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"Quote Goes Here" ~ Name
Tate McNamara

Fullname Name:
Tatum Eileen McNamara
Date of Birth:
April 7, 1987
Freelance Security
Virtue / Vice:
Apparent Age:
Late Twenties
Height / Build:
5'7" / Lean
Hair / Eyes:
Ginger / Blue
Roleplay Hooks
  • Procurer of Rare Things - Tate likes to dabble in black market dealings, taking on assignments for those hard to procure items and relics. She is often willing to go where no other man or woman would.
  • Up High, Down Low - Tate is a frequent traveler to the Underworld. She tries to make a visit at least once every few months or so and is always on the lookout for others wishing to help share in the passage.
  • Dead as a Doornail, Only Not - Tate is one of the bound and a recent transplant to Fallcoast via Connecticut. She is always on the lookout for more associates who may be potentially interested in joining a krewe.
  • Reid - Solid as a rock. Attractive, hard-working, he's as serious as a heart attack. No really, he's like Mr. All-American in a really nice package. He's what helps keep me sane. We may have our moments, but I'd willingly take any and all risks to keep him from harm any day.
  • Betty - Good Lord is this girl Irish, but she's also incredibly sweet too. I never had a kid sister, but if I did, I'd want one just like Betty.
  • Kilo - She's different from some of the gangbangers I've encountered over the years. I still don't know what to make of her. She seems nice but quiet. Still, Reid is fine with her and that is good enough for me.
  • Rictus - On a 10-point decibel scale, this man's like an 11. I don't know how much is genuine or how much is just part of the public role he's been playing so long as a punk rocker really. He's definitely an interesting guy and I appreciate that he doesn't seem to have much of a filter. I like him.
  • Darius - Wow, it's like MC Hammer was reincarnated in the new millenium only with even worse fashion sense and a whole lot of bad judgment. Darius is... well, he's something and I don't think much of it is any good. He's like a walking talking ghost generator and that's something I have an issue with. Hopefully his friends can tone him down a bit because if not? I see really bad things in his future.
  • Collin - Coming Soon.
The War-Torn Governess
The War-Torn Governess.png
Also Known As:
The Governess
Ivory Cameo Locket
Cold-Wind & Stillness
Young Victims, Victims of Suffocation, Those who die an Altruistic Death
Maintaining Balance