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How To Make A Vampire!

1. Read the Global Application Standards. Read the Vampire Application Standards.

2. Create your account and go through CG as a normal mortal.

3. Create a background if you like but you MUST answer the background questions. In the cases of super special snowflake PCs, backgrounds are mandatory to explain anything out of the normal. Like how you got that Relic 5.

4. When that's done and you send in your job, you must then fill out the Application Form below.

5. When you are approved, you may spend your XP via a normal XP job. (See +help xp)

Application Standards (Global)

  • Please be sure to have a passing familiarity with the World of Darkness Core rules and with the Splat that you wish to play. You should have access to at least the Corebook of the Sphere you're playing and the Corebook.
  • No PCs under the age of 18, or appearing/acting as minors are permitted.
  • No more than a single one in Attributes (after starting XP has been spent).
  • Some spheres have standards regarding how old a PC must be upon Becoming their super type - please check with your TL before applying.
  • All characters must have an @desc set; if they have some other type of desc (such as faedesc) that must also be set.
  • PK Rule - For one month after a character's approval from Chargen, they are not allowed to instigate or join in on a PK scene. ANY action taken directly or indirectly by a third party to instigate a fight that leads to a PK situation will be actionable. The only exception to this ruling that will be acceptable is pure self-defense. If attacked, a character may respond by defending themselves. All other situations involving 'early' PK will be met with a Retcon of the scene in question and a ban for the player.

Application Standards (Vampire Specific)

  • Your bonus clan attribute is applied before XP spends, by us (see Application Form)
  • At least two of your three free dots of disciplines must be applied to in-clan (where in-clan can be bloodline so long as you come in with the bloodline activated). The third may be applied to any discipline you have access to.
  • You may apply up to 6 merit points to raise Blood Potency (3 merit points = 1 Blood Potency)
  • You must have Blood Potency of at least 2 to activate your bloodline. You will also need to burn a dot of willpower. You may purchase this dot back in character generation or at any time after you're approved for 8xp.
  • Check to see if there are any bonus XP incentives that you think you qualify for. After chargen, we will not retroactively award any incentive XP.
  • The Vampire sphere follows the Mortal/Mortal+ Application Guidelines. Due to the raised XP Standard, we do not limit starting Blood Potency.
  • Vampire is a heavily Status based game. Clan or Covenant Status can not be bought over 2 with XP or Merit Dots in CGen. Praxis Status cannot be raised in this fashion and remains at 1 out of CGen.
  • At this time, no PCs who have been awake for over 200 years (Mortal/Ghoul/Vampire years combined) will be approved. Torpor time does not count towards this limit.
  • If you take the Haven merit, make sure you list a grid square it occupies even if you don't have a physical build.

Application Standards (Ghoul Specific)

  • Ghouls get two dots of disciplines. The first dot must be an in-clan or in-bloodline discipline of your regnant's clan that s/he possesses dots in.
  • Ghouls must fill out both the Mortal Background Questions (click here) and Vampire Questions (below).

Application Template

Name: John Doe
Regnant: (If You're a Ghoul)
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Bloodline: Malocusians
Bonus Attribute: Resolve 3 > 4
Initial Disciplines: Dominate 3
Remaining Merit Dots (if not all spent in Chargen): 3/6 merit points to BP 2/3
050:Base XP (Or replace with transfer amount)
010:Humanity 7 to 5*
003:Coterie (if you app in with one)
066:Possible Total Starting XP

Please use this code to add your starting stats and paste it into the job with your information filled in:

  • sheet/set (Name)/clan=(Clan Here)
  • sheet/set (Name)/covenant=(Coven Here)
  • sheet/set (Name)/bloodline=(Bloodline Here)
  • sheet/set (Name)/discipline=(discipline here):(lvl here) -You get 3 points-
  • sheet/set (Name)/attribute=(Bonus attribute here):(lvl here)

  • *If you choose a Humanity/Morality drop, you must make the degeneration rolls to the job. This is done with:
    • +roll 6=job ### for Humanity 7 > 6
    • +roll 5=job ### for Humanity 6 > 5

If you have failed a roll (0 successes) you must choose a derangement.

  • **All Retainers and Havens must be +noted (+help note 2).

Haven Template:
Name of Place:
Description: (Can be short, like “a cave” or whatever).
Grid Location: (ie. C01)
Grid’s Domain Rating: (get this from the domains page)

Application Backgrounds

You are required to answer the background survey below.

If you are a ghoul, you must submit these questions, plus the ones from the Mortal page.

You are encouraged to write a background, however it is not mandatory. Even if you do, you must still answer the survey.

  • How old are you in total?
  • How old were you when you were embraced/ghouled?
  • How many active years as a vampire/ghoul?
  • How many years in torpor?
  • Who was your family? Were they normal, supernatural, or weird in some way?
  • What was your mortal life like? Did you live a normal life, brush with the occult or live an extraordinary life in some manner?
  • Did you have children? Do you have descendants?
  • Did anything in your mortal life lead to your embrace/ghouling?
  • Who was your sire or regnant?
  • Why did your sire embrace you? Why did your regnant ghoul you?
  • Do you have a vampiric family?
  • What is your clan?
  • Do you have a bloodline? Is it your sire's or did you avus?
  • What is your covenant?
  • What is your place in your covenant (if any) and what did you do to earn it?
  • What have you done for your covenant since?
  • How many times have you been in torpor?
  • Have you ever committed diablerie, or other vampiric "sin", ever break a tradition?
  • Do you have any childer?
  • Do you have any ghouls or thralls?


  • Due to the high starting XP - we are no longer offering Incentives for the sphere.
  • Free Status: 1 in Covenant, Clan, and Praxis. Unaligned do not get to reallocate this dot into another merit.

Clan Bonuses

  • Ventrue: Presence or Resolve
  • Mekhet: Intelligence or Wits
  • Nosferatu: Composure or Strength
  • Daeva: Dexterity or Manipulation
  • Gangrel: Composure or Stamina

Covenant Bonuses

  • Invictus: 1/2 off all XP spends for Resources, Retainers, Herd, and Mentor.
  • Carthian: 1/2 off all XP spends for Allies, Contacts, Herd, and Haven.
  • Ordo Dracul: Primary Coil Path is 7x the New Level. All other paths are 8x the New Level.
  • Lancea Sanctum: 1 free Theban Miracle (of matching level) with each level of Theban Sorcery
  • Circle of Crones: 1 free Ritual (of matching level) with each new level of Cruac

Dual Covenant

  • Dual Covenant PCs are allowed.
  • Dual Covenant PCs must make sense.
  • Antagonistic/Spy Dual Covenant PCs are not allowed (No Crone/Lance or Invictus/Carthian spies).
  • Total status is capped at 3. (Status CovA 2/Status CovB 1 for example).
  • Dual Covenant PCs do gain the bonuses of each covenant but taking advantage of both could make it difficult to leave either in the future. Meaning status would always be capped at 3-dots total.


Vampire Apps

1. Set Covenant, Clan, and Bloodline.

2. Set Bonus attribute dot.

3. Set 3 Disciplines. Please check to make sure two are in clan or bloodline.

4. Do they have a bloodline active? They need at least BP 2 and their wp mod set to -1 (willpower/mod Name=-1)

5. Set up their free Statuses at 1, unless they are unrecognized. If they are unaligned, they do not get the free dot of status for the covenant and may not choose another free dot.

6. Set Potency. sheet/set Name/Potency=#

7. Read them backgrounds with +bgcheckall Name. If they are wanting something really weird, let me know. Remember, no Vampires active for over 200 years old at this time.

8. Do they have any dots in retainers or Haven (Location)? A +note must be set with their stats and approved separately.

9. Do they want to drop humanity for XP? have they rolled for it? If they fail, please set up their derangement. Set their humanity by using the sheet/set Name/Humanity=#. (Humanity starts at 7. If they dropped it once, it should be set to 6. If they dropped it twice, it should be set to 5).

10. Are they permanently freezing a character to get half their XP? Please +job/cc #=Alt Name. Have them sign off on it before assigning any XP.

11. Freeze their character using +freeze/Permafreeze Name.

12. Total up their XP and add it to the sheet using the command +xp/award Name=#:CHARGEN. If they have pulled in XP from a different character, add the character XP separately with +xp/award Name=#:ALT NAME. Then add the rest of the incentives with +xp/award Name=#:CHARGEN.

All Done!

Ghoul Apps

More or less the same as above, but with these modifications:

  • Make sure their starting disciplines are from their Regnant's clan or bloodline and that their Regnant has dots in them.


At this time, prospective Vampire Applicants do not need an IC Vampire Sire to come into the Vampire Sphere. If you have an idea in mind for your character to become Kindred, put in a +request. You can have a PRP if you want one; however, we're more interested in getting people who want to play Vampire in to play. Staff will work with you to make an NPC Sire of the Clan or Bloodline you're interested in. Keep in mind because we have limited NPCs, it's likely that we'll have to make this happen outside of the city.

XP Requests

Please Remember!

  • Herd is capped at the higher of Status: Praxis or Status: Covenant.
  • Haven (Location) is capped at their grid square's rating.
  • Haven (Location) must have a +note attached to it (see template in left column).