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  • Amara Havana - Not specified. Unaligned. Guardians who believe themselves descended from gods, and defenders of that legacy.
  • Anvari - Approximately 300 A.D.. Circle of the Crone. Drug pushers, users, and addicts hail from this ancient lineage.
  • Asnâm, The - Late 1400's. Circle of the Crone. Idols who Believe in their divinity, and that they may one day transcend to a higher plane and achieve godhood
  • California Xiao - Late 1800's. Unaligned. Emotionless beings who steal power from the emotions of others.
  • Carnival - 1700's. Unaligned. The Freaks are mutants, and they put their bizarre mutations to work in The Show.
  • Children of Judas - Middle ages. Lancea Sanctum. Suicide Kings leave a trail of despair, walking over the broken remains of their victims.
  • Duchagne - 1765. Invictus. Easily bored manipulators of the senses and emotions of others.
  • Erzsebet - Late 1600's. Unaligned. Kindred who cannot hide from the disfiguring effects of time.
  • Eupraxus - Fall of the Camarilla. Invictus. Creatures who are both very beautiful and greatly unsettling.
  • Gulikan - 1059. Invictus. Those to whom scent is the finest of drinks.
  • Kallisti - Around 1000. Invictus. These social deconstructionists are greatly feared for their ability to destroy connections.
  • Kinnaree - Not specified. Unaligned. Social monsters who underestimate the consequences of killing.
  • Kuufukuji - Ancient. Unaligned. Hungry whores who diverge from the beliefs of their more legendary Mekhet kin.
  • Malintzin - Early 1500's. Invictus. A lineage of vampires who suffer from the eternal madness, obsessed with inheritance.
  • Mortifiers of the Flesh - Medieval times. Lancea Sanctum. Devout vampires who counter their pleasure seeking with great pain.
  • Naditu - Those who seek to be around the richest and the most powerful.
  • Nelapsi - 1100's. Invictus. Masters of fear and awe, the Locusts are feared by many Kindred for their rapacious thirsts.
  • Septemi - Mid 1400's. Carthian. Altruists who refuse to accept the Lance's teaching that they are evil beings.
  • Spina - Unspecified. Invictus. Masters of polite combat, the Spina are an Invictus lineage of courtiers and duelists.
  • Tianpan Xiao - 1700's. Ordo Dracul. Whirlwinds of constantly shifting emotion who cause powerful emotions in others.
  • Toreador - 1700's. Unaligned. A lineage who classifies themselves as the most socially capable of Kindred.
  • Zelani - Unspecified. Carthian. A newer bloodline with exceptional luck and the power to be in the right place at the right time.


  • Annunaku - Unspecified Ancient. Invictus. Masters of their domain and all within, these Kindred are dangerous foes in their own territory.
  • Barjot - 1860's. Carthian. The ties of blood are strong with this line, and they are never alone.
  • Bruja - Late 1940's. Unaligned. Bikers, smugglers, and criminals, the Bruja are despised and feared by many.
  • Carnon - Mid 1960's. Circle of the Crone. Rockers, revolutionaries, and punks, the Carnon have strong ties to the Beast, and to animals.
  • Childer of the Morrigan - Since the beginning of the Circle of the Crone. Circle of the Crone. Witches and advisors who have the honed instincts of beasts and creatures.
  • Dead Wolves - Wolf-bloods who were Embraced before their werewolf heritage could emerge.
  • Empusae - Unspecified. Circle of the Crone. Zealous believers of the chaotic Goddess of Witchcraft, Hecate.
  • Hounds of Actaeon - Ancient Greece. Unaligned. Children of Artemis who have turned hunting into their way of life.
  • Les Gens Libres - Late 1700's. Unaligned. Ex-slaves who are committed to the creation and preservation of freedom.
  • Mabry - Late 1800's. Unaligned. Fierce bikers and gangsters who have a powerful pack mentality.
  • Moroi - 1400's. Ordo Dracul.A strange hybrid bloodline produced by a pact between the Gangrel and the Nosferatu.
  • Mystikoi - Late 900's. Ordo Dracul.. A sect who seeks transcendence by delving all of the unknown mysteries of the universe.
  • Nepheshim - Not specified. Lancea Sanctum. Impoverished nomads who are always seeking, hoping to find divine enlightenment.
  • Oberlochs - 1800's. Unaligned. These are the monsters you find lurking in the small towns and backwoods.
  • Shepherds - Mid 1800's. Unaligned.. Herders who protect humanity from the dangers of vampiric excess.
  • Taifa - Approximately 700 A.D.. Invictus. A bloodline of social and sophisticated Kindred, brining a touch of class to the Gangrel.
  • The Mara - Before the 1100's. Circle of the Crone. Silent and predatory Beasts who live much of their life under the water.
  • Vedma - 1400's. Ordo Dracul. Witches, seers, and gypsies, the Vedma produce misinformation with their magic.


  • Agonistes - During the height of the Camarilla Empire. Unaligned. A line dedicated to uncovering the hidden origins of vampiric society, especially Torpor.
  • Alucinor - About 450 A.D.. Unaligned. Gatekeepers between the waking and sleeping worlds.
  • Bak-Ra - Ancient Egypt. Unaligned. Sun worshippers who wish to break the vampiric curse to once again emerge into the sunlight.
  • Brothers of Ypres - 1917. Unaligned.. Cruel Kindred who are masters of pollution and chemical warfare.
  • Csalad - 1500's. Ordo Dracul. Kindred with strong ties to their family, and to the history that surrounds them.
  • Iltani - B.C.. Unaligned. Vipers Powered by anger, spite, and resentment, the wrathful and sorcererous distills these emotions into lethal poisons.
  • Khaibit - Ancient Egypt. Circle of the Crone. A dying line of servants and demon hunters that can become one with the shadows.
  • Kuufukuji - Ancient. Unaligned. Ascetic monks who seek self-control and wish not to indulge the Beast.
  • Libitinarius - 1880's. Ordo Dracul. Morticians and practioners of funeral rites, who care more for the dead than the living.
  • Lynx - Extremely recent. 1980's. Invictus. Obsessive Kindred who see the interlocking connections between everything in the world.
  • Mnemosyne - 2nd century Camarilla Empire. Unaligned. Memory-sharers who can browse the memories of all in their Bloodline.
  • Morbus - 500's A.D.. Unaligned. Plaguebearers who feed on disease and its carriers.
  • Norvegi - Middle ages. Unaligned. A hideous bloodline whose discipline is despised by the Kindred who hold power.
  • Osites - In the early nights of the Black Abbey. Lancea Sanctum. Bone Monks who seek spiritual enlightenment by studying death.
  • Players - Early 1800's. Unaligned. Vampires who are easily mistaken for fakes, due to their immense desire to appear important.
  • Qedeshah - Ancient Babylon. Unaligned. Nursemaids who hold the power to heal injured Kindred.
  • Sangiovanni - Later Renaissance period. Lancea Sanctum. Disturbed necromancers whose dark arts are a fiercely guarded secret.
  • Tismanu - 1400's. Ordo Dracul. Monks of the Order, who practice the divine arts of the Orthodox Church.


  • Adroanzi - Not specified. Unaligned. African gardeners who control the land and plants around them in macabre ways.
  • Azerkatil - 1475. Ordo Dracul. A legendary bloodline thought to be able to kill Dracula.
  • Baddacelli - Early centuries after the fall of the Camarilla Empire. Unaligned. Blind vampires who live by sound, not by sight.
  • Burakumin - Feudal Japan. Unaligned. Individuals of lowly standing who have power over death.
  • Calacas - 1902. Ordo Dracul. Stalkers and creeps who talk with the dead to know as much as possible about their prey.
  • Caporetti - 1915. Unaligned.. Cold-loving vampires who took refuge in the Alps during the Great War.
  • Cimitiere - A group of Haunts that paradoxically adhere to their morality with utmost care.
  • The Cockscomb Society - Late 1800's. Ladies and gents who think that, despite their appearance, they can blend with humanity.
  • Csejthe - Descendants of Bathory Erszebet who punish the Galloi for "stealing" their secret to being beautiful.
  • Galloi - Before Rome. Circle of the Crone. Distorted beings who bathe themselves and others in blood that gives temporary beauty.
  • Gethsemani - 1522. Lancea Sanctum. Kindred who gain power from committing blasphemies against the Cross.
  • Licinii - Ancient Rome. Unaligned. Pretenders,A primarily Julii bloodline, known for its infirmity and weakness, who are outcasts from that clan due to their sordid and pathetic reputation.
  • Lygos - Ancient Egypt. Unaligned. The creeping horrors that lurk in the dark and unlit spaces.
  • Mayarap - Not specified. Unaligned. Snake vampires who contemplate the sins of all the Kindred.
  • Moroi - 1400's. Ordo Dracul. A strange hybrid bloodline produced by a pact between the Gangrel and the Nosferatu.
  • Morotrophians - Early 1500's. Invictus. Lovers of order, who create boundaries to trap themselves and their prey.
  • Noctuku - Neolithic. Unaligned.Freakish cannibals who eat the flesh of others for sustenance.
  • Order of Sir Martin - Late 1000's. Invictus.. An order with a terrifying disease pledged to uphold the laws of the First Estate.
  • Rakshasa - 500 B.C.. Unaligned. Grotesquely inhuman Kindred who take animal forms.
  • Telamones - Camarilla Empire. Invictus. Distressing Engineers who toil beneath the surface on vast and frightening projects.
  • Usiri - Ancient Egypt. Unaligned. Worshippers of Osiris who hid their information gathering powers into their blood.
  • Yagnatia - Late 900's A.D.. Circle of the Crone. An infertile bloodline who were once a part of Russian nobility.


  • Adrestoi - 1980's. Unaligned. Creatures of the cities whose emotions are tied to how well fed they stay.
  • Apollinaire - 1791. Unaligned. Terrifying Kindred who have the power to lock and unlock the gates of the dead.
  • Architects of the Monolith - Late 1600's. Ordo Dracul. Masons who control the city and those within it through secret magic.
  • Bron - Unspecified predating Dark Ages. Unaligned. Eternal seekers of the Holy Grail, and the healing power it bears.
  • Canda Bhanu - The fall of the Camarilla Empire. Unaligned. A bloodline of Brahman who believe they have been called to bring peace to the Kindred.
  • Corajoso - 1200's. Unaligned. A close-knit family of Portuguese Kindred who can read the blood of others.
  • Deucalion - 1950's. Carthian. Zealous skinheads who want to prove the Ventrue is greater than all other clans.
  • Dragolescu - Unspecified. Ordo Dracul.. A pariah bloodline with a particular interest in spirits and the soul.
  • Geheim - Approximately 1480. Ordo Dracul. Blood alchemists who can transmute Vitae into a variety of things.
  • Gorgons - Before the rise of the Camarilla. Circle of the Crone. Crones who control serpents and cannot be separated from their influence.
  • Icarians - 1388. Lancea Sanctum. Vampires dedicated to a higher cause, which gives them powerful social resistance.
  • Macellarius - Ancient Rome. Invictus. Gourmands, Gluttons An ill-reputed bloodline, known chiefly for its morbid obesity, they are believed to consume blood in great quantities,
  • Malkovian - 1800's. Invictus. A deranged group of Ventrue rarely referenced in proper circles.
  • Malocusians - Unspecified. Invictus. Kindred who have become one with their Havens, weaving them into elaborate webs.
  • Melissidae - Unspecified. Unaligned. Kindred inspired by insects, who attempt to organize themselves into complex hives.
  • Nahualli - Late 1800's. Unaligned. Divided into two halves, they see the Beast as a dark mirror of their human selves.
  • Rotgrafen - Approximately 1000 A.D.. Unaligned. Descended from Vikings, these Kindred abhor heat, and, most of all, fire.
  • Sons of Cade - Early 1800's. Unaligned. Descendants of an infamous and bloodthirsty Ventrue, who follow his might-makes-right philosophy.
  • Sotoha - 1500's. Invictus. Japanese Kindred who mask their emotions behind a barrier, hoping to avoid the Frenzy.


Book Title Year Published
Ancient Bloodlines 2009
Ancient Mysteries 2009
Belial's Brood 2007
Blood Red, Ash Grey 2007
Bloodlines: The Chosen 2007
Bloodlines: The Hidden 2005
Bloodlines: The Legendary 2006
Blood Sorcery: Sacraments and Blasphemies 2013
Carthians 2006
Circle of the Crone 2006
City of the Damned: New Orleans 2005
Coteries 2004
Criminal Intent 2008
Damnation City 2007
The Danse Macabre 2010
Fall of the Camarilla 2008
Ghouls 2005 ** No Families for PC use **
Kiss of the Succubus: Daeva 2008
Lancea Sanctum 2005
Lords Over The Damned: Ventrue 2008
Mythologies 2006 **Case by Case Basis: See invididual merit/devotion/etc
Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners 2009 **Case by Case Basis: See invididual merit/devotion/etc
Night Horrors: Wicked Dead 2009 ** Unavailable for PC Use **
Nomads 2004
Ordo Dracul 2005
Requiem Chronicler's Guide 2006
Requiem For Rome 2007 ** Unavailable for PC Use **
Rites of the Dragon 2004
Savage and Macabre: Gangrel 2008
Scenes of Frenzy 2007
Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet 2009
Shadows of Mexico 2006
The Beast That Haunts The Blood: Nosferatu 2009
The Blood 2007
The Invictus 2005
The Testament of Longinus 2009
Vampire: The Requiem 2004
VII 2005 ** Unavailable for PC Use **

Vampire Merits
Kindred Merits
  • Armor of Scars (• to •••••) Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners p. 101
  • Bad Breeding (• to •••) Ventrue: Lords Over the Damned p. 105
  • Bugman Network Membership (••• or •••••) Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners p. 64
  • Cacophony Listener (••• to •••••) Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus p. 102
  • Close Family (• to •••) Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus p. 117
  • Doll Face (•) Mekhet: Shadows in the Dark p. 118
  • Dream Visions (•••) Mekhet: Shadows in the Dark p. 119
  • Guardian Spirit (•• to •••••) [Haven] Sanctum and Sigil p. 86
  • Ghost Eater (•••) Book of the Dead p. 54
  • Good Breeding (• to •••) Ventrue: Lords Over the Damned p. 106
  • Haunted Channel (• to •••••) Nosferatu: The Beast That Haunts the Blood p. 109
  • Haunted Hand (• to •••••) Nosferatu: The Beast That Haunts the Blood p. 109
  • Haven (• to ••••• {Size, Security, Location}) Vampire: The Requiem p. 100
  • Haven {Occultation} (• to •••••) [Haven - Size 3 or less] Mekhet: Shadows in the Dark p. 118
  • Herd (• to •••••) Vampire: The Requiem p. 102
  • Inhuman Resistance (•••) [Gangrel] Gangrel: Savage and Macabre p. 113
  • Inherited Resistance (•• or ••••) [Ventrue, Dominate 1 or Animalism 1] Ventrue: Lords over the Damned p. 106
  • Kindred Medium (•• or ••••) [Wits 2] City of the Damned: New Orleans p. 93
  • Liver-Eating (•••) [Blood Potency 2] Mythologies p. 67
  • Lordly Palette (• to •••) Ventrue: Lords Over the Damned p. 106
  • Occultation (• to •••) [No dots in Fame] Mage: The Awakening p. 86 or Mekhet: Shadows in the Dark p. 120
  • Of Rose and Thorn (••••) [Blood Potency 2, Animalism 2] Gangrel: Savage and Macabre p. 113
  • Pack Blooded (••) [Must belong to a coterie where at least one other member possesses this Merit] Gangrel: Savage and Macabre p. 114
  • Savage Kenning (•••) [Gangrel, Animalism 1 or Animal Ken 1, CG Only] Gangrel: Savage and Macabre p. 114
  • Shadow Cult Initiation (• to •••••) [Mortal for 1 dot, ghoul for 2 dots, Kindred for 3 or more] Vampire: The Requiem p. 102
  • Status (City) (• to •••••) Vampire: The Requiem p. 102
  • Status (Clan) (• to •••••) Vampire: The Requiem p. 102
  • Status (Covenant) (• to •••••) Vampire: The Requiem p. 102
  • Swarm Master (••••) [Blood Potency 3, Humanity no greater than 5] Night Horrors: Wicked Dead p. 108
  • Swarm Mind (••) [Protean 4] Gangrel: Savage and Macabre p. 114
  • True Worm (•••) Nosferatu: The Beast That Haunts the Blood p. 109
  • Undead Menses (•••) Gangrel: Savage and Macabre p. 115
  • Unliving Anchor (• to •••••) Nosferatu: The Beast That Haunts the Blood p. 109
  • Unyielding Mask (••• or ••••) Nosferatu: The Beast That Haunts the Blood p. 110
  • Voyeur (••• or •••••) [Daeva] Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus p. 117
Carthian Merits
  • Carthian Lawyer (••) [Academics 1, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 184
  • Carthian Pull (• to •••••) [Status (Carthian Movement) at least equal to dots in Carthian Pull] Carthians p. 181
  • Coder Clique (•) [Computer 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 181
  • Current Events Circle (•) [Politics 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 182
  • Debate Club (•) [Persuasion 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 182
  • Encounter Group (•) [Empathy 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 182
  • Fighting Style: Swarm Tactics (• to ••) [Brawl or Weaponry 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 183
  • Lab Section (•) [Medicine 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 182
  • Night Doctor Surgery (•••) [Medicine 3, Status (Carthian Movement) 1, membership in a Night Doctor clique] Carthians p. 183
  • The Right Bar (•) [Streetwise 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 182
  • Study Group (•) [Academics 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 181
  • Theater Society (•) [Expression 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 1] Carthians p. 182

End Column

This is the end of the column.
Circle of the Crone Merits
  • Altar (• to ••) Circle of the Crone p. 40
  • Temple (• to •••••) Circle of the Crone p. 42
Invictus (Dynastic) Merits
  • House Membership (• or •••) [Kindred or Ghoul] The Invictus p. 187
  • Torpor Connection (• to •••••) [Kindred, Presence 2, House Membership 1] The Invictus p. 187
  • Speaker for the Eclipsed (• to •••••) [Kindred, Torpor Connection 3] The Invictus p. 188
  • Will of the Dynasty (•••) [Kindred, House Membership 3] The Invictus p. 188
  • Virtue's Twin (•••) [Kindred, House Membership 3] The Invictus p. 188
  • Tap the Torpid Mind (• to •••••) [Kindred, House Membership 3, Speaker for the Eclipsed 1] The Invictus p. 188
Ordo Dracul Merits
  • Crucible Ritual (•••) [Resolve 2, 1 or more Coils] Ordo Dracul p. 202
  • Fontal Ritual (••) [Academics 1, Occult 2] Ordo Dracul p. 202
  • Geomantic Nexus (• to ••••• {Size}, • to ••• {Potency}, •• {Seals}) [Wits 2, Occult 3] Ordo Dracul p. 202
  • Mind of the Devouring Worm (•••) [Kindred, Intelligence 3] Ordo Dracul p. 204
  • Mind of the Inscrutable Hydra (••) [Mind of the Unblinking Serpent] Ordo Dracul p. 204
  • Mind of the Unblinking Serpent (••) [Mind of the Devouring Worm] Ordo Dracul p. 204

Ghoul Merits

  • Inherited Ghoul (••) [Ghoul, CG Only] Ghouls p. 71
  • Regnant (• to ••••• {Power, Favor}) [Ghoul] Ghouls p. 71
  • Source Sympathy (•••) [Ghoul, Empathy 3] Ghouls p. 73
  • Sexualized (••) Ghouls p. 73

Domain Merits

  • Cant Fluency (•) [Politics, Occult, or Streetwise 1] Damnation City p. 200
  • Cant Savvy (•) [Intelligence 2, Investigation, Occult, or Streetwise 1] Damnation City p. 200
  • Connections (• to •••••) [Presence 2, Politics 2 or Streetwise 3] Damnation City p. 200
  • Domain (• to •••••) [Fealty Flaw] Damnation City p. 200
  • Feeding Ground (• to •••••) [Fealty Flaw for the four- and five-dot versions] Damnation City p. 202
  • Site (• to •••••) Damnation City p. 202
  • Tenant (• to •••••) [Domain Size 1 per instance of Tenant, Fealty Flaw] Damnation City p. 202
  • Vassal (• to •••••) [Domain Size 1 per instance of Vassal, Fealty Flaw] Damnation City p. 203

Ancient Merits

  • Devoted (• to •••••) Ancient Mysteries p. 65
  • Distant Sympathy (••) [Blood Potency 6] Ancient Mysteries p. 66
  • Remnant of Clarity (• to •••) [Blood Potency 4] Ancient Mysteries p. 66
  • Requiem Diary (• to •••••) Ancient Mysteries p. 66
  • Taste of the Strange (•) [Blood Potency 7] Ancient Mysteries p. 67
  • Tenacious Consciousness (••) [Resolve 3] Ancient Mysteries p. 67
  • Tomb (• to ••••) [Haven 1] Ancient Mysteries p. 67
  • Vice Over Virtue (••) [Blood Potency 3, Humanity no greater than 5, undead at least 100 years] Ancient Mysteries p. 68
  • Vitae Connoisseur (•) [Blood Potency 3] Ancient Mysteries p. 68
  • Zeal (••) [Resolve 3] Ancient Mysteries p. 68

Paths of the Blood Gods

  • The Enlightened Code of the Lawgiver (• to ••••) [Composure 3, Academics, Politics or Science 2, Virtue is not Hope] Mythologies p. 40
  • The Red Path of Aeshma (• to ••••) [Resolve 3, Occult 2, Virtue is not Temperance] Mythologies p. 41
  • Travails of the Unifier (• to ••••) [Resolve or Composure 3, Academics 2, Virtue is not Charity] Mythologies p. 40

End Column

This is the end of the column.