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If you don't trust the pilot, don't go. - Denzel Washington

Toyah Eklund is a Swedish born pilot who works for her family's air transport and charter company that is currently trying to make inroads into the US market. With a reputation for derring-do and never saying 'no' to a job, she is more than happy to fly to places others wouldn't go near.

Toyah also organises her own escapades with the company vehicles where she tracks down historical artifacts to rescue, retrieve or steal - for the right reasons of course.

RP Hooks

Pilot - If it has wings, jets, rotors or propellers then she can probably pilot it.

Charter Service - Need to be flown somewhere for a party, vacation or even a crime? Toyah offers a discrete service with competitive rates.

Tomb Raiding - Helping to protect the history of the world by 'rescuing' artifacts. Maybe you'd like to be part of her team or would like her to retrieve something for you?

Luxury - Schooled at an elite private girl's boarding school and never wanting for toys to crash, Toyah is used to the good life when she's not knee deep in quicksand ducking poison darts.

Rev Head - In line with her pilot skills is her ability to fix most of what she drives. Do you need a plane fixed?

Underground Street Racing League - She likes to blow off steam driving really fast and really dangerous. The prizemoney doesn't matter.

Swedish - No she doesn't talk like the Swedish chef...much. But she certainly has the blonde and blue-eyed stereotype going.


AJ - Mechanic who owes me.

Crystal - A genuine innocent? Not for long.

Fleur - Dulce's boss and quite the interesting person. There's just something about redheads...

Sloan - Finn...but I won't hold that against him. A bit of muscle when I need it.


Alex - Fellow 'cultural requisitioner' with some surprises. Thankfully he knows how to bandage. Went off searching for treasure?

Alnilam - Going to help with my Egyptian. Such a cunning linguist. Back in the Sahara?

Beatrix - Frenchie with a fancy car. Was it the vehicle or the skills?

Carson - Looking into Dulce's disappearance but she came back of her own accord. He disappeared himself.

Connie - Wants to learn to fly. Look forward to seeing how high I can take her. Alas, she is gone.

Dulce - Apparently I went to school with her. But since she's lost all her puppy fat, I'm certainly noticing her now. At least until she left again.

Elliot - Watch this one. She acts all innocent then burns rubber like a pro. She drove off into the sunset.

Evens - A man after my own mind...and other parts. Left after getting married.

Felix - Organizer of relaxing illegal high speed racing.

Gio - Owes me...and keeps giving it to me. Disappeared after a trip to the Caribbean.

Trixie - My sister. Came and went in the blink of an eye - she does that. Is she back again? Nope.


Toyah Eklund
In game as: Toyah
Date of Birth: January 7 1991
Apparent Age: Mid twenties
Height: 5'8"
Occupation: Charter Pilot
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed
Striking Looks: ** Swagger Chic
Professional Training: ***** Pilot
Played By: Amber Heard

I'm Toyah Fly Me


Tall and strong

Blonde and blue-eyed

Pure and healthy

Very wealthy

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