the Devotion fails.
Success: The invocation summons your chosen weapon or armor composed of solidified shadow with traits matching its physically ordinary counterpart. If it's a weapon, it can affect spirits depending on the vampire's level of Blood Tenebrous (See notes).
Exceptional Success: As success, except that weapons formed by Shadow Armory gain +2 damage; armor created through Shadow Armory has no Defense penalty and provides a bonus to Stealth rolls equal to half the character’s dots in Obtenebration, rounded up (maximum +3 bonus at Obtenebration 5).

Notes: Differing levels of Blood Tenebrous provide differing benefits.
2) You can attack spirits that are manifested or in twilight.
3) You can attack a spirit in shadow as long as you are near a locus. (reaching)
4) You can attack a spirit in shadow anywhere. (reaching)
5) You can deal aggravated damage to spirits.

Notes: Vigor 1+ is an optional requirement and is required to make defensive items. Armor's rating is based on your vigor. You get x/x rating armor where x is your rating in vigor. So Vigor 2 would give you 2/2 armor. This armor cannot defend against aggravated damage and dissipates if exposed to sunlight.