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“O light! This is the cry of all the characters of ancient drama brought face to face with their fate. This last resort was ours, too, and I knew it now. In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.”
~ Albert Camus - L'été

RP Hooks

CrossedSwordsIcon.png Changeling: She is one.

CrossedSwordsIcon.png New to Town: Just arrived.

CrossedSwordsIcon.png Summer Court: A member in good standing.


xxxxxLife was idyllic in the beautiful residential Jardim Botanico neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The middle child of a world renown physician and his successful entreprenurial wife, Camilla, as she was known then, was a beloved daughter, a loyal friend and sister, and a highly regarded college student on the precipice of graduation. Camilla was looking forward to the rest of her life. She had gained the attention of more than a few prestigious dance companies when she one day disappeared without a trace.

xxxxxTime in Arcadia moved slowly, much more slowly than it did for everyone else who jumped into a serious manhunt the moment her family suspected she was kidnapped. Her Keeper was ruthless and those in his court grew bored often. Bloodsports were what they demanded. Thrust into the pits without fully or knowing or understanding what exactly just happened, the odds against Camilla were stacked high. When she surprised the Keeper and his court with her impressive victory, it set a fire inside of her.

xxxxxThe years passed in Arcadia and Valeria was born. A revered gladiator but the details of that time are fuzzy. One day when she came to and found herself lost, she clung to a large oak tree to give her shelter. Her name "Valeria" was the only thing she could tell her rescuers. It had been six months since Camilla disappeared but took far longer than that for the pieces of the puzzle to come together. When it was discovered that Valeria was Camilla, the change was so great that she could not find it in herself to present this different person to her family.

xxxxxIt was better for them to believe she would never be found.

xxxxxFrom that point, Valeria has dedicated herself to the Summer Court and joined a local Brazilian freehold. She has traveled the world, offering assistance where she can the help suss out Courts who are conspiring with the True Fae. Of all the places in the world, she has recently arrived to Fallcoast, Maine.



xxxxxA sculpted bronze goddess, standing just under six feet, Valeria prides herself on being the epitome of a modern day gladiator. She carries herself with an air of royal elegance with the perfect posture of a classically trained dancer and the prowess of a lioness. Her long brown hair is kissed by the sun, a hue that blends and compliments her tanned skin. Her hazel eyes pick up golden hues and are framed by dark lashes that outline their almond shape. She bears a slender nose and soft full lips, an overall aesthetically pleasing countenance. Her body is her work of art and the result of countless hours of training and eating healthy. She is a powerful woman of commanding presence.


xxxxxStriking a delicate balance between interesting and monstrous, she stands taller than the average woman with an imposing demeanor. At first glance, the features of her face are not so terrifying, save for the her sharp bone structure and the curious texture of her skin around the edges of her face. A bronzed thickening in scaled patterns scatters up from her cheekbones to her temples and around the hairline where small boney protrusions rise from her skull and dress the hairline like a crown holding back long glossy honeyed tresses. The shape of her eyes takes on a more exaggerated almond shape and the colorless hue, stark and bloodless, is unsettling. Her draconic features are subtle but at this point, undeniable; blackened bronzed scales that cover her hands like dragon skin gloves sporadically reach her elbows. The same scaling can be found scattered in thick plates down the length of her strong legs, growing thicker and darker until they too conceal her feet. When she smiles, her fangs bear the curved and sharp resemblance of a snake. An insidious grin, indeed.


Court summer.png Thorn - The man is the epitome of the word formidable. The jury is still out however on what to think of him personally. A man of little words but it seems as though he fancies himself a comedian. My first connection in Fallcoast and my neighbor. I'll have to make a note not to purposely piss him off.

Court winter.png Bah - The Winter King - It is easy to see why the man would attract the sort of attention he does. We are certainly cared for under his guidance.

Court dusk.png Wish - Truly exceptional. She did not have to say much but she shared her affinity for fighting with spears and this lit a fire inside of me. Another neighbor I am looking forward to getting to know better.

Court spring.png Bjorn - A fighter like me but with more professional experience, Bjorn is lively and charismatic. He will have no problems keeping the crowds enticed and giving them what they want.

Court spring.png Richard - The man is a charmer and a shrewd businessman. I am not sure I'd want to be someone who owed him any favors.

Court summer.png Sloan - Far more clever and witty than I initially gave him credit for. He rose to the challenge when it was presented to him and this amused me. He owes me a drink.

Court summer.png Mane - New to the Summer Court, I feel she has chosen wisely. There is a lot of spirit in her and a lot of fight that lingers beneath the calm waters of her exterior. The girl can hoist a line like no one's business.

Court summer.png Sol - His name alone means 'sun', but his brilliance is nothing I've seen before. His passion and devotion for his wife, Mane, are admirable. I hope one day someone will obliterate metal punching bags for me the way he did for her.

Court summer.png Thomas - He fancies himself to be the supporting cast when it is easy to see he could easily take the leading role. Sure, he can only move one place in any direction, but without the king, the game is forfeit.

Court winter.png Mariella - All hushed tones do not mean she cannot be heard. Her frost melts with the kiss of Summer only to freeze more deeply when Winter's chill arrives. Fellow dragon and Winter's second. She is someone to respect and admire.

Court summer.png Casimir - He fans the flames of Summer in a style most deceptive. Molten lava burns black in his eyes despite appearing cool and detached. There is so much passion wrapped up inside an expensive suit. Motley material.





Seeming ogre.pngKotDSLogo.pngCourt summer.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Valeria Carvalho
Appears As: Valeria
Birth Date: August 3rd, 1993
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Amateur Fighter
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Pride
Sphere: Changeling
Court: Summer
Seeming: Ogre
Kiths: Berserker
Entitlement: Knighthood of the Dragonslayer
Keeper: The Lord Champion
Motley: None yet.

Notable Stats

SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
MERIT •••••
MERIT •••••
MERIT •••••


Matisyahu ~ Sunshine
Keep on moving 'till the first rays of dawn
Keeping it on 'till the day stays strong
Morning 'till the night time blaze is on
All along I keep singing my song
I said, this phase is always
Sometimes I get so crazed
But just know that I'll always stay
Cause you're my light through the haze
It's time for a champion
Soothe the soul of the land