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“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe.”

–Nikola Tesla

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RP Hooks

General Hooks

  • Scientific Progress Goes 'Boink': Tock is fond of inventors and researchers and enjoys adding her own off-kilter thoughts to discussions. She has joined up as a researcher with The Howell Davis Wellness Foundation and does additional volunteer work at its free clinic venture, Fallcoast Regional Medical Center.
  • Quest for Knowledge: Whenever she is able, Tock likes to attend classes, lectures, and exhibitions, particularly those with themes of technology or the physical sciences. She is enrolled at St. John's University under the alias Eliza Atherton. Her declared major is in Biomedical Engineering and she can be found doing related pro bono projects at St. John's Hospital. Her library cards are prized possessions.
  • Creation: Tock is all about making New and Interesting Things, both practical and artistic, and is willing to share her skills for fun and profit. She favours devices mechanical and electrical, as well as artistic endeavours including metal sculpture and wire weaving.
  • Mechanical Knack: Tock's Day Job is as a mechanic for The Gilded Hills Airfield. She is quite handy at repair, also for fun and profit.
  • Cycles: For all her love of modern technology, Tock is an avid cyclist and will typically get around by bicycle whenever feasible.

Supernatural Hooks

  • Clockwork Construct: For those able to see such things, Tock's almost doll-like construct mien is a fairly good tip-off to her Changeling nature.
  • Time Traveller: Born in the Edwardian Era and Taken near the end of WWI, Tock is a bit out of place and time. While she dove into modern technology head-first, exploring with near-giddy delight, many of her tastes and habits remain those of an earlier age.
  • Curiouser and Curiouser: Tock's near-obsessive need to drink in new knowledge extends into supernatural territory, including the Hedge.
  • Spin: Making New and Interesting Things also extends into Hedgespinning. Tock is a practiced 'spinner and often has at least one of her self-made items on her person at any given time. She favours wearable items, including armour, raiment, and jewellery, as well as mechanical devices. She is inventive and can easily cover many other requests. (I take requests! @mails or pages or scenes make for good ways to initiate these!)
  • Spring Courtier: Tock has been an active member of the Spring Court since 2014. Before being appointed the Verdant Court's Second, she served as Sylvan Emissary; she loves to collaborate as well as gather and share information between groups. After about six months as Second, Tock decided to step back from the more political position and resumed her role as Sylvan Emissary, as well as taking on the job of Freehold Defender.
  • Urgent Care: Out of a mixture of curiosity and necessity since her Return, Tock has fortunately proven a quick study of the healing arts, both mundane and mystical. Living beings are simply biological machines in more ways than one! Rushing into emergent healing situations is becoming quite the habit for her.
  • Thrilling Heroics!: As a Dame of Ophois, Tock is dedicated to investigating, guiding, navigating, rescuing, healing, and educating...primarily where they relate to the Hedge. No one left behind.


xxxxxA willowy girl of seeming early twenty-something years, Tock is of petite height and reed-thin frame. Her eyes are a rich chocolate hue and often focused intently on something of interest or glittering with amusement during interactions. Dark brown during winter months, her hair picks up gentler highlights in the summertime, and typically is worn long with natural waves. For all the darkness of hair and eye, her fair complexion provides stark contrast. Tock’s features are often brightened by a quick and candid smile, laughter typically not far to follow. A second generation immigrant, her voice still carries a hefty dose of her parents’ London English accent. Her fashion sense runs the gamut from the purely practical (and far more modern interpretation of female-appropriate apparel) to more traditional formal-wear favouring the Edwardian fashions of her youth. Her preferred scent is a soft jasmine, though those of the chemicals and materials with which she works will cling oftentimes, as well.

xxxxx At first glance, Tock appears just a little too...perfect. Porcelain skin, crystal-blue eyes, and cornsilk hair run just the right degree of wild. This covering extends only as far and deep as what flesh might be visible on one dressed in a traditional Edwardian lady’s attire. What would be obscured beneath coats and dresses, hats and boots, gloves and petticoats, is a clockwork wonder: a whirring machine-construct in cogwheels and metal fixtures perceived as a steady ticking rather than a heartbeat. Even those parts more human-like in their covering are apt to change: fingers opening at their tips into an assortment of fine tools.

xxxxxThe clockwork girl's features still echo eerily the human she once was. Her movements in this changed form are more measured and precise, though an occasional mechanical tic will catch in her words or motions when she is adequately excited. Golden ferns, pearl-like berries, and silky white flowers ornament her hair, at once seeming entirely natural and alive yet made of firmer stuff than the usual for plants. Her scent is the promise of a Spring storm: petrichor tinged with ozone.

xxxxxFor those who know her, subtle shifts have continued in her appearance over time. Those crystal-like eyes resemble nothing so much as an albino cat's with their narrow-slit pupils. Her ears tip in delicate points, almost elfin, with a fine white down behind them that one might miss at a glance, but not a touch. The same continues up under her hairline, blending in beneath the mass of her cornsilk tresses seamlessly, a softer fur all but hidden under her hair. When she smiles, her canines are revealed with subtle, delicate points of their own.


The Gilded Storm

  • Alireza: Our thief. Trouble, especially with those eyes.
  • Owen: Lord Warden, Summer's Second, medic, diver, and epic appetite on two legs. I am given to understand that 'bro' is an appropriate title.
  • Vox: Childhood friend, shared Durance, shared renewed life. The big sister I would have wished for. Captain-ish.
Spring Courtiers
  • Aelrindel: A bit of a blunt instrument of curiosity. Hopefully curiosity...
  • Amadei: Spring's Alder.
  • Angela: Hopefully she understands that she has choices in this and she is not alone.
  • Arkady: Kitty. BIG kitty. /Doctor/ kitty.
  • Artem: Apparently he ran away /from/ the circus.
  • Ashira: Small gryphon girl, unfond of clothing. A bit unpredictable.
  • Avery: Shiny but troubled. Try not to bring food out around her; she finds it uncomfortable.
  • Brielle: Spring's former Second. Fellow Healer, with the Barony of the Lesser Ones. A good hand with a bow. Proprietress of Blackridge B&B.
  • Charlie: Coyote.
  • Christopher: Well-mannered and charming. His shop is delightful and apparently will sometimes feature gorgeous old machines in desperate need of love and restoration. I think he and Ali would get along, or at least have much to discuss.
  • Dottie: Zombie-ish. Very fond of food. And writing. Odie's twin, Dora's sister. Ends up a bit bloody sometimes. Throws wild parties with strong drinks.
  • Doyle: Not a member of the Freehold. Should keep an eye on this one.
  • Equinox: Handy with machines, or so he says. There may or may not have been a Line in there. A little hands-on.
  • Sister Grace: How many clockwork Crafters are out there? Very creative, runs a couture shop.
  • Hermione: Blunt, but sometimes that is a necessary thing. Spring's new Searce and the Freehold's Counsellor. Wears gloves and is not very keen on close contact, from what I observe.
  • Kira: Our new arrival and new Claviger. I look forward to seeing her fight.
  • Kouri: Friend of Olivia's. Satyr. Sage Escort.
  • Lena: Seems quite sincere. She has such an intriguing voice.
  • Lilith Fairbliss: Sage Escort. Motley-mate of Sister Grace. She is planning on opening some kind of a nightclub with residential/employment opportunities for Lost.
  • Marlie: Impressive porcupine healer.
  • Mirabella: Lovely. Oneirophysic. And fortune teller, so rumour has it.
  • Nyxie: New to the area, originally stayed at Valhalla for a time.
  • Olivia: Sparkling conversationalist, spectacular party planner. Has a plane and is willing to give a peek under the hood. Admirable qualities.
  • Pearl: They don't call her 'darling' on a whim. Fellow Dame, dashing as she is dependable. Skyswimmer. Former Motleymate...I wish them well in their wanderings.
  • Prescott: Chef, out of New York. He definitely knows his food!
  • Raleigh: A new Spring and fellow Crafter.
  • Reggie: Enthusiasm incarnate is, apparently, fuzzy. I will always have a soft spot for the flyboys after Ezra. Former Motleymate...I wish them well in their wanderings.
  • Reiz: Aided in retrieving the Spring Hollow table.
  • Rose: Adventurous and enthusiastic, particularly when it comes to new and interesting foods.
  • Ryan: Polite, helpful, clever. Excellent company, superlative cook. The touch of shyness is charming. He understands, better than most. Hopefully he does realise what a treasure he truly is.
  • Talia: Says so very many curious and silly things when serious situations are happening.
  • Thayer: Nurse.
  • Thury: Fellow Dame of Ophois. Having a rough time and considering Winter, which may be for the best.
  • Ting: Watery. Quick! Covered in glitter. Eats impressive quantities in very little time.
  • Veronica: Colourful. Eager to learn, which is always an admirable quality. Likely to show up if there is food about.
  • Wendell: Seems more lost than most... Spring's Claviger and consumer of all the food.
  • Winston: Ship's physician. Unicorn. A little gruff.
Summer Courtiers
  • Auberon: He will have everyone trying to learn Sign, soon enough.
  • Aurelia: Glowing woman. Somewhat...attached to Jericho.
  • Bex: Delightful. A private detective, which could come in handy. I look forward to meeting her new bundle of joy...motorcycle, that is.
  • Brand: Rockstar flair, even with a sword in hand. I am so glad he has returned home. He left Spring, but that was a complicated relationship for him, I do believe.
  • Calder: Kira's brother. Professes some healing abilities.
  • Catherine: Cat-like, talkative.
  • Damson: A new arrival to the Freehold, planning to pledge soon. Tree-like.
  • Darren: A fighter and a Dragon. Stayed at Valhalla for a time.
  • Dayne: Large and boisterous and eager to help. Has some Very Unfortunate Ideas about how to employ a militia, however.
  • Faruq: Grasshopper cookies! We shall be starting up a Hedge survival course for Valhalla in the near future. Thrilling heroics...but a little headstrong. Well done, Sir.
  • Ferrum: Legion.
  • Folami: What a lovely accent. Shop owner and weaponsmith.
  • Garnet: Cat.
  • Hannah: Lovely girl and fellow University student.
  • Jackie: Summer, interested in obtaining some Hedgespun and Tokens. Apparently her family has been a target of Them for generations... Try to avoid talking about folklore and fables too much around her.
  • Jacob: It is always difficult for those of us newly Lost. That confusion mixed with likely pre-existing PTSD is a powerful cocktail, indeed. Hopefully we can get him on his feet and help him find his way.
  • January: Shiny. Guardian angel with broken wings.
  • Jericho: Somewhat imposing and impressively metallic. Might not have the best in taste where tea is concerned, however.
  • June: Formerly Dayne's Ensorcelled.
  • Kodiak: A bear, quite literally. Brawny, fond of honey and wrestling. Rather enthusiastic about most things, but especially food. Staying at Valhalla for now. May need Ali to help get him situated with Papers. Tends to be a touch petulant if things aren't going his way.
  • Kyrie: Most impressive Valkyrie; not to be trifled with. Proprietor at Valhalla. Fellow Crafter...and likely partner in crime. I wish her well in her new life.
  • Lucas: Quiet observer sort.
  • Lumina: Untrusting of rabbits.
  • Misty: She can handle herself in a sticky situation, though she has a tendency to make the kind of comments that make one want to knock on wood.
  • Nemo: Sparkly Inventor with a penchant for making vast quantities of what I believe are film references. Entertaining, if prone to needing healing assistance.
  • Pepper: Visually fascinating, she is. She seems a little torn on the topic of her chosen Court, leaning here Summer and there Spring. Hopefully her choices satisfy her desires, at least for now.
  • Ree: Enthusiastic and entertaining. She is very involved with these 'derby' brawling tournaments...
  • Russ: Crafter, German, a little brusque. Who brings a tank on a simple mission through the woods?
  • Sloan: Former New Yorker.
  • Solstice: A curious appetite and a fierce warrior.
  • Tempest: Gargoyle. Sharp...literally.
  • Zeth: Energetic and musical fellow. And...giant turkey rider.
Autumn Courtiers
  • Abraham Butters: Melody's Enscorcelled and a good hand with a bow. Hopefully he has less cause to be quite so bloodied in the future.
  • Albrecht: Boat building? /Submarine/ building? Maybe.
  • Alistair: Sphinx. A one-time leaper over bonfires, it would seem.
  • Arlene: A carpenter, hopefully soon to be back at her craft now that her hand is back in working order.
  • Aziza: Nikola and Jeeves have definitely made a new friend!
  • Bernard: An excellent host with a fondness for automata.
  • Blanche: Quiet. Sadly had no interest in letting me build her voice augmentation equipment. She tends to the dead while I tend to the living.
  • Bronwyn: Rather quiet. It seems she managed to spook Wendell overmuch by accident, and now he is convinced she is the Wicked Witch...
  • Cerise: Reagan's past ward, now Lost in her own right. Hopefully she will be in fewer dangerous situations in the future. Or at least there will be fewer injuries.
  • Crane: Bird-like. Dancer of hip-hop. Hopefully the dancing garb suited well.
  • Denali: With the Magi. A touch impatient and very capable of the Scary in the way of Autumns. Good to have on your side out in the Hedge. Impressive archer.
  • Dora: Autumn's Second. She has a good head on her shoulders and is invaluable in organising research teams. Full of surprises...
  • Druitt: Seems a nice fellow, new to the Freehold. Heartless Mary is a most interesting companion.
  • Eleri: Fiery. Bright. Knows how to prioritize her party in a sticky Hedge situation. If there's a team, I want her on mine. Seems to be associating with pleasant company and tea: a lovely combination. Very helpful when it comes to brainstorming and research.
  • Elmo: Has a Thing for violence. Also for staring quietly. Also for melting into the shadows rather literally.
  • Enzo: Hotelier. Seems fond of gratuitous violence.
  • Fancy: She knows a lot about fish! Hopefully she doesn't really want to pull anyone's teeth out...
  • Felicia: A friend of Dora's, introduced briefly at a party.
  • Isa: Elmo's Ensorcelled, Pledged to Autumn, as well.
  • Isrieal: Inquisitive. Helpful with occult research tasks. Works with Dr. Davis. I am so, so very sorry for that unfortunate arrow incident...
  • Jazz: Curses enough that other people call her out on it during conversation. Apparently Reagan instructed her to speak with me regarding memories? I'll have to ask why. Bitey.
  • Jimena: Quiet, nervous. Hiding from Cressida.
  • Lillian: Charmingly enthusiastic, if somewhat shy. A skilled artist.
  • London: Brash, but often not in the best of ways. She does tend to get herself into trouble, I believe. And enjoy it.
  • Maureen: Hotelier along with Enzo. Lovely hostess.
  • Melody: Oneirophysic and former healer with Valhalla. Friendly and helpful.
  • Myles: Autumn Artificer. Probably it would not be a terrible idea to get him hooked up with some medical and mental health care.
  • Reagan: A charming fellow of regal bearing, though troubled, underlying. Hopefully there is an answer out there for him.
  • Rhys: With the Magi and open-minded. A friend and great help in working toward common goals protecting the Freehold and keeping the Hedge as safe as can be for us.
  • Simon: Gruff and dusty fellow, claims to be an Oracle.
  • Thorian: Beautiful, clever, entertaining. A willing teacher. Scientific double entendres. Telescopes. What's not to like?
  • Tilo: Friendly and fond of books, both positives.
  • Tobias: Healer.
  • Vijay: Scarecrow Ministry. Apparently enjoys gathering sticks.
  • Woodbine: What a way to meet a person... Hopefully she has fewer causes to be unconscious and in need of healing in the future.
Winter Courtiers
  • Adam: Gardener. Has a curious need to eat Goblin Fruits daily.
  • Arianna: Good shot!
  • Billy: Steadfast under immense pressure. Formerly of Spring, though while in another Freehold.
  • Catriona: Really excited about autopsies and morgues...
  • Colin: Handy in an investigation. Might try to steal your lab coat.
  • Edith: Breathtakingly beautiful. All glass and light. There are not that many of us Manikins out there. She is also an artist who works in sculpture, as it turns out. Hopefully she meant it when she said she wouldn't be going on any more solo Hedge adventures in the future.
  • Georgie: A little shy, but with a warm smile.
  • Gnash: Interesting... He may be some sort of street magician, given the juggling and sleight of hand.
  • Grace: Quiet, but not uncommonly so for those of Winter's court.
  • Leander: Winter Second. Seems the quiet sort.
  • Lex: Often around Leander. Helpful.
  • Lyd: Winter's Second. Has a tendency toward the explosive, literally and figuratively. Very energetic. Excellent shot. Has a love of hats.
  • Melissa: Sweet as could 'bee'. Plays the ukulele, likes computers...all good things.
  • Nyx: Very level, with useful insights. Hopefully she won't be worried about phones catching fire forever...
  • Ophelia: Quiet and somewhat formal. May be of assistance with triaging in healing situations. Has a little spider friend named Giles that Nikola has taken a shine to.
  • River: New and overwhelmed in that way so many of us are. Hopefully Odie has her well in hand.
  • Rook: Very quiet. Scottish. Lovely singer of sad songs. Gets into unwise fights.
  • Simone: Stealthy.
  • Undertaker: Seems rather fixated on regrets.
  • Yasen: He is capable of more than he knows, and is more of a help than he thinks.
  • Zeroth/Rachael: Fellow computer aficionado with an eye for design.
Dawn Courtiers
  • Carrick: Pastor. Rather fond of inviting people to confide in him, but doesn't seem overly preachy. Doesn't like tea, of all things. I can only hope he is as sincere as he seems. He had better be good to her.
  • DaisyLu: Quite the fighter. Brilliantly colourful, though we do need to stop meeting over her leaning more to the /red/ side of the spectrum. I think that tea and sweets are /very/ much in order. She seems very fond of bacon.
  • Eden: Her cafe is a treasure.
  • Joel: Seems quiet and cautious...though he had every reason to be around those sketchy characters.
  • John Ihrck: Fierce and stubborn fighter, with medical knowledge. Large, icy, and enthusiastic! Set up the Lost peer-to-peer group.
  • Lei: Neon Parkour Panda. Endearingly cheerful and enthusiastic. And colour-changing! Nice claws.
  • Mark: With the Wardens. Values honesty and sharing information; admirable qualities. He is also quite the talented chef! Handy to have around in a sticky situation, takes on a leadership role quite well. A kindred spirit.
  • Odie: Rather skittish and slow to warm up. Hopelessly adorable and terrifically sweet once he does. I wish him the best of luck in his research and experiments regarding his more toxic qualities.
Dusk Courtiers
  • Anais: Quiet type, though she does sing well.
  • Asher: Musician with a lovely canine companion.
  • Cressida: Very shiny, very enthusiastic, very...smoky.
  • Erik: Fallcoast seems to have a Thing for unicorns. Or the other way around.
  • Hayley: Very energetic. Very into Odie.
  • Mei: Captain Feng. Has a monkey named Jack. Somewhat quiet.
  • Red: Inky, talkative, energetic.
  • Romeo: Sort of gruff. Perhaps former military?
  • Somebody: Seems to have trouble with looking directly at me... >_> Fellow Crafter. May be staying on at Valhalla for a time. He has a lovely crow companion named Red with a fondness for the shinies.
  • Visnja: Quiet fire-wolf-girl. She is still working on her command of English. Makes an excellent cuppa. Formerly was rather a fixture at Valhalla.
  • Arden: Newly returned, injured, and confused. At least I could help with one of those quickly.
  • Bethany: More lost than average in the way of those recently returned. There is great beauty in her heart, if she will let it shine out past the fear.
  • Eli: Wolf.
  • Emilia: Quiet, new, looking for an apartment. Seems to have a mild aversion to red.
  • Joy: Bloody fierce fighter. Impressive hunger.
  • Quentin: Friendly fellow, new to the area. Perpetually in motion.
  • Lina: Well, then. I seem to have a Thing for drawing in the new Lost. So much the better if it sees them to relative safety.
  • Long Meg: A curious sort, somewhat reserved.
  • Serena: Lovely, new to the Freehold.
  • Siri: Interrupt the girl's screen time at your own peril. Or perhaps, just a game of Monopoly. Oh... Oh goodness...
  • Stella: Dancer.
  • Cameron: Urban fantasy writer.
  • Deckard: With the Wellness Foundation. Quite handy to have around when ghosts are being a problem. I owe him quite a debt for his quick aid in saving Isrieal.
  • Donal: With the Wellness Foundation. Also in a security capacity. Something of an avid smoker.
  • Donnachaidh: Police officer. Doesn't panic immediately at the sight of odd and unexplained things.
  • Geralt: I just can't seem to pin this one down...
  • Grayson: City Councilman. Talks a good game about technology, education, and the arts, at least.
  • Guy: Dresses in mourning clothes. Makes rather rapid departures.
  • Dr. Howell Davis: He seems to be doing good things. Hopefully he does not get us all in trouble with these...supernatural hunting experimenters.
  • Jesse: Social worker. Seems to have a keen interest in Guy.
  • Lance Black: Detective. Passed out business cards at the CHIME gala.
  • Kilo: Was present at one of the Wellness Foundation meetings. I think she may just be Dr. Davis's 'shady business' contact, but there could be more. I wonder if Ali knows her, as far as that is concerned.
  • Lucas: With the Wellness Foundation. He seems to be a shape changer of a fox-like variety. I do need to meet with him about research for his plants.
  • Mavis: Dancer, pianist, and Deaf. Her lip-reading is quite good but it is nice to have someone with whom to practice signing.
  • Nadia: Nice enough girl, if a shade forward. Attempted to pair me off with her boss upon first meeting.
  • Doctor Ritter: ER physician at St. John's. Rescuer of kittens.
  • Stoney: Nervous chap.



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Tock9.jpg Tock10.jpg

Eliza Ashwyn McClintock
Date of Birth: 20 March 1900
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Scientist-Inventor-Mechanic-Artist
Virtue: Faith (Conviction)
Vice: Lust (Impetuousness)

Seeming: Elemental
Kiths: Manikin/Artist/Riddleseeker
Freehold: Sentinel Rock
Court: Spring
Court Position: Defender and Sylvan Emissary
Entitlement: The Knights of Ophois
Motley: The Gilded Storm
Keeper: The Professor

Social Stats which might be relevant to general RP
New Identity: ** Alias: Eliza Atherton
Status: * University: Student, ** The Wellness Foundation: Researcher
Striking Looks: ** Clockwork Construct
Striking Voice: ** Polished
Mantle: *** Spring
Court Goodwill: *** Autumn - Dread Esquire / ** Summer / * Winter

The Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy

Coin-operated boy
Sitting on the shelf, he is just a toy
But I turn him on and he comes to life
Automatic joy
That is why I want a coin-operated boy

Sunday Driver - Mechanical Angel

Inside this whirring machine
Ten thousand eyes
And nothing to be seen
Cold hands are turning the wheel
Spinning a name
All I ever really feel

Sunday Driver - Bakul Bagan Road

If I had some starlight
Feet on the ground
Could I make it sparkle
The whole world round?
On milk and on honey
I'd dine all my life
I'd fly to the moon
When the mood was right

Natalie Merchant - Come Take a Trip in My Airship (cover of 1904 song)

Come take a trip in my airship
Come sail away to the stars
We’ll travel to Venus
We’ll sail away to Mars
No one will see while we’re kissing
No one will know as we swoon
So come take a trip in my airship
And we’ll visit the man in the moon

Bone Poets Orchestra - Smells Like Rain

I watch the rolling thunderheads pass over
I'm standing at the gates of awe again
With every lightning flash a new world opens
Smells like rain

A Fine Frenzy - Electric Twist

With dull knives and white hands
The blood of a stone
Cold to the touch, right
Right down to the bone
But you give me the electric twist
And it kicks and it kicks like a pony
And true, you might get away with it
It's a risk, it's a risk yeah.

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." ~Leonardo da Vinici

"Let me see, then, what thereat is and this mystery explore." ~Edgar Allan Poe

"The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation!" ~Jonathon Larson

"Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion." ~Stephen Hawking

"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything." ~Nikola Tesla

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  • (2015.12.20)
PrP - Croc in the Marsh
  • (2015.12.21)
Christmas at Valhalla
  • (2015.12.28)
PrP - Spiderbears and Babies
  • (2015.12.31)
New Year's Eve 2015 - The Celebration
  • (2016.01.01)
PRP-Blood Diamonds
  • (2016.01.02)
Winter Charity Ball
  • (2016.01.03)
Sword Fish
  • (2016.01.05)
PrP - Tree Tent
  • (2016.01.11)
PrP - Returning to the Pit
  • (2016.01.16)
PrP: Family Matters - Three For A Death
  • (2016.01.16)
The Apology
  • (2016.01.18)
PrP - Pit Runner
  • (2016.01.20)
Scarecrow Briefing
  • (2016.01.20)
Scarecrow Stakeouts
  • (2016.01.23)
Lost Meet & Greet
  • (2016.01.23)
Strange Deaths
  • (2016.01.24)
PrP: Family Matters - A Matter of Marge
  • (2016.01.29)
Valhalla Open House 2.0
  • (2016.02.03)
Of Fetches and Dreams
  • (2016.02.04)
How Much Is That Sub in the Window?
  • (2016.02.11)
PrP - Scarecrow Hunting
  • (2016.02.13)
Valentine's Ball 2016
  • (2016.02.15)
Borrowing is Not Stealing
  • (2016.02.19)
Spring Dessert Revel
  • (2016.02.20)
Opening Night
  • (2016.02.22)
Spring Court Meeting: February 2016
  • (2016.03.23)
Spring Falls
  • (2016.03.24)
Whisper Whisper
  • (2016.03.25)
Valhalla Falls: Aftermath
  • (2016.03.25)
Valhalla Falls
  • (2016.03.26)
Spring Crowning
  • (2016.03.27)
Comparing Notes and Speculation
  • (2016.04.06)
Hedge Scouting
  • (2016.04.15)
Spring Cleaning: The Hobs
  • (2016.05.17)
Spring Court Meeting: May 2016
  • (2016.05.18)
Foundation Meeting: B&E, Also Weed
  • (2016.05.24)
Summer Court Meeting - May 2016
  • (2016.05.25)
The Second Card
  • (2016.06.01)
Day at the Market
  • (2016.06.03)
Spring Court Meeting - June 2016
  • (2016.06.04)
Aldermember Meeting - June 2016
  • (2016.06.05)
Mysteries of Creation: Pride of Wisdom
  • (2016.06.16)
Mysteries of Creation: Miraculous Genesis
  • (2016.06.11)
Homecoming 2016
  • (2016.06.22)
IScream Social
  • (2016.06.24)
The Final Card
  • (2016.06.25)
Gym Socks and Summer Crowns
  • (2016.06.26)
Cake by the Ocean
  • (2016.06.28)
Much Ado about Gardening
  • (2016.07.04)
Founder's Day 2016
  • (2016.07.08)
Tooth and Nail LIVE at the Widows Walk
  • (2016.07.11)
We're Just Afflicted
  • (2016.07.12)
Aldermember Meeting - July 2016
  • (2016.07.13)
E4E:I See Dead People
  • (2016.07.14)
Spring Court Meeting - July 2016
  • (2016.07.15)
E4E:Dying Blind
  • (2016.07.17)
Whispers of the Angel
  • (2016.07.19)
E4E:Trouble Comes in Threes
  • (2016.07.21)
Beyond the Pale
  • (2016.07.22)
Survival, Evasion, Escape - Stealth 101
  • (2016.07.23)
E4E:Cheaper than Flying
  • (2016.07.25)
  • (2016.07.26)
Angellic Visitations
  • (2016.07.29)
Remembering the Dead
  • (2016.07.30)
Inaugural Karaoke Night
  • (2016.08.14)
Always Room In Jello
  • (2016.08.17)
Field Trip to Butuch Island
  • (2016.08.19)
Of Thorns and Changelings
  • (2016.08.20)
Furniture Rescue
  • (2016.08.21)
A Game of Riddles
  • (2016.08.25)
Cosmic Bowling
  • (2016.08.26)
Memories and Tea
  • (2016.08.31)
Sleep if you Dare: Campout Slumberparty
  • (2016.09.02)
The Doom That Came for Dewey Decimal
  • (2016.09.05)
Summer Court Meeting - Sept 2016
  • (2016.09.09)
A Summer's Tale
  • (2016.09.13)
Autumn Funeral
  • (2016.09.18)
Aldermember Meeting - September 2016
  • (2016.09.19)
The Pink Diamond Pt. 5: Reservoir Cats
  • (2016.09.23)
Autumn Crowning 2016
  • (2016.09.25)
PRP:Obstacle Course Race 2016
  • (2016.09.30)
Spring Court Meeting - September 2016
  • (2016.10.07)
PrP: Finding a Friend
  • (2016.10.15)
Autumn Court Meeting - A Terror of Autumns
  • (2016.10.16)
October Movie Night
  • (2016.10.22)
Monsters Feast
  • (2016.10.23)
Autumn Bacchanalia 2016
  • (2016.10.23)
King Richard's Autumn Bacchanalia
  • (2016.10.26)
SEE - Goblin Market Etiquette
  • (2016.10.27)
Shadow of Greatness: Runes, Sigils, and Mysteries
  • (2016.10.30)
All Hallow's Brunch
  • (2016.11.06)
King Richard's Hunt of Leaves