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Dr. Tristan Namkhir Thorpe ("Doc")

“Whatsoever house I may enter, my visit shall be for the convenience and advantage of the patient..”

– The Hippocratic Oath


xxxxxTristan, a Thyrsus Silver Ladder mage, is a Healer. That is the core of who and what he is. Both in the mundane sense (as a Doctor) and in the supernal sense (as a Thyrsus specializing in Life and wearer of the red robes of the Disciples of Aesclipius), Tristan will help anyone in need of medical attention - be they friend or enemy, be they human or not. The Disciples are a truly rare Legacy, and are much sought after by any who seek Healing.

RP Hooks
  • ER Doctor... Tristan works as the Chief Resident in the Emergency Room at St. John's Hospital.
  • Bowling Green Clinic... Tris is also the director of the Clinic, a place where the homeless and indigent can find state of the art medical care.
  • EMT... Tristan does take shifts as an EMT when not on duty at the hospital. It's his way of 'giving back'.
  • Local... Growing up locally, he was Class of 2006 at the high school, before moving to NYC for college and medical school. Those who grew up around the same time as him would know that his parents were brutally murdered, the sight of which triggered him being hospitalized (nearly comatose with shock) for several years - years that he's still totally blocked out and don't remember. In high school he wasn't particularly popular, but he was generally well-liked.
  • Thorpe Family - Tristan is the local acting head (acting, because the real heads are Gram and Gramps, but he does a lot of work on their behalf) of the Thorpe Family. He is known as one who will be there any time his family needs. He has one younger sister (with whom he was always fairly close) and one older brother (with whom he was not).
  • New York City... Are you from there? Tristan went to Columbia undergrad and medical school, and did both his Internship and Residency at New York Hospital. Maybe you knew him?
  • Mage - Tristan is a Thyrsus and a member of the Silver Ladder - now also a wearer of the red robes of the Disciples of Aesclipius, a rare Legacy who act as Healers to the Awakened community. He Awakened while in his residency in New York, but moved back to the Fallcoast area, where he has recently taken on the mantle of Herald of the Silver Ladder.
  • Former Proximus - Touched from birth by Magic, Tristan was born a Silver Prince of the Mage/Proximus_Dynasties in the Namkhir line.

  • Family
    • Avery - Sister. Lost soul - literally. Found again.
    • Theo - Brother. A bit easier to get along with now.
    • Hesper - Proximi and mystical connection, and Ward.
  • The Wise
    • Viktor - Fellow doctor - although more of the mind sort - and colleague.
    • Manisha - Friend from college. Newly awakened and reunited, with some surprises!
  • Other Friends
    • Lily - A lot has happened since high school.
    • Ember - My wonderful and life-changing apprentice.
    • Razija - I will mourn you.


xxxxxHis childhood was a blur. He was born in St. John's Hospital, the child of two very normal mundane parents (part of the local Thorpe family)... who, unaware of their own magical lineage, passed on the true blood of the Namkhir Dynasty to their son. It was a childhood full of wonder. For he learned quickly that while others could not see what he saw, speak with the spirits, heal the animals and plants around him by talking to their spirits, the gift allowed him access to a world others could only dream of. He would sit in the forest glade behind his house in the woods for hours just talking with the wonderful world around him. In fact, he was as raised by the plants, animals, and spirits as he was his own loving parents. He had free reign even as a young child to come and go, for there was enough land nearby that nobody was going to hurt him. His sister? She was younger than him, but he took care of her where he could. His older brother? They weren't close, although they weren't at odds either. Overall a good childhood. Until age 6.

xxxxxAnd then one of the three defining moments of his life... he came home... opened the door. A sense of horror... and then nothing. He has no memory of the next several years. He knows he spent them in an institution for young children who experienced great trauma. He remembers nothing until a few weeks before he was discharged. But there are some facts he does know: His parents were killed that day - and according to the pictures, they were literally ripped to shreds. Whatever he saw was so horrible he blocked it out. And somehow he can understand and speak a horrible language that he later came to learn was the language of Demons.

xxxxxAnd so he found religion. He began going to church daily - and yet, being raised Catholic, he focused more on one of the saints: Luke. The patron saint of doctors and healing. He prayed to Luke daily, as well as to the archangel Raphael, also associated with Healing. And over time found himself entering the medical profession. He traveled to Columbia University for college and medical school.

xxxxxA year ago... is when the second defining moment occurred. He realized he was losing a patient there in the Emergency Room while finishing his residency at New York City Hospital, and so he prayed... prayed to Luke. Prayed to Raphael. And within his prayer came those fateful words: "Please, Saint Luke, Please Angel Raphael... show me the path..." And there he was. Walking on a path in the Realm of the Primal Wild. As he walked towards the Tower, he found himself bleeding from every orifice... and from what appeared to be stigmata-like marks on his hands and feet. And yet he moved forward, walking the path towards that Tower as if called to it like a beacon. Each bloody step behind him left its mark, and yet he moved onwards, until within, he found a book of names. Within, he inscribed his name using his index finger as a stylus, his blood as the ink. Looking back at the path of blood he had made, he knew he had marked this place, and it had marked him. And as he awoke - with not a second having passed - he felt his connection to the Supernal now empower him to Heal the man before him.

xxxxxNot knowing how to shroud such things from the view of others, his Awakening and Magic was sensed by others in the hospital, and he was quickly taken on as an Apprentice and then, as of a few months ago, graduated into his own as a member of the Silver Ladder. He has since decided to come home, and has joined the local Consilium, as well as having secured a job at the same St. John's hospital in which he was born, working as an ER doctor - and occasionally working as an EMT in his off hours, as well.


Vital Stats
Date of Birth: 02/29/1988. Leap Day.
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: ER Doctor
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Gluttony

Family: Thorpe
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder
Shadowname: Doc
Legacy: Disciples of Aesclepius
Cabal: Subsidium Mundus
Position: None

Composure ●●●●●
Resolve ●●●
Stamina ●●●
Gnosis ●●●●●
Life ●●●●●
Medicine ●●●●●
Daimon ●●●
Spirit Status ●●
Destiny ●●●
Dragon's Tongue ●●


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