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I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
~ Edgar Allan Poe



xxxxxTrudy grew up in Hanging Hills, but came to Fallcoast to study at St. John's University. She is a part of the Art Studies program and is known for her painting as well as some unusual performance art.


xxxxxGertrud Klemm, affectionately called “Trudy” for short is a student artist at the local university. She is known for her eccentricity. One might expect a traumatic of unusual upbringing when they saw her today, vomiting paint in the middle of Fallcoast Park in an eccentric display of performance art, but Trudy had a relatively normal childhood. She was raised by her grandparents just outside of Fallcoast in Hanging Hills.
xxxxxHer parents perished in a car accident off the coast of Maine when she was only 2 years old, their vehicle sliding off an icy costal road and into the cold Atlantic. The tragic event didn’t stop her from having a relatively normal childhood. She was raised in Rural Hanging Hills by her loving grandparents. Besides the singular tragic death of her parents, Trudy seemed fairly normal. She was a straight A student, involved in school activities, popular with other children, and in the end, a relatively boring, normal young girl, but that all seemed to change once she went off to university.
xxxxxPerhaps due to a lifetime of mundane repression, or the shock of culture and people of a new environment at University, Trudy dove headlong into the artistic counter-culture around St. John’s University. Rather than take up painting or theater up as a mild hobby, she dropped her major and squandered her academics in favor of eccentric performance art and abstract painting. Her conservative grandparents are fairly disappointed with her odd shift in demeanor, and are perhaps hoping the change is just a phase she’ll grow out of.


Bullethole.pngSt. John's Unversity:Trudy is a Master's student and teaching assistant at St. Johns University. She assists teaching some of the lower level art courses. Perhaps you're in one of her classes?

Bullethole.pngPainter & Performer:Trudy is involved with the art studies program at St. John's University.

Bullethole.pngFinancial Trouble:The artist is in massive debt from student loans, a failed bar, and other pointless, wasteful investments. Despite her debt, she still manages to keep her head afloat. Any characters involved in investment or banks may find her way of prolonging catastrophic terrifying or perhaps fascinating.

Bullethole.pngHanging Hills: Trudy grew up in Hanging Hills, where her grandparents still live.

Bullethole.pngPossessed: Trudy once had a second sight for daemons, but is now possessed by one. It is even rumored she did so willingly.

Bullethole.pngBlast From The Past: Her demon is ancient. Perhaps you encountered it once before?

"Mr. Dino"

xxxxx"Mr Dino", as Trudy affectionately calls the demon within her was picked up from Nico's Old World Imports, hidden in an unassuming, T-rex plastic grabber. "Dino" claims to be everything from The original Serpent in the Garden of Eden to a disembodied dinosaur. The only fact that seems to be true, is that the demon is certainly old, and thrives on the idea of pushing and shattering social norms and boundaries. It is a goal that Trudy somewhat shares through her vocation of stunning and thrilling the world with her art, but they are probably less innocent than the artist’s goals and motives. Still, there seems to be a happy synergy between the mortal and her possessor, enough so that she was willing to share her mortal soul with it.

xxxxxThe fiend has an unusual predisposition for blondes.While it does not exclusively possess blondes, it does prefer them. While it enjoys the aesthetics of soft blonde locks, it very much loves owning blonde hair. It is a mystery why, but the demon loves, and is unnaturally drawn to long blonde hair. The first activity a blonde mortal will find itself doing when possessed is standing and staring at themselves in the mirror.



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Sin symbol lust by larsjack-a.pngBookicon.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Gertrud "Trudy" Klemm
Appears As: Trudy
Birth Date: 7/21/1993
Apparent Age: 22
Occupation: Artist
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Possessed
Demon: Daebaaman
Clutch: TBD

Notable Stats

Stats Of Note
Striking Looks

Soundtrack (NSFW)

Nutellapriesterin NSFW

Something Else NSFW

The Artist is an Explorer NSFW

Something Else NSFW

Static Artwork (Style Of)

Various - Allison Schulnik

Various - Anton Semenov

Decay - Seth Siro Anton