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Laws of the Carthian Movement

The Covenant in the Praxis of Fallcoast operates primarily out of Moostown. The Covenant leadership seeks to eliminate elitism and classism wherever it can, tirelessly campaigning to eliminate any social stratification based on age, wealth, family, or clan. That being said, there are still some rules to follow.

Law of Brotherhood
No harm shall come to any Carthian in good standing within the borders of our Domain by the hand of any non-covenant members. This includes the use of unwelcomed Disciplines and wars of proxy.
Law of the Umbra
None may teach the secrets of those devotions developed within the Movement to those outside the covenant.
Law of Conflicts
Any accused of violating Carthian Law may not flee the presence of his/her Carthian accuser until the matter is handled to the satisfaction of both parties or by the current ranking Carthian.
Law of Internal Affairs
No outside party may interfere in the processes stated herein.

Joining the Movement

While the Carthians are considerably more willing to take a chance on most Vampires, they do have some restrictions.

Each potential member is viewed on their own self-worth and assessed for what benefit they can present to the Movement as a whole. Whether it is shared political ideologies, financial capital, physical prowess, or even social or mental acumen - every Carthian has something they bring to the table and are expected to share. Vampires, which have something to offer and are willing to let it be know, tend to find their acceptance incredibly easy.

Step One
Applicants should find a Sponsor from within the Carthians and make their intention known.
Step Two
For the next month, the Sponsor will shadow the Applicant in their nightly affairs - making observations and notations along the way. The Applicant will submit themselves to scrutiny in all levels to the satisfaction of the Movement. (This scrutiny usually only goes so far until the Movement can find one area in which the potential applicant can be made an asset to the covenant. Those more easily assessed as worthy may skip the additional scrutiny altogether. Though all must endure the 1-week shadowing by a Sponsor.)
Step Three
Upon the conclusion of the Shadowing, the Sponsor arranges a meeting with the highest official locally to discuss acceptance. Pending approval of the Local Carthian Official, the applicant becomes a full-fledged member of the General Assembly.

Climbing the Ladder

When a member of the Carthian Movement feels as though they should have higher status, a +job must be created to start a vote for that status raise. It is then won by a simple majority vote. The voting job will be open for 1 week, or until a majority is attained - whichever is shorter, to allow people the time to chime in on the vote itself. All members that do not vote in that week will not count against the total of votes /for/ the status raise. In other words, if you don't vote in some way, be it via noting that you Abstain, choose Yes, or choose No, your voice will not count at all. Only those people that respond to the +job will be counted.

If a PC is appointed to an official position within the Carthian Movement by the Prefect, that PC will be elevated to status 2 within the covenant. If that PC's status is already at 2+, any further status raise will have to be voted on like all other status raises regardless of title.

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Carthian Haunts

The Slaughterhouse

Grid Location A01 (Moosetown) - Eastern Quarter
This popular Carthian destination was donated to the cause by Dazbolg before his disappearance. A private boardroom within a Slaughterhouse ensures a cold but safe place to discuss all Carthian matters as well as a fresh supply of blood. Given the recent shake-ups, it has been made official Carthian HQ due to its secrecy.

The Cynosure of Sin

Grid Location A01 (Moosetown) - Eastern Quarter
This is also a common Carthian hangout, an opium den sequestered past a shipping container in a typical warehouse. To get into it, you'd take the following exits: NDW, C, OD. The 'C' exit is dark.

Carthian Logs