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One for Sorrow, two for Mirth
Three for a Wedding, Four for a Birth
Five for Silver, Six for Gold

Seven for the secrets that must never be told.


Some larger Krewes start from a core mythos which splits into factions later. The Society of Crows based out of Fallcoast and Hanging Hills is notable because they operate exactly backwards from this general origin: they are a collection of factions and beliefs whose origins were somewhat different from the start, and have coalesced inward rather than fracturing outward. Their bonds have beliefs and mythology in common, but they all rose up from individual smaller Krewes in this region of Maine who came to recognize common ground, rather than the other way around.

The overall Krewe, therefore, has a history of tolerating and even welcoming smaller Krewes that are not a part of their number -- in at least one case in the Society's history, those outsiders ended up finding common cause and joining the greater whole. All the same, Sin-Eaters local to the Society are more often than not drawn to join with the Society and its subgroups.


The Society of Crows are focused on the cycle of life and death, how life comes back out of death and inevitably returns there -- ashes to ashes, dust to dust. They believe the worlds of the living and the dead work in ways that repeat themselves and give signs of what is to come - that history, in its way, predicts the future, and that the actions in life have something to do with what comes after death. Their factions might have different ways of interpreting and relating to these cycles and mechanisms, of course. They point to bird migrations, to the cycle of tides, and consider omens and signs of history repeating itself.

Creation Myth

The world that was, and will forever be, is that of immortal death and stagnation. It was then that Dispater ruled, but he ruled a land in which nothing ever changed and nothing ever would. Though powerful in his divine right, he had no need for power. So, instead of face his subjects, Dispater sat upon his throne, and dreamed, and from his dreams came the creation of creativity itself. He dreamt of other worlds, worlds rapidly malleable to the passage of events; the passage of what he would call time. He dreamt for so long that his dream world grew all encompassing, and was inhabited by a single breed of creature, the crow. He deemed these intelligent deniziens of flight his favoured creation before even attempting to move on to more, filling the skies of this new world with more such creatures of flight.

The neglected eternal world that was his home sought no need of him for much of this time, until he was visited by two strangers. The crows, gifted with the ability to speak the tongue of their creator, sat upon Dispater's shoulders, and spoke into his dreaming ears. One crow complained for the overabundance of birds in what was once their home, alone, and that when all birds took to the sky, there was no divine light to view from upon the ground. The other crow also spoke of boredom, of an unchanging land, of nothing to do within it. Dejected and feeling betrayed by this creature that he'd given into existance, Dispater destroyed swaths of crows en masse, only to find them then in his realm, upon the throne; the ones that remained, thanked him for clearing the sky, and those at his side whispered new suggestions into his ears.

Under the guidance of these birds, he made a land of cycles and change, and filled it with an abundance of creatures to flee from or to hunt. He made these being mortal, and brought them to his realm upon their death to dispose of, or to release anew back into its world. This cycle brought only dismay to its natural inhabitants, but Dispater had one last proclamation to enact. He cast himself, and nearly all of his subjects into his dream world, leaving a handful of his crows as a new pantheon to rule in his stead. Dispater joined the world as a being of permanence, and his people were left to inhabit its natural creatures; striking bargains, and becoming the first wave of Geists set upon the world on the wings of crows who could speak and fly between worlds.

This cycle hasn't changed, though the world clearly has; and as has the Underworld, the original realm of eternal existence. Rule of the Underworld has shifted throughout the ages, subject to the same arc as Dispater, with new lords of the Underworld making the changes they desire, before leaving their post to live amongst their creations, which has spawned the majority of lasting religions that we view today. This, however, has left things brought from ages past ungoverned by new leadership, with each passing assumption of power. Only the Geists from past rules are aware of these differences, and it is up to them to act with those who can bring physical change to the world to do something about righting wrongs, and guiding the lost dead back into the cycle.


Ban: As the sworn protectors of Fallcoast's cycles of life and death, all members of the Society of Crows must ensure that ghosts are able to pass on to whatever end they're supposed to meet - with an emphasis on helping a ghost Pass On. They must cull and ensure that the ghost population is lowered substantially in any area where they begin to congregate.

Duty: As all members of the Society of Crows act as guides for the dead like the birds they emulate, they must sometimes put the dead back in their place. All members of the Society of Crows must police the Avernian Gates to ensure that ghosts are not flooding out of the gates and disrupting the cycle of life and death. Furthermore, members of the Society of Crows must occasionally go on Underworld excursions, delving into the Autocthonic Depths to ensure that there is not a build-up of ghosts haunting the upper depths.

Destiny: Time is a river, and the past will eventually repeat itself. Dispater is stirring in the depths of the Underworld; all members can feel this through their Aspects. As the dead grow in number, they will begin to influence more and more mortals, which will cause them to begin the witch-hunts once more. The supernatural hunters in Fallcoast and its surrounding towns are evidence of that. The aspects of the Geists hint that a great upheaval is coming, one that will completely eradicate the cycle of life and death in the area. Cycles of death are known to wax and wane, and the Society of Crows has to weather that storm. However, all members of the Society can feel in their bones that soon there will come a reckoning wherein they will be tested and judged to ensure that a great culling, whether mortal or supernatural, will never happen again. The rulership of the Underworld will change, and the Society of Crows must ensure that Dispater, the Lord of Crows, remains in control and not any usurper.

OOC Information

The Society of Crows is the Tier 2 Krewe that is a main focus locally, though outside Tier 1 Krewes will be considered by staff. This Krewe will have NPC leadership at first, and these NPCs may be used as Mentors by anyone who joins one of the Society of Crows factions; our intention is that PCs are allowed to join and eventually take this structure over, tear it down, maintain it -- whatever is IC. While Geist staff has an outline for the factions in the Society, it is very loose -- if your PC is a local who might well be a part, we are willing to build the factions around people who join the Society rather than forcing you to our mold.

Aspects of the Channel: The known Aspects of the Krewe's channel and how they relate.

The Society of Crows

The Society of Crows is, for a larger Krewe, a very loose association built out of smaller Krewes that joined together as a consequence of observing the cycles of death -- and what happens when those cycles are interrupted -- locally. They are generally open to those who wish to join, be they new Krewes moving into the area or individual Sin Eaters. They are more proactive about sharing information and taking action than about being pushy with recruiting.

Members: Shirley Edgar (NPC), Angela Sleep (NPC), Tim Thorpe (NPC), Smiling Dave (NPC), Roy, Frankie, Brodie

Contact: Epiphany or Roy

Holdings: Empire Theater, Hungry Root, Pepperell Castle

Recruiting Status: Yes

Society of Crows Logs