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Tessa Fausti

         is more a question of what one spends
     than what one makes."

xxxxx- Marcel Duchamp

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Name: Tessa Fausti
Date of Birth: Don't you appreciate a good mystery?
Age: As young as my passions make me
Occupation: Art Gallery Curator
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride
Roleplay Hooks
Lucrezia001.jpg World of Darkness.png Curator

Tessa is the curator of a traveling art gallery, having recently just arrived in Fallcoast and looking to set up shop. If you have any artistic works you'd like to show off, or try to get sold, her doors are open to just about anyone.

World of Darkness.png Aesthetician

Tessa has a deep appreciation for beautiful things, but what that means to her is a very varied and sometimes inscrutable thing. People who hold themselves to some sort of aesthetic standard tend to catch her attention -- people who make their own way through life.

World of Darkness.png Socialite

A big fan of the parties of the rich and famous, Tessa can almost always be found in any gathering of high society worth note -- she leads a rather sophisticated lifestyle and likes to maintain that aesthetic rigorously.

World of Darkness.png Benefactor

With quite a good deal of resources at her disposal, Tessa generally looks for interesting people or projects that might need help to give them the extra push they need. This might be financial backing, or other kinds of resources; if she thinks the idea is compelling enough, she's more than happy to help bankroll it.

World of Darkness.png Gourmand

Tessa loves to cook, and has a talent for gourmet cooking in particular -- it's not unheard of for her to throw dinner parties just as an excuse to ply her love of a well-made, aesthetically pleasing meal.

World of Darkness.png Purified

Tessa has been alive for a long time; how long is anyone's guess, really, but she has led a very storied life with many different identities that has both made her increasingly disconnected from other human beings and increasingly fascinated by them, with a tendency to get deeply involved in certain people's lives, supernatural or mortal, to their benefit or sometimes detriment. If you'd like to have ties to her past, having met her in some far-back century or event fairly recent ones, let me know! I'd love to work out shared pasts!

World of Darkness.png Supernatural Artisan

To go along with her art gallery, Tessa is also in the business of crafting objects of power for those who know of the other side of her trade and are interested in dealing with her. Sometimes she'll ask for money, sometimes nothing, sometimes something else entirely -- but she is very dedicated to her art. Come retain her services! (Merits: Relic Creator & Fetish Creator)

World of Darkness.png Helpful

Despite her high society lifestyle, Tessa likes to present herself with an air of accessibility and is more interested in unique and unusual individuals than what their place in the social strata is. She is always available to lend an ear, to give advice from a lifetime of experiences, to talk, or just to help. Though given how long centuries can have a profound affect on someone's perspective and moral compass, her ideas of helping are not always in line with the standard notions.





  • Jian - No matter how many lifetimes pass, no matter how the world may change, no matter how different we become. I will always find you again.
  • Ritter - Давайте выпьем за то, чтобы мы испытали столько горя, сколько капель вина останется в наших бокалах.

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