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xxxxxToni is a 30something androgynous Sin Eater who was born in Fallcoast. Their Geist is known as The Eternal Dance and they have been together for quite some time. Toni is an artist with a great love, and skill, for dance. They have travelled the world for their dancing and artistic abilities. They had fun getting to see the world and show off their skills.

RP Hooks

xxxxx Death Becomes Me: Toni is a geist and has been one for many years. You know know them in the past, or currently, either before or after they became a Sin Eater
xxxxx Family is Always There: Toni has both their parents alive and has three siblings. They adore their family and considers them to be everything.
xxxxx Fallcoast is my Home: Save for travelling for their art or dancing Toni has always made their home in Fallcoast. The more known they became, the better their home.
xxxxx Do you know who I am? Toni is a pretty famous dancer and artist. They kind of expect people to know who they are. They don't get upset if people don't.
xxxxxArt is Unique: The arts are a great passion for Toni. They love art in all its forms, to the point they have taken up the arts in various forms. Mainly painting.
xxxxxEnter Stage Left: Dancing is the greatest of passions. It can express everything words can not by just using motions.
xxxxxThe Ghosts: Ghosts should not be part of the world and the living should not welcome the ghosts. It leads to bad things, at least in Toni's opinion.
xxxxxThe Eternal Dancer: The Eternal Dancer has lived for a long time and she was once married to an immortal. It is unclear if the immortal husband knows she is now a Geist.


xxxxxLooking at this person it is hard to tell if they are male or female. Their long blonde hair is cut into a layered pixie style that frames their naturally tanned, heart shaped face and brings out the violet eyes of their eyes. Their figure is slender with subtle hints of curves to it. Even their figure makes it hard to tell their gender.

xxxxxTheir hair has pulled back by a clip and their ears are home to silver stud earrings. Their face has subtle hints of eye makeup and their lips are painted a deep red. Perched on their nose is a pair of black rimmed glasses. They wear a too large grey zip up hoodie with a white shirt under it. Around one wrist is a watch and the other a chunky chain bracelet. From waist down is a pair of dark blue jeans that hug their legs. The final touch is a pair of white sneakers on their feet.

Geist, The Eternal Dancer

xxxxxRepresent: Death by Chance (The Forgotten)

xxxxxMotivation: The Eternal Dancer desires to prevent people from dying the same way she did.She is also very strict about keeping the dead and the living separate. They should not be intermingling. As a Geist she couldn't do this so she finds people who died the same way she does and she needs to believe the person has the same desire as her.

xxxxxGeisthood: The Eternal Dancer has had two or three people before Toni.

xxxxxEstimated Age: A couple centuries or so old.

xxxxxKnown History: The Eternal Dancer the history of The Eternal Dancer is unclear as she doesn't speak much nor does she talk of her past. The only thing she really says, likely all she remembers, is that she was a renowned dancer and that her death happened on her wedding day when a candle lit chandelier fell on her just as she was preparing for the father and daughter dance.

xxxxxHistory for Story Purposes: The Eternal Dancer was a famed dancer named Olivia. She spent a lot of time dancing for people and* would have become world renowned and a true part of history had she lived. Her childhood was typical and much of it was spent learning various styles of dancing. In her late to early teens The Eternal Dancer met the man she loved and within a year the two of them were getting married. The wedding was quite the affair and very extravagant, due to the couple's families being decently well off. However, it was a wedding that ended in tragedy as during the father and daughter dance, while The Eternal Dancer was laughing happily and bidding for her father to dance with her the chandelier, which was very heavy, fell from the roof onto her the dress she wore was quick to go up in flames and the impact of the chandelier took her life instantly. Reports said many died that day due to the fire that flared up and quickly spread.

xxxxxThose Still Living: Though The Eternal Dancer was unaware of it her spouse is an immortal. It is unclear if he knows The Eternal Dancer is his wife. The Eternal Dancer also had 2 siblings, who each had children. So, she has family members still living.

xxxxxAppearance: The Eternal Dancer is a faceless feminine figure that appears to be made of lace and chiffon. Her face has no features but the shape of it indicates The Eternal Dance is female, as does the figure. She appears to be wearing a white dress that is quite flowy, making it pass for a wedding or dancer's dress.

xxxxxRelationship: The Eternal Dancer and Toni are very close. Their goals and desires align quite well and they have been together for a long time so their beliefs and way of handling things are often very similar.

Toniwoods .jpg
Played By: Stav Strashko
Date of Birth: Jan 1, 1990
Apparent Age: 30s
Occupation: Artistic Dancer
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride

Krewe: None
Geist: The Eternal Dancer
Threshold: The Forgotten
Archetype: Gatekeeper

❤ To be set.

Notable Stats

❤ Ceremony: Create Deathly Passage: 5
❤ Ceremony: Sepulchral Gate: 5
❤ Ceremony: Warding the Household: 4
❤ Ceremony: Finding the Crossroads: 3
❤ Ceremony: Distant Voices: 2
❤ Ceremony: Finding: 1
❤ Ceremony: Pass On: 1
❤ Key: Passion-Key
❤ Key: Pyre-Flame
❤ Manifestation: Boneyard: 5
❤ Manifestation: Oracle: 5
❤ Merit: Fame 3 (Known Dancer and Artist)
❤ Merit: Family Status: 1 (Thorpe)
❤ Merit: Patient: 1
❤ Merit: Resources: 5

Keystone - old-fashioned perfume bottle

xxxxxDescription: The keystone is an ornate perfume bottle that is from a couple centuries ago. It still has the lingering fragrance of lavender and vanilla to it. It is of a medium size.

xxxxxNote: Anyone who tries to spray the perfume will find the fragrance smells more like burning hair, flesh, wood and fabric rather than the lingering scent of lavender and vanilla.

xxxxxKeys: Pyre-Flame and Passion

xxxxxSkill: Expression

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