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History of the Crone in Fallcoast

Much of the early history of the Circle in Fallcoast has been lost. The successful pogroms of the Lance had all but eradicated the first thumb prints of the covenant by 1698. It would be nearly one hundred and fifty years later that a freed slave of Caribbean decent brought the Crones back to Hanging Hills. His name was Desmond the Taker, and he ran with a group of Penobscot Indians whom welcomed him into their tribe as holy man in exchange for his help against their Mohawk enemies. The native religions and those imported by the freed slaves mixed, finding similar matriarchal figures as exemplified by Grandmother Woodchuck and Erzulie Fréda. Desmond’s influence had been extremely marginalized at the time, forcing his kin to hunt amongst the animals and natives. But, by the 1850s, his tribesmen and fellow freed slaves grew uncomfortably numerous for the Lancea Sanctum. Once the Taker began to feed on poor farmers working the land, the Lance returned to a pogrom of witch hunting. With the Prince’s sanction, Desmond was caught and burnt at the stake before the Praxis. However, unlike previous Blood Hunts on the Circle, this one brought reprisals. Several small farms were destroyed by the uprising, and the local Penobscot Indian tribe took the scalp of a popular Baptist preacher. Though the outcome of further conflict would most assuredly end in the favor of the Lance and the Unconquered, it was deemed too financially costly an enterprise, and the first permanent Domain in Fallcoast was granted to the Circle in settlement.

Desmond’s sacrifice has since been deified by his covenant and he is viewed as a martyr for the cause to this day. Though still significantly small compared to that of the First and Second Estates, the Circle’s historical holdings have held firm. In the latter part of the nineteenth century, European immigrants brought new influences to the Circle’s religious practices. Folklore once again mixed into a hodgepodge of theologies. Chief amongst the influences was the worship of Elli, the Nordic goddess of old age. And later, after the World Wars, the Slavic witch Baba Yaga was imported by refugees of Eastern European decent. Still, there is a delicate understanding between the Circle and the rest of the Praxis. They exist relatively free to practice their religion unfettered in their own Domain, so long as it remains underground and out of sight.

Cults of the Crone

Covenant circle of the crone.png

Crone Haunt: The Paradise Boarding House

Grid: F01 (Fisherman's Row)
At this point along the shoreline the area has changed from commercial to residential. Streets tend to wind around one another. The bulk of the houses here are smaller brick or ranch houses, often owned or rented by local fishermen. These are the homes of middle-class families. Because of that, almost all the houses are simple, sturdy and well-built, though it's not unheard of for one to fall into disrepair. Not all of the houses here are as small as the rest. Along the shoreline, and occasionally found a little further from the water, are the homes of those with a little more money than the rest. These don't fall into the category of mansions, but they do tend to be larger and nice than most of their neighbors. A large majority of these homes are family homes and have been passed down though the generations.

Paradise Boarding House was once a posh bed and breakfast that catered to a quaint blue collar crowd. Over the years, Fisherman's Row turned into a mainly residential district, and lost a lot of it commercial structure. The Bed and Breakfast limped along on grants from the city landmark committee, but it never recaptured its business after the neighborhood changed. Eventually the Boarding House shut down and was bought by a local bank. Several years later, the old Boarding House opened its doors again, but to a very distinct clientele. Though most people would be hard pressed to tell you how to get there or offer the address, things about that place tends to blur memories. Its always a few blocks away from where you thought it was, and you have to drive around an old road to get to its driveway. Hard to remember which one though, isn't it? These nights, this building has been re-purposed. Several dead things moved in, and turned it into a temple to their foul Goddesses of Blood. It serves as the lair of the Circle in the Domain of Fisherman's Row, a place to shelter the needy, an altar for the faithful, and a library for the seeking. It is well secure, and blessed by magics of their Goddesses.