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When you're going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill

Basic Information

xxxxx Hey! I'm glad you dropped by. This is my talk page, copied mostly from TR only reformatted to make sense of the new game.

xxxxx I am a veteran RPer, even if I just started on MU*s in March 2012. I played on the White Wolf Moderated Chats before they shut down, and also on WanWic 3.0 until it shut down. Perhaps I kill games D: I hope not though! TR closing was not my fault. XD

xxxxx I am a disabled and semi-unemployed early-30s female; this means that I am often frustrated, often sick, and end up having to reschedule or pass on scenes somewhat unexpectedly. It isn't by choice, and I am often bothered by it. I live with one of my partners, his wife, and their adult daughter.

xxxxx I am a knitter, crocheter, and all-around craft geek; I read and write; and I am dipping my toe back in the writing romance game. If I am awake, it is 99% likely I am on the game.

Weekly Schedule

Eastern Standard Time:
  • Every day is a little different. I sleep oddly and have appointments for various things often. Most of the time, if I'm awake and at home (and not on a video call for various appointments), I'm on the game, even if I'm writing.

Staffin' Stuffs

  • Mortal: A fun sphere that doesn't get enough love. Not just super-bait!
  • Mortal+: Another fun sphere that doesn't get enough love. I have Clarine, a Thaumaturge, in this sphere.
  • Hunter: I love Hunters, too, but struggle with combat, sometimes. I have Sophia, a member of the Maiden's Blood Sisterhood, in this sphere.
  • Changeling: My one true love, these days. I have Aileen in this sphere.


Notes About Me


I'm pretty laid back most times, but I do occasionally fixate on things. When I fixate I am mostly in a lot of pain and tend to be snappish. This is rarely meant personally. I am a creative person with a chronic illness or five, so some days I am just going to be impossible to be around. This is something I'm coming to terms with, the being sick; if I offend you, please let me know. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

  • I RP just about anything. I have few squicks. Rape is a big one of said squicks, but otherwise? Ask.
  • I am often available, but idle. Ping me if I'm on. I usually reply unless pages are lost in scroll. If they are, just try again :)
  • I like unordered lists, and they should have at least three things. This is the third thing.

Things I've Run