The Murder

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The Murder

Let Not The Hisil Fall; Let Not The Dead Go Unmourned

The Crow's Roost


The house is built soundly and around the tree. As each level grows taller, the branches themselves are clearly used as support for the structure. Simple doors and windows adorn the outside in a very utilitarian fashion. As a front door, there is a large slab of solid oak that's been hewn to the proper shape and carved in with multiple names, runes and doodles - it looks like everyone's had a chance to make their mark on the place.

This story is true: Death Crow Raised Its Head And Spoke, - Totem

The Murder follows the spirit called Hala'Amdulim, Death Crow. It is a Totem of mystics, of strange visions, of the Hisil, and of the dead. While Hala'Amdulim offers The Murder the ability to see between the veil of the land of the living and dead, as well as the ability to expand their sight throughout the city, it also gives its followers great strength in combat, and gives insight on matters of spirit and the supernatural. Hala'Amdulim is an ancient spirit that was once part of the crow brood of Hanging Hills, and a servant of the Hanging Hills City Spirit. Despite this, its endorsement of its pack and the power that it gained from their Chiminage has given it greater strength and knowledge of the beings that represent it in the living world. It has powerful influence over corvids, from living ravens to crows, and can speak its words through them.

...And We Listened And Gave Crow Our Oath, - Ban

Members of the Murder are expected to follow the traditional folklore of the carrion crow. They must pluck the eyes from any creature they kill (some rumors say that they must eat them). They must also loot the bodies of those slain by the pack for valuables and sacrifice these things to Hala'Amdulim, as Death Crow desires objects of grandeur to make its spiritual nest.

...To Protect And Give Our Blood For The Hisil, - Duty

Seeing the Hisil and the worlds between and surrounding the living world as they are, the Murder is expected to protect and defend the Hisil, and to understand the things within the Hisil and consistently gain knowledge. They have sworn an oath to protect Fallcoast and Hanging Hills specifically, and to work with whomever and whatever they can to achieve this goal. No sacred place in this land will be defiled, and no challenge against them will go unanswered.

...And Let No Enemies Of the People Live. - Territory
East Division, a subdivide of a subdivision, the homes here are sparser than the rest of The Division - spread out. Bordering on semi-rural, lightly wooded areas dot the landscape along with gentle hills here and there. A singular strip mall provides the area with conveniences and gas.


In, she said, in yonder field
Lies a knight
Dead 'neath his shield
You can gnash at his white thighs
I will pluck out his eyes
And his noble blood
Will make us fly so high

An old crow spoke to me,
must have lain limp, down the street.
Said we're both tied to our own trees,
cut me loose, cut me loose.
Little beast, are you as me?
Left some teeth in your enemies.
We won't be broken,
there's no curse we haven't spoken;
there is no oath, there is no spell
to deliver us, to make us well.

This treachery of the enemy is mine to avenge.
Will they toast the coming of the renewed sun?
Will they know my wrath down to the very one?
This year is mine.
Here come my boys.

Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars
We'll be counting stars
Yeah we'll be counting stars

I'm making a difference,
I'm taking a chance.
You can say what you want about me,
but no one can tell me I can't.

"Crows, wipe the blood from the end of your claws."
Said the vulture,
"Lets gather like storms for the war.
Crows, as the night turns its skin into coal,
dark as corpses but cluttered with gold.
They will label you thieves, wolves, and whores
but you are nothing less than angels,
cast down and covered in black."

Alpha – Irraka
Beta – Ithaeur
Omega – Rahu
Pack-Bonded Wolfblood
Protected Honorary Member
Protected Non-Bonded Wolfblood
Protected Honorary Member
Pack-Bonded Wolfblood(frozen)
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That Old Betrayal

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The Murder

Let Not The Hisil Fall; Let Not The Dead Go Unmourned.

Members: Levi, Jackson, Roman, Jon, Nadya, Bernadette

Contact: Levi or Jackson

Holdings: East Division - D02

Recruiting Status: Potentials must demonstrate their dedication to the pack.