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Weapons Laws

Fallcoast's Interpretation of the Laws

xxxxxPlease be aware that we are aiming for a sort of tempered realism here on Fallcoast. This means that we are using the bulk of Real World laws as our inspirations and starting point. However, this is an abstraction and not a fully faithful simulation of real world firearms laws.

For questions or concerns regarding these laws and restrictions, please contact the Law Admin

Firearms in Maine

  • Since legal resources can be confusing, dry, and generally unpleasant to read, I would like to compile some useful information for characters wishing to own and operate various firearms. I will generally drop some tips here and guidelines that Law and Equipment staff will be trying to operate by.
  • First off, Maine is an exceedingly lax State. It is considered the 42nd least restrictive when it comes to firearms laws. Maine is a 2nd Amendment State, which has few if any state laws prohibiting firearms, generally relying on Local and Federal statutes. Any fingerprints and documents submitted for a background check will be kept on file by the authorities. While they may not immediately (or ever) make it into Criminal Databases, this is a possibility.

Legal in Maine

  • Buy .50 caliber rifles.
  • Purchase a legal firearm without a waiting period.
  • Buy large capacity magazines.
  • Not have a limit on the number of firearm purchases.
  • Buy and own almost every melee weapon you please.

Illegal in Maine

  • Slingshot, brass knuckles, bowie knife, or other weapon usually used to harm another human being.

xxxxxThe exception is hunting or fishing weaponry while hunting or fishing.

  • Carry or conceal automatically opening knives such as switchblades or gravity knives.
  • Carry or wear a sword, axe, etc in a manner consistent with use except in specific training circumstances.

xxxxxFor example: Wearing a sword on your hip is threatening (hence illegal) unless you're training with swords in a studio.

Silencers and Suppressors

The use and sale of suppressors if regulated by Federal Law (The National Firearms Act). Purchasing a suppressor requires an exceedingly thorough background check from Federal Authorities, and requires one submit fingerprints, personal information and the like. It will be denied to anyone with a criminal record, possibly even sealed juvenile records. This background check will take at least four (4) weeks to complete.

Note that only Class 3 Firearms Dealers may sell suppressors. Also of note is that it is unlawful to repair or modify a suppressor in any fashion.

Carrying Firearms

xxxxx In Maine, a firearm can be legally be carried to a great many places.

Concealed Carry Permit

xxxxx Since October 2015 there is no longer a requirement to get a permit to carry concealed weapons. This does mot mean that a person who would normally not be allowed to carry firearms at all is now allowed to. This lack of a permit only applies to firearms not other weapons.

xxxxx A person may be prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under state law, federal law, or both. Prohibitions include convictions (felony and qualifying misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence); some juvenile adjudications; many protection from abuse orders, dishonorable discharge from the military; immigration status; deferred disposition status; certain mental health adjudications (civil involuntary commitment; finding of not guilty by reason of insanity; finding of not competent to stand trial) and certain probate adjudications. Prohibitions may also be imposed by conditions of bail, probation, and deferred disposition agreements.

xxxxx If any of these prohibitions apply to your PC and they are found with a weapon, concealed or not, then you can expect jail time.

xxxxx The following acts are considered carrying a concealed weapon: Carrying a firearm on one's person outside of clear sight. Carrying a weapon within the glove box or other areas of a car or motor vehicle where the driver can access them.

Maine Concealed Carry Laws

Open Carry

It is considered lawful to openly carry a firearm in the state of Maine. There are several exceptions to this rule however. The most notable are: Any firearm which would be illegal to own is clearly illegal to carry openly. Any brandishing or threatening with a weapon is a crime.

Restricted Areas

xxxxx You cannot carry a firearm, open or concealed, in any of the following places:


State Parks

Acadia National Park


Federal buildings

State Capitol area

Private property when prohibited by the property owner

Establishments licensed for on-premises consumption of liquor, if the premises are posted. Note that even if there is no posted prohibition, it is illegal to carry on these premises while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Labor disputes and strikes

Police Officers Right to Carry

  • Police Officers, are required to carry their sidearm 24/7. The restricted list above does NOT pertain to police officers, whether on duty or off duty. Police officers are unrestricted in where they can carry weapons in the city of Fallcoast.
  • Business owners may NOT stop a police officer from carrying his weapon on their property, regardless if the police officer is on duty or off duty.

Purchasing Firearms Legally

xxxxxTo legally purchase a firearm in the State of Maine from a licensed firearm dealer, after the requisite paperwork is filed, your name and social security number are called in to make sure you aren't flagged by the FBI for any reason that may restrict you to owning a firearm. This process takes about 10 minutes.

xxxxxTo get a C3 weapon, also known as a National Firearms Act weapon, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) must approve the transfer. If the CLEO does not approve, you can appeal to others such as the county sheriff (if you're in their jurisdiction), judge that presides over felonies, or district attorney. After that, the cost is $200 per weapon. The weapon is registered to you at a national level and you must document its sale or transfer of ownership in the same fashion.

xxxxxTo be a legal firearms seller of C3/NFA weapons, you have to meet all the above criteria, pay a yearly fee, and keep meticulous books. The ATF and local law enforcement can examine your records at any time with no notice or motive beyond verifying they are correct. 'For all FFL/FEP, you also give up your 4th Amendment right, and the ATF can enter your home or place of business to ensure that you have these weapons in proper storage and state of security. If you do not, your license will be revoked, you will likely be fined, and may face jail time.

Legal Firearms and Criminal Acts

xxxxxAny firearm you purchase will be registered in your name. This means that it can and will be utilized by the authorities if you use it in a crime. Ballistics and tool marks can be checked. Your equipment can be confiscated by law enforcement personnel in the event of a crime and the object may or may not be returned depending on the outcome of the investigation and/or legal proceedings.

Obtaining Federal Licenses

These are the final guidelines for obtaining a Federal Firearms License (FFL) or Federal Explosives License (FEL).

Types of Permits

Federal Firearms Licenses come in two flavors; either they are for dealers or users.

Dealers need to have a business selling firearms. Users do not.

Federal Explosives Licenses are issued to a business that needs explosives; individual users of explosives are then added to the license. Both the business needs the license and the person using the explosives needs to be authorized on the license.

Both of these types of licenses involve a waiver of your Search & Seizure rights; if you have a FFL or FEL, police can come into your property to inspect your guns for proper storage at any time, something often used as an excuse to poke around for other illegal activity.

Getting A Permit

Getting a FFL or FEL requires a +req/law followed by a +req/equip; there is a 30-day (one month) waiting period between the two. IC interviews are no longer required.

  • Step 1: Law Request

When you want a permit, open a +req/law as follows:

+req/law FFL for <Name>=Hello! I would like a Federal Firearms License.%r%rI have no criminal record and have not been judged mentally incompetent.%r%rThe purpose for the license I am putting on my application is: <reason>.

If you do have a criminal record but are ICly lying about it, or you are ICly lying about the reason you are putting on your application, please tell staff and we will adjudicate that.

  • Step 2: Politics Roll

Staff will respond and ask you to +roll manipulation+politics to the job to represent your interview and background investigation by ATF, local law enforcement, and the like.

If you have any dots in Police, Military, High Society or equivalent Status or own a firearms-related business, staff will ask you to roll at no penalty.

Most applications, staff will ask you to roll at -2.

If you have dots in a criminal-related status (even if you do not have a criminal record) or an equivalent flaw like Dishonorably Discharged, staff will ask you to roll at -4.

If you succeed at your roll, Law staff will approve your job. If you fail your roll, you can try again in a month using the ordinary rules for repeat tries. Note: You can get someone else to make the Politics roll for you! However, they have then ICly sponsored you and are linked to you if law enforcement investigates.

  • Step 3: +equip request

Once your job is approved, you must wait 30 days (one month) for your application to ICly be processed. This timer starts when you /submit/ your +req/law -- so even if it takes a week to resolve your permit job, you can get the permitted items 30 days after the job is submitted.

Submit a +req/equip as normal for your licenses and any items requiring a license. If you submit a +req/equip before getting your license job approved, Equip staff will send the equip job back to you.

Why A Waiting Period?

Why is there a 30-day waiting period? Government bureaucracy ICly takes time, and we want to encourage people who need things quickly to go to the Black Market or take other illegal or supernatural steps.

We encourage people to do that! Want to mind-control an ATF agent? Supernally will a permit into existence? Shapeshift into the form of someone who has a Class 3 permit and use their identity to buy your gun? That all sounds awesome -- just submit a +request.

Interview Scenes

As noted above, interview scenes are not required. However, if you'd like to arrange for an interview scene with a Law PC, feel free to do so; everyone in the scene will get 1 XP for participating.