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“75% of quotations are made up on the spot and attributed to someone who sounds credible but who's really full of it.”

– Baron von Munchausen


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xxxxxWhile not a dive, this isn't a place of fine dining, either, but instead runs somewhere in the middle, definitely an establishment meant for locals out to drink or on the prowl for steak, ribs, wings, or other protein-rich dining options. Booths line the walls while tables that are mostly for four, but with occasional larger seating options fill the middle of the floor. At the back is the usual long wooden bar with tall stools set in front of it, behind which can be found at least one bartender.

xxxxxDue to the name, there are definite lumber and lumberjack themes at work here. A painted saw is the bar's symbol, and lumber tools of various sorts are (very very securely) attached to the wall. Anyone hoping to grab a weapon from the wall will likely look quite comical indeed, or rip the saw itself apart. The staff - consisting of both genders - wear as their uniform a black t-shirt with The Crosscut emblazoned across the chest, along with jeans or black pants.

xxxxxA number of televisions are set up near the ceiling, depicting sports of various flavors, and music plays over the speakers that seems to wander between rock, country, and folk, but is never so loud that conversation can't be had. The food is surprisingly good and always plentiful, but not particularly fancy. You can get a good rib eye here, but not filet mignon.

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The Crosscut
Location: C02
Owner: Ishmael Jefferson (NPC)
  • (2015.07.04)
Two Crows
  • (2015.10.17)
Borrowed Fries
  • (2015.11.01)
The Stranger With The Guitar
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Border Wars: The Meeting
  • (2016.04.13)
Border Wars: The After Talk
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Checking in at the Tur
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Telling Stories
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Current Events and Dicks
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Meeting Clyde
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Introducing Laurent
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Sunday Night At Tur
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First Impressions
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Not From Here
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Matters of Choice
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Whole Lot of Iminir
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Canvasing and Meeting New Wolves
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Understanding the Spirit of the Gun
  • (2016.06.11)
Names Over Whiskey
  • (2016.06.17)
Tur, Tarot, and Tale
  • (2016.06.20)
Tits and Loyalty
  • (2016.06.27)
Two Blooded and a Wolf Walk into a Bar
  • (2016.07.05)
Bone Shadows in the Backroom
  • (2016.07.13)
Welcome back to the fold
  • (2016.08.05)
Vermintide - War Council
  • (2016.08.15)
Strangers are Strange
  • (2016.08.16)
In the Corner at the Crosscut
  • (2016.08.29)
Ghosts of the Past and Present
  • (2017.03.27)
Meeting Jacobus
  • (2017.04.05)
Beer and Blowhards
  • (2017.04.06)
Lunch Date
  • (2017.04.17)
Something Stirs - Spreading Information
  • (2017.04.27)
Something Stirs - The Same Page
  • (2018.01.12)
Meeting Rupert and Adele
  • (2018.01.18)
Meeting Abel
  • (2018.02.22)
Pack Talks